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Maincure Monday: More Matte

I cannot get enough matte nail polish so it's only right that I do another Manicure Monday with another new polish.

When I heard Essie was coming out with a matte collection, Cashmere Mattes, I obsessively stalked my drugstores and the Essie website, along with Amazon for good measure, and couldn't find them anywhere. 

Finally, the other day when I went to CVS, I looked at the display and there were three shades, Coat Couture, Comfy in Cashmere, and Wrap Me Up.

I was debating between all three of them and considered buying more than one but realized that the most unique shade and something unlike anything else I have in my collection was Coat Couture.

I came home and immediately painted my nails and was pleasantly surprised.

The formula is incredible...very smooth and not streaky. One coat was probably enough but I always apply two for good measure. The color truly is like nothing I have...it's a mix of grey, taupe, and purple. 

It's the most beautiful winter color and the matte finish is so smooth. It definitely leaves a smoother finish than the Sally Hansen matte polish. It doesn't feel as rough or scratchy.

The one negative thing about a matte polish is that if you don't have a matte top coat (which I do not) the color will chip almost instantly. It lasted on my nails without a chip for less than a day. As I write this (on Sunday), I've already reapplied it once and it chipped again. 

I really do need a matte top coat because bare naked nails are dangerous. 

Despite that, I will of course be adding to my nail polish collection and buying more Essie Matte Cashmere polishes soon...probably the nude/white color, Wrap Me Up.

What's on your nails this Monday? Have you tried any matte nail polishes?