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Catch Some Zzs

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was constantly tired and I didn't know why. Since then, I've been a little more awake during the day thanks to drinking a lot of water, some extra caffeine, working out, and being more active on a daily basis.

What I have had trouble with now is sleeping through the night. Sometimes it's my mind that wakes up me, my anxiety that causes me to stay awake. Sometimes it's too hot or too cold in my room or I don't feel good and it wakes me up.

I read this article on Refinery29 all about how to have the perfect night's sleep or "how to sleep like you're on vacation" because when does someone have a bad night's sleep on a tropical island? I surely didn't while I was on Spring Break. Vacation sleep is the best sleep and the article has great tips on how to achieve that sleep in your own bed.

Aside from that, I think creating a sacred sleep space is essential. A good pair of pajamas, some sleep mist, and a sleep mask are great for getting the perfect night's sleep.

Here are some of my picks for the best sleep possible: