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This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own

From May-June, the only thing on people's mines are graduations. There is always someone in the family, one of your friends, or someone you know that is graduating high school or college. Both are incredible milestones (I would know) and these celebrations really call for something special.

Special celebrations call for special gifts and if you are anything like me, you had no idea what to buy or ask for. There are so many different ways you could go with buying a graduation gift and sometimes the decision is more difficult that one would like.

Thankfully, there are a lot of solutions out there for deciding and purchasing a graduation present. 

Ebay.com is not a place where one immediately thinks to go for purchasing any type of gift. I feel that Ebay sometimes gets a bad rep because it's usually seller to seller and the items are used but in their defense, I always shop on Ebay and I love it.

You find the best deals on there and I've bought clothes, accessories, and everything in between. I've even sold some stuff and it's really something everyone should look into. 

Not everything on Ebay is used though, they have new items as well. It's just like any other store but made simpler. 

Ebay has made shopping for your grad even easier with their #GiftsforGradGuide. It's a special, easy to access collection that has everything from dresses to wallets to computers, especially designed for the graduate of your choice.

I went onto Ebay and from the #GiftsforGradGuide, created my own two guides that I thought would fit perfectly well for what PostGrad life entails.

My first collection is located here and includes everything from neon sneakers to a DSLR camera. The possibilities are endless! 

Also in my collection, I feature two handbags--Michael Kors and Kate Spade. I think this is the number one gift for a post grad lady. There is nothing better than the smell of new leather and a sleek style for your first ladyboss job. Starting fresh with a new tote that will carry everything you need while at work is the perfect gift.

I also created a second collection, one for the guys. I never tap into a guy market because I know my audience is mostly ladies. In this collection, there are a lot of electronics such as touchscreen computers and flat screen televisions because I feel like guys really love technology in a different way than girls. Boys are really difficult to buy gifts for so I thought why not; Ebay made it easy enough!

I picked out the best gifts that I thought would be appreciated and useful to recent male graduates. What guy is going to say no to a beautiful watch? Most of my guy friends adore watches so a designer watch would be the ideal gift.

Even though they shouldn't, most 20 something guys love their video games so a PS4 is something valuable to them that they would love and cherish. 

Ebay is doing something fun for all readers out there; they're hosting a sweepstakes to win $500 to spend on Ebay. 

Create your own #GiftsForGrad collection and enter for a chance to win $500 to shop on eBay.” Link to: www.ebay.com/celebratecollections (sweeps ends June 15, 2014)

What is your experience with Ebay? What do you think is the ideal graduation gift? Tell me in the comments!