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Links to Love

Let's start off by saying that I DON'T KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO MY BANNER. Okay, I got it out of the way. My entire top navigation bar is gone and I'm trying to figure out what happened.

I am currently writing this post from my BRAND NEW MACBOOK AIR. I have been wanting to buy a new Macbook since March, when my old one died on me and I bought an Acer Chromebook. While the Chromebook worked well for a while and I didn't feel the need to get a new computer, recently I got the urge.

I just felt like I wanted more from my laptop... I wanted iTunes back, I wanted Photoshop, I wanted something sleeker, faster, and more professional. I got it in my head that I was going to buy a Macbook ASAP.

Well, I don't have $900 laying around for spending, Apple has amazing finance options. This was news to me and I immediately looked into it. They make it really easy to buy a laptop -- thank you Apple!

I haven't stopped playing with it since getting it in the mail on Wednesday and I'm obsessed!

I think my new laptop will just make everything easier, and make me a little more motivated to be productive. It's no fun to do work/hobbies on a laptop that isn't working with you.

Anyways, it's been an interesting week to say the least which I may get into later on in the future. Basically, I have a new outlook on life and I'm finally, actually going to get my shit together. I need to get out more, need to do more things, I need to start living my life like a 22 year old. It's a new me ;)

Aside from that, let's get into the links I LOVED this week (there are a lot!)

Jaclyn Hill is LIFE

Uh, Timberlake + Fallon + Ellen=everything

This seems very accurate -- you'll never understand until you actually get that diploma

Depression is no joke and these scenarios are very true

Dating + insecurity=a lot of work

Cauliflower biscuits sound like my next Recipe Wednesday post

You can find some great hidden gems at the drugstore, and this fall season is no different


Okay, I think that's enough links!

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend :)