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Manicure Monday: Essie Spring 2016

I was convinced this new nail color (new to me) was from the Spring 2016 Essie Collection but when I went to write this blog post, I was sadly mistaken.

I picked up Stones n Roses last week after falling in love in the drugstore beauty aisle (haven't we all fallen in love in that aisle?) and immediately put it in my basket. I couldn't leave without this pinkish coral color.

While writing this post and searching online for Stones n Roses, I realized that this polish was from the Spring 2015 Resort Collection *le gasp*.

I don't even care that it's an older polish, it is so beautiful and perfect for Spring. I switched my polish collection from winter to spring and my goodness, I forgot how much I loved bright colors.

This shade screams flowers and sun and springtime goodness. It's definitely pink but has the slightest bit of coral in it, which makes it really bright.

The formula is really good too -- it stayed on with minimal chipping for at least 4 days, if not 5. I probably could've gotten away with another day if I didn't start picking at my nails.

It was a really smooth application and two coats were more than enough. Essie polishes always vary in formulation and I think this color was one of the better ones. It wasn't sheer or clumpy and it didn't run onto my cuticles, which I'm always grateful for.

Stones n Roses will definitely be one of my favorite, go-to colors this spring!

What spring nail polish colors are you loving?

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