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Welcome to Royally Pink. I'm Briana; I've been running Royally Pink for the past 9 years and have loved every minute of it.

I write about everything from beauty to fashion to mental health to career and book reviews.

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Showing posts from October, 2021

Royal Round Up, Vol 4: Week 44

How is it Halloweekend already? I simply can't believe the time is moving so fast! I'm so sad to say goodbye to my favorite month but excited for the really cold weather and for Thanksgiving, my birthday, and Christmas!  I do not like to rush the fall but this year I'm really craving the coziness that win…

Royal Round Up, Vol 4: Week 43

Happy Friday! I started off the week really strong and with a positive mindset. My mental health has been struggling for a bit and I've just felt lost. On Monday and Tuesday, I really was mindful of what I did, how I did it, and how it made me feel. I was really positive, and then Wednesday it all went to shit. I…

Royal Round Up, Vol 4: Week 42

TGIF. I can't believe we have 10 weeks left of 2021. Where did the year go?! I am so confused at how fast time seems to be moving. This week went by pretty fast too and I'm happy about it.  Mercury Retrograde has been kicking my butt -- I just feel like everything is going wrong, I don't feel focused and m…

My Fall 2021 Moodboard

Fall is everything to me and more. I come alive in the fall and it makes me feel completely like myself. I've waxed poetic about the fall so many times over the years but this past week I really got into the spirit.  I put my Halloween decorations out, watched Hocus Pocus too many times, lit my candles and just f…

Royal Round Up, Vol 4: Week 41

Oh boy, what a week! I got home from Charleston on Sunday and truly felt like a truck hit me. I felt so sick when I got home that I couldn't make it to a Jonas Brothers concert on Tuesday night. I had to take Wednesday off and I finally felt semi back together as I type this on Thursday night. That's why the …

Royal Round Up, Vol 4: Week 40

Week 40?! How is the year almost over already? January literally feels like it was yesterday, I cannot believe it. I'm not complaining about it. You know how I feel about the fall! As you are reading this, I'm in Charleston at my friend's Bachelorette party! Make sure you're following along on Instagr…