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Royal Round Up, Vol 2: Week 47

Happy Friday and happy halfway through November! I can't believe we are halfway through the month -- it is crazy! I also can't believe we are just a month and a half away from the end of the decade. It feels like a big deal and I feel like not enough people are talking about it. I definitely want to reflect on the end of a decade; the decade where I became an adult, went through a lot of life changes and finally feel like myself. It's pretty amazing!

Being that it's halfway through November, we're one step closer to Thanksgiving which is unusually late this year, which means we're closer to Christmas & a very short Christmas season. Because of that, I feel like everyone is in the holiday spirit. I'm torn between wanting to savor Fall and Thanksgiving for a little longer but then I get a very short Christmas season. My mom and I are going to put up the Christmas tree this weekend but not decorate.

I might start decorating for Christmas next week...I got a mini headstart by purchasing this blanket from QVC. It's the small things!

This was another iconic week because two fun things happened: Weight Watchers released a new program and Disney+ came out! I spent every night this week snuggled up under my blanket, candles lit and an old school Disney cartoon on my TV! So far I've watched: Peter Pan, Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Beauty & The Beast Enchanted Christmas and Cinderella. Has anyone subscribed to Disney+? What are your thoughts?

I think I've talked enough now... let's get right into the good stuff!

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What I Bought This Week

The only things I bought this week were this evil queen candle, the mini Babyfacial from Drunk Elephant, two sweaters from Abercrombie (here and here)