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Manicure Monday (AGAIN!)

I had on multiple to-do lists to blog for the week today aka Sunday but if I'm being honest, I spent the day in bed, crying and dealing with a 12-hour migraine. Why was I crying? I couldn't really tell you. Also, my wrist hurts very badly. I think I've talked about this briefly once but I have a real problem with my wrists and hands. It's not carpal tunnel according to my pain management doctor and physical therapist but something is wrong and this weekend was really bad for it.

Obviously, it wasn't the greatest Sunday of all time.

Hence, blogging took a back seat, yet again, because I couldn't find the motivation to start.

So now, at 7pm on Sunday night I'm mustering up the courage to write a "not much thought had to go into this" Manicure Monday post.

You know my deal, with all my new nail polish at the beginning of a new season, I must manicure monday all of them!

Last week, after my first paycheck, I clearly went on a buying binge and ended up spending $35 in CVS. One of those purchases was a brand new Essie polish in a gorgeous spring/summer color and I didn't even think twice about throwing it in my cart.

It's a very pretty shade that is somewhere between red, orange, and pink. The website describes it as coral, and most people would agree. I don't know why I typed out that weird description... I clearly took too much medication today.

Originally, I was going to get a new Bridal polish from Essie's Bridal 2015 collection but ended up getting this little number called "E-nuff is E-nuff." 

The formula is great, very much like other Essie polishes I have. It wasn't too thick or too thin and two coats was enough to make it opaque.

I will say that the polish chipped a little easier than normal polishes but I feel like a lot of Essie's lighter colors do that, especially when it's a thinner formula.

I'm honestly not picky about my polish though--whether it chips easily or is hard to work with and streaky, I will still use it. Nothing stops me from using a nail polish I already spent money on.

In the same breath, I'm going to need to get more actual manicures in nail salons because my nails are really unhealthy. They break easily & aren't in the best shape. I got a manicure this weekend and the woman was horrified by my nails. Yikes!

Anyways, I will try to get at least one or two more posts this week.. I really need to get in the habit of creating a better schedule for myself. Hopefully it'll come eventually!

Happy Monday :)