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Manicure Monday: Smith & Cult

Smith & Cult is back at it! It's not a secret that this pricey nail polish turned makeup brand has some of the best (in my opinion) polishes on the market. The formula is smooth and glides onto the nails easily; the brush is thin but not too thin so an even application is really easy to achieve.

The silver cap is very heavy which I think helps give you better control over how you're applying the nail polish, or at least it helps me.

Over the past few years I've built up my Smith & Cult nail polish collection and I have at least one of every color family; pink, nude, blue, red, and glitter. I'd really love to add Bitter Buddhist to the collection, especially for fall because a green shade would look awesome.

I wasn't planning on another Smith & Cult purchase but I saw on Birchbox's Instagram that they had a special Do Not Disturb limited edition box. It is themed around the Hygge trend, which is the idea of happy living and coziness. It's something that is right up my alley so I felt like I owed it to myself to buy the box.

Well, I received it last week and ugh, it's even better than I imagined. A picture of the box is below but one of the highlights was, of course, a Smith & Cult nail color that I didn't have. It's called "Exit the Void" and it's the perfect summer periwinkle blue shade.

It's very similar to Essie's 'Bikini So Teeny' which is an all time favorite of mine.

This is also really, really similar to another Smith & Cult shade I have 'She Said Yeah'. This is a little darker than "Exit the Void' but I probably wouldn't have purchased Exit the Void on its own, but since it was included in the box, why the hell not!

This will definitely be a summer staple and I'm so excited to have another great polish in my collection!