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Manicure Monday: OPI's Grease Collection

It has been quite a while since I did a new Manicure Monday post but I've been in a nail polish mood. This week it's all about a pale pink color from a new OPI collection that has my chills multiplying.

When I saw that OPI was releasing a Grease collection I knew I had to have something from it. Grease is my favorite movie of all time and I have seen it well over 200 times. I first watched it when I was 7 years old and ever since then, I've been in love.

Danny Zuko was my first love and Grease is the reason I fell in love with musicals. Grease means a lot to me and I get very excited when I see/hear other people express their love and appreciation for the iconic movie.

The Grease Collection from OPI is to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the movie and I knew I needed a few (if not all) of the shades.

My first pick was the shade I'm talking about today and that's 'Pink Ladies Rule the School'. Since I purchased this one, I've also purchased 'Frenchie Likes to Kiss' which is a beautiful lavendar shade.

Pink Ladies Rule the School is of course, a gorgeous pink shade. It's a classic, baby/candy pink that is simple but really looks gorgeous on the nails. It's a color that can be worn throughout the year and adds a nice pop of color to a traditional manicure.

The formula is on par with other OPI nail polishes I have tried. It's smooth, easy application, and opaque after just one coat. It dries rather quickly which I can appreciate.

As for chipping, I think this was better than most. It looked good a solid 4-5 days after application so I was quite pleased with that.

I really loved this nail color and I'm excited to try "Frenchie Likes to Kiss" and try to pick up some more colors from this collection!

*The Grease Collection also comes in an Infinite Shine finish, and a Leather Effects finish. I'm interested to maybe try one or two from these collections as well.

 Below is a good overview of the entire collection available on Ulta.com

What is on your nails today?