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Majestical Statement Necklaces

This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own

Lately, I've been obsessed with jewelry, especially statement necklaces. I've always been an accessories girl but my jewelry collection was very simple. In recent months, I've been expanding my taste and I blame fashion bloggers and my obsession with BaubleBar for that. 

I just love the way a statement necklace looks with a simple outfit; you can wear a casual sweater with leggings but throw on a chunky, colorful necklace and suddenly look so much more put together. A few of sorority sisters pull off this look flawlessly and I've always been jealous of how awesome they style their necklaces. 

There are a lot of websites and jewelry companies out there who are starting to get on the statement necklace bandwagon but I recently found a newer company that I've never heard. 

A few weeks ago I stumbled across this company, Majestical Jewelry and fell in love. The company is based out of South Carolina and has gorgeous statement necklaces and costume jewelry for every taste. 

Majestical Jewelry has some stunning necklace pieces that are so intricately detailed, they look more expensive than they are. Most of their pieces don't go over $40 which is a relatively cheap price for a necklace like this. 

Majestical doesn't just have statement necklaces, their other pieces of jewelry are just as beautiful. I'm not huge on earrings but after looking through their collection of earrings, they are drastically different than the necklaces. The earrings are simpler, not as costume like but still beautiful 

The earrings are a little more on the expensive side, ranging as high as $80 but they're are some cheaper versions to satisfy your wallet. 

Similar to the earrings, the bracelets are not as colorful or loud as the necklaces and they are also on the cheaper side. 

Majestical Jewelry was kind enough to send me a sample product. I received a pair of earrings which are not my taste or style so I probably won't wear them but they are still gorgeous and made really well. 

What are your favorite types of statement jewelry?