Happy for Handbags

I am three weeks into summer vacation and the boring, long summer days have been spent in front of the computer, window shopping. 

I am a lover of handbags and a self diagnosed bag lady; walking into the handbag section of Bloomingdales or Nordstrom can send me into a complete frenzy. I am telling you, when you put in the handbag section, I start to squeal and smile as if I had just won the lottery.

Smelling the leather and seeing the different prints, designs, and structures of the bags give me more happiness than anything else. 

I spend a good amount of time online looking at my next handbag dream purchase; here are a few of my current favorites that my bank account just cannot handle.


  1. I love handbags too!! I'm thinking about buying a new one and I was thinking about the Michael Kors Medium Signature Tote!! (I did some window shopping too eheh)
    I think it's great because my laptop would fit perfectly.
    Did you have an handbag or a backpack for college? I usually use handbags, but if I have tons of stuff to bring with me I go for a backpack.


    1. I use tote bags for college, I haven't used a backpack since elementary school--I find that I could fit so much more into a tote bag and it's stylish as well :)