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#ShareBeauty What's Your Beauty Story? Enter and Win!

This post is sponsored by Regency Beauty but all opinions are my own

Beauty and makeup is something most girls love to experiment and play with. Your first experience with makeup usually comes at a young age and it's so exciting, so thrilling to finally get to play with all this stuff that you've watched older women apply for years.

I used to love sitting on my bathroom floor, watching my mom apply her blush, mascara and lipstick. It was so strange to watch her transform into this other person, the minute she touched a brush to her face.

I think my first taste of makeup came at the age of 12 or 13 when I started hanging out with boys. I was allowed to put on a touch of eyeliner, mascara and lip-gloss. I felt so cool, so old. It was awesome to get my first experience with make-up.

Though, it wasn't until I was much older and in college, around the past two years that I really divulged into the world of beauty. I discovered new products, learned how to apply them correctly and figured out what kind of brands I liked best.

I think the first time I ever really got the true message of make-up was when I was watching "Burlesque" and Cher applies lipstick to Christina Aguilera's lips and gives this whole speech about beauty. It was beautiful and that was the moment that I realized make-up was so much more than products on shelves.

Make-up and beauty products make me feel good about myself, they give me confidence. It has nothing to do with boys, as some may think. I've come to see that boys don't like a lot of makeup on girls so it really isn't about dressing up your face for the male species.

Make-up is about feeling good about yourself and being your best self. It makes me feel womanly and girly. It's so much fun to paint your face and become a different person.

Red lips make me feel powerful. Nude lips and a smokey eye make me feel fierce. Pink blush makes me feel romantic.

There is makeup for every mood and personality. It's so special to be a girl and be able to be whoever you want to be.

That's my beauty story but now Regency and Refinery29 want YOU to share your beauty story!

Regency and Refinery29 have teamed up for the #ShareBeautyContest which runs through Aug. 13th. One lucky winner will be chosen following the end of the contest. Each person who enters will have the opportunity to win a customized VIP beauty treatment worth $2,000.

Try a trend revealed by Regency and Refinery29, take a photo to post on Instagram and make sure to hashtag #ShareBeautyContest to ensure your chance of winning!!

What's your beauty story? Tell me in the comments!!