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My Morning Routine | June 2017

What better day to share my morning routine than on a glorious, hot Monday morning! I've been wanting to share my morning routine for quite a while but never felt it was worth it. It still may not be worth it but I really did want to share it.

My weekend routine is much different, obviously, because I'm not going to work. I'll probably share my weekend routine very soon!

7:00-7:45,Wake up:  Clearly this is a huge gap in time and that's because I set my alarm for 7 and then snooze for about 45 minutes. My ideal time to wake up would be 7:15 to give myself enough time to get ready.

No matter what time I wake up, I usually lay in bed for a few minutes to go through all my social media, look through some emails, and check my horoscope. (The Daily Horoscope app is my life line)

On days where I do wake up early, I'll take my time putting my makeup on and making my bed; when I wake up late, I go to work sans makeup and put it on at work.

Below are the products I mostly use when I do a full face for work:

Here's what I wear when I'm running late (usually applied at work)

7:45-8:10: I'm getting ready to leave the house; I grab my granola bars, almond butter + pretzels, and a Lean Cusine for lunch. Sometimes I'll take a travel mug of coffee or MY FAVORITE Caribou Coffee and head out the door. The walk to the train is 5-7 minutes so I usually get there by 8:10, 8:15 if I'm on time.

8:15-9:30: It takes me a while to get to work on the train; the subways in New York are NOT my favorite thing and when they're delayed, it's even worse. I'll listen to my favorite podcasts or an audiobook (right now I'm switching between The Royal We and The Diana Chronicles). If I get super hungry, I'll eat one of the few granola bars in my bag (my favorite is the Nature Valley Oatmeal Squares)

9:30-9:45: If I didn't bring oatmeal or cereal for breakfast, I'll stop at Starbucks (their new egg bites are such a good breakfast) or the little Parisan cafe next to my office for a pastry and iced coffee. Afterwards I head up to my office!

I spend the better part of my work morning going through emails, making to-do lists, and responding to all social media inquiries. Once 11 AM hits, my 'morning' is over and the real work begins!

This wasn't the most exciting routine but it's what my day consists of!