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About two months ago, I was on the computer, just looking through some stuff when I stumbled upon the fabulous Birchbox.com.

Birchbox is every girl's dream, in my opinion.

It's a website where you sign up and for $10 a month, you receive a little box in the mail filled with the latest and greatest sample beauty products.

It's amazing!

I signed up in late May and it took a little bit for me to confirm a membership (there's a slight waiting list, it took maybe two weeks for me to get my confirmation email) and I received my June Birchbox filled with a Still beauty bronzer, a lip and cheek stain, a sample of "Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift", and a few other great products that I love!

I love the idea that for just $10, you get a little present every month. The great thing about Birchbox is that they give you the opportunity to purchase the full sized product on their site with free shipping!


The products that they give you are extremely good quality; it's not some poorly made beauty product, you are not getting ripped off, not in the least.

There are select different products every month and every Birchbox is different; not one are alike.

This month was another great month for my July Birchbox which was sponsored by Glamour Magazine (which I LOVE).

Here are the products I received:

1. amika Obliphica Hair Treatment
2.amika Obliphica Nourishing Mask - 60 ml
3.boscia B.B. Cream SPF 27 PA++
4. Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner
5.Harvey Prince Hello - 50 ml
6.LÄRABAR® über

As a bonus I also received a pair of pink and blue ear buds which are so adorable and are probably some of the best ear buds I've ever had; when you put them on, you can't hear anything but the music from your iPOD. AMAZING!

I haven't tried all the products from my Birchbox yet but my favorite so far is the Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner; it's not so much a liquid so it doesn't have that difficulty of application, it just goes on really smoothly. I'm obsessed and will probably order the full size one.

Birchbox is a great product and I think for all you get, it's definitely worth $10. It's cheap, it's useful, and why not treat yourself every month to a little present?

You deserve it!

Go sign up today!