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Beauty in Review: Fresh Rose Hydrating Ritual

I was in the market for a new eye cream last month and I had a strong desire to try something new. I didn't want something I've tried before because the beauty junkie in me always wants the latest and greatest.

I was searching high & low on Sephora.com for something to entice me and I found it.

Fresh is a brand that I've tried a number of products from but there are so many products, and a lot of them are super expensive, that I hadn't tried even half of the brand. Fresh is such a luxurious brand in my eyes, but something attainable at the same time. I wanted/needed more products and I needed them now.

That's why when I found this amazing kit, which included a full size eye cream, I couldn't resist. Also, let's talk about the value: 3 full size items and 2 "travel" sized product for $64? How does it possibly get any better than that! I thought that the face mask was full size but it's actually half the size; but when does anyone actually use a full face mask?

The Fresh Rose Hydrating Ritual: Hydrate & Tone comes with a Rose Face Mask, a Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Cream, a Rose Floral Toner, and a Sugar Rose Tinted Lip Treatment.

Roses are my middle name (not really, but I'm obsessed with the rose scent) so I couldn't resist this kit. I knew that I would love everything in this kit, including the Sugar Lip Treatments, which I've tried many; they are an expensive lip balm that I go through quickly but they are some of the best I've ever tried.

I was buying this kit mostly for the eye cream, which has a super gel texture but feels cooling and hydrating under the eyes (and also hasn't given me any problems since I have very sensitive skin).

The floral toner is something I've been wanting to add to my collection -- not necessarily this toner but I was in the market for one, and this is a great one.

It helps remove any dirt or oil that your cleanser didn't get and most importantly, it doesn't leave a greasy, sticky, or burning residue. All too often toners burn my skin or make it feel tight, but this one does neither.

Lastly, the mask is interesting, in a great way. It isn't a wild color, it doesn't bubble up, it doesn't tighten to signal you to wash it off, it's just a simple mask. I leave it on for 10-15 minutes, and after washing it off, my skin feels hydrated, fresh, and supple. It's definitely a mask to do when your skin is feeling a little dry and dull -- it won't clear your pores or do anything fancy, but it gets the job done.

I'm going to do a huge Fresh Brand Buzz post soon because I'm falling deeper in love with the brand.

What is your favorite skincare brand at the moment?