4th of July | What I'm Wearing

It's the 4th of July yet again and I feel like summer hasn't even really begun. Usually by this time every year I feel like summer is over but for some reason that is not the case in 2019.

Today I'll be headed out East aka far out on Long Island with my boyfriend for a day of sun and rosé. I figured I would post a short post on what I'll be wearing, what makeup I will *probably* be wearing since I'm writing this before I get ready, and what I'm bringing in my pool/beach bag.

side note: The Lilly Pulitzer shirt I'm wearing is in the print "Sea to Shining Sea" obviously! I specifically bought it to wear on all summer holidays!

What I'm Wearing Today

Makeup I'm *Probably* Wearing

What's In My Beach Bag

Have an amazing, safe 4th of July!