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Book Review Wednesday: The Lake House

I was back on my thriller game a few weeks back when I decided to listen to The Lake House on Audible. It put me right back into my listening to books groove that I felt off of since listening to the entire Harry Potter series.

I've seen The Lake House on a bunch of different "Must Reads" lists and decided to give it a go.

Well, I didn't know what I was in for.

This was a book I probably wouldn't have been able to read because it was super long, and very, very detailed. The one thing I really disliked about this book was the fact that it contained a lot of detail that wasn't that relevant to the story.

It was a very slow moving story, but it was very good.

There are a few different plots to this story, and I think if I was reading it, I would've had a tough time figuring out what went where. With all the different plots, there was one main part of the story and that surrounded the Edevane family and the disappearance of their son, after the first World War.

70 years later, Sadie, a detective, discovers the Edevane's lake house in the English countryside. There, she discovers the fact that the case of the missing boy, Theo, was never solved.

Sadie cannot resist an unsolved case, surrounding a child *for reasons you will find out throughout the novel*, and starts to research it. She discovers that Alice Edevane, Theo's older sister, is still alive & living in London.

With a lot of twists & turns, the novel follows Sadie's desire to figure out the case while also flashing back to the past to give us more insight into who could've stolen Theo. 

It's very, very interesting and as slow as it is, it begins to pick up toward the middle & you find yourself wanting and NEEDING to know what happened to Theo.

Well, I can tell you that the ending is worth the very long, very detailed, sometimes boring book. The ending was just SO GOOD it gave my chills.

Usually when a book is very long & slow, I can get frustrated & fed up and while it did get annoying at times, the plot made it worth it. I just couldn't stop listening because I needed to know what happened and needed to see how this played out.

It was suspenseful without being scary, like other books I've reviewed *ahem: Pretty Girls*, and it was worth every minute of my time.

I HIGHLY recommend it!

What books have you read lately?