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Manicure Monday: Essie "No Reservations"

*Programming note: I'm dealing with some personal stuff so I might not be on the blog too much this week

Before my low-buy, I saw that Essie released a new nail polish collection called "Flying Solo" which is inspired by airplanes, travel, and flying. The colors in the collection are all very beautiful but I was drawn to 'No Reservations', a mid-tone plum with a refined shimmering pearl reflect.

I waited until after New Years to use the color and had it on my nails last week. Well, this is a color that was most definitely missing from my collection. I don't have a ton of purple or plums right now and this is the perfect addition to my collection.

essie-no reservations-manicure monday

When I applied the first coat, I was stunned. It went on really easily and didn't bleed onto my cuticles. I applied two coats to make it really opaque and was shocked at how truly beautiful the color was.

The purple is a true purple but the added shimmering pearl makes it so much more wearable and not as harsh. I loved the way the light caught the pearl and gave an awesome reflection. It sparkled without being sparkly which is such a nice little change.

I wore this polish for about a week and had very minimal chipping. It was around day 4 that I noticed a few chips on the tips of my nails and then I just started picking it off myself but wow, this was a long-lasting polish.

For reference, I use this base coat, this topcoat, and these quick-drying drops

I don't know if I will buy another polish from this line as the colors aren't really speaking to me but I will continue to rock 'No Reservations' because it is just so beautiful!

What's on your nails this Monday?