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Royal Round Up, Vol 2: Week 28

This post is a day late but the 4th of July truly kicked my butt! I went to my boyfriend's family's house out on Long Island and spent two gorgeous days there. It was so incredible, so peaceful and so fun. They had a gorgeous house on the water so I spent the entire day outside surrounded by good people. I loved it!

However, yesterday on my way home I started sneezing, my eyes were really red and puffy, and I couldn't really breathe. As the ride went on, it started getting worse and worse. By the time I got home my eyes were swollen shut and I couldn't stop sneezing. I passed out for about an hour and spent the rest of the night with nasal spray and Vicks Vapo Rub.

This morning was horrible; my body aches from sneezing so violently and I still can't breathe. It is definitely my allergies catching up to me from being outside so much. I forgot to bring all my medicine with me on the little trip so I am paying for it now.

Therefore, I'll be cooped up in my house all weekend and why this post is late.

Anyways... I hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July and enjoy the rest of the summer because I already saw some Fall stuff popping up on Instagram (for once I want to enjoy every moment this summer has to offer so this makes me sad).

Let's jump right into everything from the week!

*PS: Who else is watching Stranger Things? I'm on the last episode and I think this might've been the best season ever! 

PPS: You can now shop my Instagram stories and Instagram feed!

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What I Bought This Week

I purchased a bunch of stuff from Colourpop's 25% off sale so be sure to follow me on Instagram to see when I get it! Also, the Lilly Pulitzer top I purchased was this one in the "Whisper Blue Yeah Buoy" print.