Well, this is it folks. Halloween is tomorrow and Election Day is in 4 days. I am terrified, anxious, and just sick over the fact that I let politics get to me in this way. I cannot control what happens and that is inherently the core of my anxiety disorder. 

I'm nervous for the outcome but I think I'm more nervous for the buildup and the come down; I'm nervous about the actual day and how a certain man in office will react if the news is bad for him. I'm nervous for riots and what some are saying will be a civil war.

I just hope that the winner is a winner in a landslide so we don't spend months arguing with family members and strangers on the internet over who the actual president of the United States is. I just want it all to be over and I truly do not know how I'm going to make it through the next few days. 

I hope that these four years were a lesson and going forward, we can get back to true leadership and compassion, and get a handle on the pandemic that continues to wreck havoc on our country.

Ok, enough of that...

Tomorrow is Halloween and I'm excited! I'm headed to Sleep Hallow with my girlfriends for a very spooky, fun day and I'm really pumped. The day will probably end with candy, hot apple cider and my final viewing of Hocus Pocus. 

Then, I spend the next month trying to hold onto fall while still being excited for Christmas and winter. I love Thanksgiving so much, and my birthday is on the 30th so I try to savor November as much as possible. 

However, social media and the retail industry has seemingly decided to just forget about Thanksgiving entirely this year and head straight to Christmas but honestly, I'm not mad at it. 2020 has been bad enough, we could all use a little holiday joy. 

That's enough rambling for now... let's get into it.

Pink Positivity of the Week

I did a nice amount of retail therapy this week, in the form of Stoney Clover Cozy Collection and the Sephora VIB Sale so those two things are bringing me joy. I also got brunch with my sorority sisters on Sunday and it just filled me with so much gratitude. I've known these women for almost 10 years (wow) and spending time with them really reminds me of the person I am, at my core. When I'm with them I am completely myself and just feel at home. It's a beautiful feeling.

Links I Loved

What You Missed on Royally Pink

What I Bought This Week:

I picked up this Eloise Christmas sweatshirt from My Oh My Supply Co and I cannot wait! Eloise is my favorite and Eloise at Christmastime is a top 5 favorite movie. Below are 

xoxo B

You're getting a double post today because I just remembered that the Sephora VIB Sale is happening tomorrow and I wanted to go over the details along with my picks & my own personal wishlist.

The VIB Sale happens a few times a year... it used to be only two times but I think in recent years Sephora has realized they need to remain competitive with Ulta, Nordstrom, and other beauty retailers who continually put big ticket items on sale, have a better rewards system, and price match. Most notably, Sephora has started price matching Ulta 21 Days of Beauty which is an interesting tatic.

However, the VIB Sale remains one of the best sales of the year and it's a great time to stock up on your favorites and try something new.

The Details

  • Rouge level gets 20% off from 10/30-11/9
  • VIB saves 15% from 11/3-11/9
  • Beauty Insiders save 10% from 11/5-11/9

The code for everyone is HOLIDAYFUN and it could be used multiple times.

My Wishlist

I'm Rouge so I'll be shopping tomorrow and I simply cannot wait. Below are a few items that are already in my cart.

These are the items I have my eye on:

My Favorite Items You Need to Pick Up 

These are my tried & true Sephora picks and I could not recommend them enough. I know you've probably seen me talk about these products before so it might be repetitive but I love what I love! 





 So, yes, this another Stoney Clover Lane inspiration post. They launched their cozy collection today and I have been waiting for this day like it's Christmas. SCL released a cozy collection last year that I purchased a few items from and was kicking myself that I didn't pick up more.

Lucky me, Stoney Clover decided to release a cozy 2.0 and I didn't miss out this time. The cozy collection consists of three colors: moss, hazelnut and rose. It also has two materials: sherpa & fur... so you can be cozy all fall and winter long.

SCL released multiple items (and a few new patches) for this collection, including a new shape... the heart pouch which is a too cute for words. I figured before it all sells out (the mini duffle bag already sold out), I'd do an inspiration post so you can get in on the cozy collection. 

However, first up, let's look at what I bought.

My Cozy Collection Picks

Plain Rose Heart Pouch

Plain Hazelnut Mini Tote

Small Hazelnut Pouch with pearl letters

Purchase Inspiration

Moss Small Pouch with Buttercream Letters

Hazelnut Heart Pouch with Pearl Airplane & Heart

Hazelnut Mini with Pearl Letter

Moss Fanny Pack with Snowflake Patches

Rose Fanny Pack with Pearl Letters

Large Hazelnut with Buttercream, Pistachio, Sparkling Cider and 
Pumpkin Spice hearts 

Moss Heart with Cozy Rainbow

Hazelnut Mini Backpack with Pearl Letters

Rose Small Pouch with Pearl Airplane

Rose Mini Tote with Pearl Heart and Cozy Rainbow

Happy shopping!

How is October already over? It doesn't feel real and I'm so sad to say goodbye to truly my favorite month ever. It was a weird October -- I didn't do too much, some fall activities, lots of shopping, ate a ton of Reeses Pumpkins and I watched Hocus Pocus every single day. 

I would be lying if I said this month wasn't one of the harder ones during Covid. Cases have started spiking in New York again, I'm getting a little tired of working from home, and as each week passed the election loomed closer. We are now 6 days away from the most important election of our lifetime and I truly do not know how I am going to get through it. 

One hope I do have is that after next week, I could start to focus on myself and my goals a little more. All the stress I've felt in October has almost put my life on hold. I'm looking forward to hopefully gaining some control back.

That being said, I feel like I had a few great items that I loved and used a lot during October and that's obviously what this post is all about! I've been shopping a little more to combat the ~stress~ so next month I'm confident that I will have even more favorites. 

Rifle Paper Co To-Do List

I have gone through so many daily to-do lists over the past 7 months working from home and that's mostly because I love stationery. I like to test different notepads to see what works for me but I continually go back to this Rifle Paper Co list. I've purchased it a few times over the years and it's just a beautiful, minimalistic, easy-to-do list. It keeps me organized throughout the day and I love the quality of the paper. It's just a great notepad to keep on your desk throughout the day. 

The Book Club Blue Light Glasses

I think I have mentioned these once before but they were a real lifesaver this month. I experienced days of migraines; I'm talking about a migraine lasting for 4 days straight and while medicine helped, these blue light glasses were the hero. I simply cannot look at a computer screen as much as I do and not have blue light protection. This month especially, even though I was suffering I still needed to be at my computer so when I had these glasses on, the headaches were kept at bay. They also didn't distort my vision at all which is important because some blue light glasses have a weird tint to them and make seeing a little more difficult. Plus, they are big, pink, and super cute! The frames I have are called "Love In the Time of a Dollar" which aren't available at any US retailers (Book Club Eye Wear is Australia-based). 

Summer Fridays Lip Butter

I had to include the Summer Fridays Lip Butter even though I just talked about it in my favorite lip balms post. This was probably my number one item of the month. I used it every day to nourish and hydrate my lips and it saved me many times. The thick, balmy texture is a mix between vaseline and regular lip balm, and it lasts all day & overnight. It's THE lip product to have this fall and winter season.

Starry Eyes Warming Eye Masks

I'm not sure where I discovered these warming eye masks, I think I saw these in an article earlier this month and was immediately intrigued. Usually, eye masks are supposed to be cooling but these are heated eye masks. Within a few seconds of taking them out of the packaging, they heat up which makes for an interesting experience. These masks go over your entire eye so they are not eye patches but actually masks, similar to a sleeping mask. They also have ear loops so that you can comfortably wear the mask while lying down and relaxing... and these are very relaxing. I felt really sick multiple days this month and used so many of these eye masks to relax and just feel a little warmth. I don't necessarily feel like these have any lasting beauty effects, even though there was some sort of product residue when I took the mask off. These warming eye masks are the perfect addition to my self-care routine; I actually fell asleep wearing one because I was so relaxed. I cannot stress enough how much I loved these masks just for the fact that they are super comforting. 

Amazon Phone Stand

I had purchased a phone stand/holder a few years ago from Amazon but since seeing this one from other bloggers & on TikTok, I knew I needed it. It has a much sleeker look, it's adjustable and I like that it holds your phone (or tablet) flush against the stand instead of on a slant. I have it on my desk all day long and have used it with my phone and iPad Mini. It makes scrolling and watching Netflix or Youtube so much easier and more enjoyable. I am obsessed with this stand, it's actually kind of weird, and I want another one for no good reason. If you are in the market for a new phone stand, I highly recommend this one. The adjustable aspect is a real game-changer.

What did you love this month?

Once fall comes around, I get in the mood for themed clothing. I love anything with pumpkins, fall sayings, or images... anything that puts me in the fall mood. The same goes for the winter and holiday seasons. 

I figured I would run around the internet and look for the best graphic tees, sweatshirts, and a nice fall color palette for you to rock until Thanksgiving! I am especially excited about this Gilmore Girls shirt from Shop Riff Raff, I need to wear it on Thanksgiving even though no one will understand the reference!

Old Hocus Pocus shirt from last year at Target (similar)
Old Mickey Pumpkin sweatshirt (similar

Below are other fall graphic tees to wear for the next month! 


As I mentioned in last week's Manicure Monday, I was excited to try the other shade in the Essie Blue Moon collection that I picked up.  As soon as I wrote that post and my polish started to chip, I broke out "Payback's A Witch". 

"Payback's A Witch" is your classic sparkly black shade. I wouldn't say it's not original, but it's different from "Broom With a View" because it's a shade you've seen before. It has a black base with silver sparkles and throws silver in the light.  It is perfect for Halloween, New Year's Eve, or any time you're feeling a little dark. 

I haven't found a good black, sparkly nail polish in a while and this is definitely it. The formula was much better than "Broom" and it went on super opaque without any patchiness. There was a little bleeding onto my cuticles when I initially applied the polish but it wasn't too bad.

I do think this polish chips a little faster than "Broom With a View" and I did another application halfway through the week to cover up the chipping. When I did go to take this polish off, Sunday night (as I write this), it was a little harder to get off. It felt like the traditional gritty, glitter polish but it definitely wasn't as bad of an experience as other glitter polishes I've used in the past. 

All in all, I really loved this polish and I'll continue to wear it throughout the winter season. For now, I will go back to my fall colors because I missed them while testing out the darkness. I also really want another shade from the collection!

What is on your nails this Monday?


Another Saturday night, another awfully late roundup post. This week really got away from me and was extremely stressful, mostly due to work. It felt very long, very twisted, and I'm really sad to see the weekend go. 

All I wish I could do is lay in bed, watch TV, and online shop. I just feel like I need a big vacation from life but I'm sure we all feel that way. I want to go somewhere, alone or with friends, and not think or worry about anything that happened this year. Maybe one day that will happen but for now, I will press on.

I know I come here every week and complain but I think it's important to be real with you. I've never shied away from my anxiety and mental health chatter on the blog and I'm not going to stop now. Things are rough, things have been rough and it takes a lot for me to come on the blog and write, even if this blog is one of the happiest things I have. Life is just hard for all of us right now and that is ok, it's normal. 

I will stop with the doom and gloom to get right into the heart of this post. 

Pink Positivity of the Week

Stoney Clover announced their cozy collection 2.0 this week and I can confidently say I will be purchasing everything. It won't be the best financial decision I ever made but I can accept that. It really did make my entire week and I'm so exciting. 

In other positive news, I started binging Grey's Anatomy again because clearly, I am a creature of habit. It's just so good. 

Links I Loved

What You Missed on Royally Pink

What I Bought This Week

I was all about the cozy vibes this week; while waiting for the October 28th launch of the Stoney Clover cozy items,  I purchased this new Lele Sadoughi 'Teddy Bear' headband. I picked up a few planner items from Cloth and Paper (I'll show you in a future post or maybe a video), this fall shirt from Letters & Lucy, this bracelet from Park & Beach, and this ring from C&C Luxury. It was a small shop week over here on Royally Pink! 

Below are a few other things I picked up:

Have a great rest of the weekend!

Whenever I finish one book and it's time to start another, I find it rather difficult to decide what to read. I have a lot of books on my TBR list and even more books on my Kindle from NetGalley. Sometimes I judge a book by its cover, sometimes its name, and sometimes I weigh the options by starting a few books at once and continuing with what catches my attention more.

For "The Girls in the Snow", I did a quick search for the publisher's summary and immediately was hooked. It has everything I wanted and needed out of a book a few weeks ago; gore, murder, mystery, and a strong female FBI agent. 

*This post might contain a few spoilers of the first few chapters but nothing major about the story will be given away! 

Publisher's Summary

In the remote forests of Stillwater, Minnesota, you can scream for days and no one will hear you. So when the bodies of two fifteen-year-old girls are discovered frozen in the snow, Special Agent Nikki Hunt is sure the killer is local: someone knew where to hide the girls and thought they would never be found.

Though Nikki hasn’t been home in twenty years, she knows she must take over the case. The Sheriff’s department in Stillwater has already made a mistake by connecting the girls’ murders to those of a famous serial killer, refusing to consider the idea that the killer could be someone from town.

Then another girl’s body is found, a red silk ribbon tied in her hair, and Nikki realizes that the killer has a connection to her own dark past, and the reason she left Stillwater.

Nikki is not the only person in town who wants those secrets to stay hidden. Will she be able to face her demons before another child is taken?

My Thoughts

Let me start off by saying that this story is NOT what you think it is. You think it's the traditional twisty, domestic thriller but it is the complete opposite. It definitely starts off that way; Nikki Hunt is called in because the town thinks two young girls were killed by the serial killer she is hunting. However, Nikki realizes that it's not the case... this was the work of someone else aside from her killer, Frost. 

While the case of these young girls is what brought Nikki to town, her own ghosts might just be the reason she stays. Her parents were killed in Stillwater and their killer is in jail, or so Nikki thought. She is faced with her past, the mistakes she might've made, and what really happened the night her parents were killed.

She is dealing with her past while also dealing with her present...a very real killer is out on the loose and killing young girls. Hunt partners with the local law enforcement to follow the very few leads they have on the girls' killer. 

At one point, it almost feels like the crime will never be solved... however, you get close at some point and it feels really satisfying. Everything starts to unravel and things are moving very fast and them BAM, surprise. Once you get past the half-way point of the book, things really start to pick up and it's a whirlwind of revelations. It was kind of shocking how quickly the story came to fruition 

This is a book that is never boring. It keeps you hooked from the first moment because you know there are going to many revelations. There are multiple plot lines going on and in a weird way, they all are weaved within each other. In the end, you get the satisfaction of multiple crimes solved, and all the loose ends wrapped up. 

"The Girls in the Snow" was shocking, a little gory, tumultuous, and worth every moment you spend reading it. 

All I have to say is that I cannot wait for Nikki Hunt Book #2... Stacey Green killed it with this novel.


I have always had a hard time blowing my hair. To be honest, I really hate it. I'm not good at it and it never comes out looking nice. It's a hassle, time-consuming, and just not worth it. Because of this, I have gotten countless keratin treatments, wear my hair naturally curly, or let it my hair air-dry and then straighten it from there. 

I felt pretty hopeless about blow dryers until I saw a trend start to rise: blow drying brushes. They are quite literally blow dryers with brushes attached to the head so that you can brush your hair out while blowing. That was always my issue: I could never brush while blowing and my hair ended up a big, puffy, and frizzy mess. A blow dryer brush basically solves that problem because it keeps air flowing in one direction and allows you to get into every nook and cranny of your locks. 

However, I never pulled the trigger on purchasing one until last month. After watching a few videos and reading countless reviews, I decided to just purchase the Drybar Double Shot Blowout Brush. I went with this over the Revlon One-Step because that one is said to fry your hair to a crisp and truthfully, my hair is so outrageously thick and unruly, cheap stylers do nothing for it, (except for my Kiss Instawave). 

My mom used the Double Shot before I did and she was raving about it. Her hair looked beautiful after using it -- like she just got out of the salon chair but truthfully, my mom is good at her hair so I wouldn't believe it until I tried for myself.

How I Use The Double Shot Brush

When I finally used it for the first time, my hair was pretty much soaking wet. I sectioned it off and started to blow. To use it, I simply brush my hair, and the air flowing through dries it. *I will try to do a video but going on camera with wet hair scares me*

I do each section, one by one (in total usually 4-6 sections) and my hair is pretty much perfect. I don't even use a straightener anymore because my hair is dry, frizz-free, bouncy, and gorgeous afterward. It truly looks like I got my hair professionally blown out. I was in shock and awe when I used it for the first time.

The two hair products I use before styling my hair are the Drybar Prep Rally and Virtue Labs
UnFrizz Cream

The Pros

I thought maybe I just got lucky and was having a good hair day but I've used it every week for the past month and wow, it just gets better and better.

My hair looks so good when I use this brush. It's not pin-straight but has a little bounce and volume to it. It's natural and wavy and looks as if I just walked out of the salon. It makes me feel confident in how my hair looks and that to me, is the most important part. 

Also, the hairstyle lasts a long time...if my hair didn't get greasy and my scalp itchy, I'd be able to go a solid week without washing my hair. Now, I usually go 4-5 days without washing but that is more than enough time... and my hair looks great the entire time. 

The main pro is true that your hair looks like salon quality but you're doing it yourself. If you have trouble blow drying, straightening 

I would also say a pro is that you don't have to take extra heat aka a straightener (unless you want a pin-straight look) to it. I also don't feel like, after a month, my hair is more damaged than it already was. 

Air-dried hair

Freshly blown out with the Double Shot Brush

The Cons

There are two cons to it though: using this brush takes forever. It's a much longer process than just using a regular blower but the results are worth it 100% in my opinion. Also, take into account that you don't need to straighten your hair so the time you would've spent on both processes are now combined. 

The second con is very specific to my hair I think. My hair and scalp are very soft after using this dryer and in turn, my hair gets a little greasy (my hair never gets greasy) and my scalp is extra itchy. It could also be the products I'm using or the change in weather. However, I didn't use the brush this weekend and gave my hair a break from the heat and it's not looking greasy or feeling extra soft so it might be the brush.

Also, let me note that there is a learning curve with the brush; it feels awkward in your hand and takes a little getting used to but after the first time using it, I think you'll get the hang of it and now it feels pretty natural.

Is It Worth It?

All in all, I could never go back to using a regular blow dryer. This Drybar blow-out brush is truly a game-changer and honestly worth every penny. You know I love Drybar as a brand and I trust their products more than any other brand. I also just discovered that they have a 2-year warranty because my regular Buttercup Blow Dryer was sparking (we've had it a year) and they sent us a new one, for free. So yes, Drybar is the best.

Have you ever tried a blowout brush? Would you consider it?

When I saw that Essie was releasing a "Blue Moon" collection in regards to the blue moon that will be happening on Halloween this year, I almost fainted. I have always had an affinity for astrology and as I've gotten older, I've learned more about the planets, the moon and how astrological signs interact with them. I've learned more about crystals and New Moons, Blue Moons, etc... it's all very interesting to me and I'm very into it at the moment.

If you were not aware, there is a Blue Moon happening on Halloween this year. A blue moon just means that it's the 2nd full moon in one month's time... the first full moon happened the first few days of October. The fact that the blue moon is happening on HALLOWEEN is pretty cool so I'm into it.

The Blue Moon collection from Essie is exclusive to Target and the moment I saw it was available, I ordered two shades. After going through my polish collection a few weeks ago, I realized I had too many nail polishes and I simply cannot wear them all in one season so I'm trying to cut back. That's why I only bought two polishes and not the entire collection -- I also really loved the names of the two polishes I got. 

First up this week is "Broom With a View" which is currently out of stock online but I'm hoping it'll come back in stock or you'll find it in-store. I chose this one because the name was just outrageous for this time of year and I felt like I had never owned a polish like this.

It is very much a blueish purple shade with undertones of grey and black -- it's just what you would imagine a blue moon looks like, mixed with the night sky and silvery stars. It's utterly gorgeous! I've had these polishes displayed on my dresser for the past week (since receiving them) because I couldn't bear to think of them in a drawer. They're so beautiful in the bottle you can't imagine how they will translate to the nails but boy did they!

I applied Broom With A View on Saturday night (as I type this) and was pleasantly surprised at the application process. Usually, with these Essie colors, they're a little goopy or gritty because of the sparkles but not this collection. It went on very smoothly, just as if it was a traditional cream shade. 

It was also surprisingly opaque. Sometimes the glitter can almost water down a polish formula and it takes at least four coats to have some sort of true color. Once again, not the case with this collection. Two coats were all it took for the color to be true and perfect.

For a base coat, I used my Ella + Mila "All About the Base", for a top coat I used Essie Gel Couture and then topped it off with Ella + Mila Quick Dry Drops

The only concern I have is when I take the polish off, will it be gritty and difficult like traditional glitter polishes but I will update you next week when I review the 2nd polish from the collection.

Now, that color... oh boy. I feel like Zeon Girl of the 21st Century with an entire galaxy on my nails. The color is just as it is in the bottle; blue/purple with silver, grey, and black undertones. The light catches it in a gorgeous way and it is spooky yet calming at the same time. It is truly the perfect Halloween nail but in a weird way, can work for Christmas and New Year as well. 

I love the way my nails look with this color. It's a nice change of pace from the usual orange, burgundy, angora cardi colors that I go for during this time of year and I never knew how much I could appreciate that. I follow such strict manicure rules and it feels nice to have an excuse to wear a super dark color to match my mood. 

If you can find "Broom With a View" in your Target stores, I highly recommend picking it up. It's very unique and truly gorgeous, especially to wear on what I'm sure will be a low-key and spooky Halloween. It is 2020 after all.


Royal Round Up, Vol 3: Week 42

, by RoyallyPink, 8:20 PM

 Oh boy, what a WEEK. There was a lot happening and it took its toll on me. The election cycle is almost over and I simply cannot wait for it to be over and ~hopefully, ~ have a semi-normal country again; the Covid cases in New York are rising again and it's making me nervous. I was PMSing and my depression was just at an all-time high... AND Mercury went into retrograde AND there was a new moon.

There was A LOT going on and once 5 PM came on Friday, I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I spent pretty much all of Friday night in bed, on Tik Tok, and filling my brain with the most useless, mind-numbing content. It was a beautiful thing. 

As I sit here now, I'm, of course, watching Hocus Pocus and just finished eating Trader Joe's pasta so I feel gross. I need to do an update on my WW journey but it's going, slowly. I ate like a complete pig yesterday and today but I just needed the comfort of food. Tomorrow it is back to strict yet delicious eating. 

Another thing about this week was that I craved normalcy... I so desperately wanted to be on the subway and go into my office -- being at home has been getting progressively harder for me and I definitely think I need to start rethinking my routines. 

For now, let's get into the post.

Pink Positivity of the Week

I really love my nail polish color at the moment and you will see it in Monday's Manicure Monday post. Also, I decided that for my birthday this year, I'd like to attempt to buy myself a really beautiful new Louis Vuitton bag. We'll see if that happens.

Links I Loved

What You Missed on Royally Pink

What I Bought This Week

Some were new items, some were items I needed to re-stock... all were good purchases! 

Have a great rest of the weekend!

 I have such a love/hate relationship with lip balms... I love them to death but I hate that I struggle with finding one that consistently works for me. In the past few years, I've talked about what feels like hundreds of different lip balms but after using them for a while, they usually start to irritate my lips.

Off the top of my head, one that I loved and no longer works is the Milk Kush Balm. It used to be my favorite but after what I think might've been my 5th tube, my lips started to react badly to it. Off I went on my search... 

I still continue to hunt for the perfect lip balm, even after being burned so many times because they are both a necessity and a luxury in my eye. I need lip balms to survive, especially now as the air gets drier and colder. 

Summer Fridays Lip Butter

I've waxed poetic about how much I adore Summer Fridays as a whole but this lip balm is truly something else. It's very thick, smells like vanilla, and sinks into your lips like no other. It's not greasy nor doesn't slip and slide everywhere. When I apply it before I go to sleep, I wake up the next morning with some still on... that's how thick and nourishing this balm is. When I feel like my lips need extra TLC, this is my go-to. A little goes a very long way with this balm and your lips will surely thank you.*Important to note that this is loosely classified as a lip mask which explains the thick texture and long-lasting formula* 

Laneige Lip Glowy Balm in Gummy Bear

While I had an allergic reaction to the famous Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, I didn't want to miss out on the trend completely so I tried out the Lip Glowy Balm. Well, I am truly obsessed. I first purchased the Pear scent but when Gummy Bear was released, my inner child couldn't resist. I use this probably the most out of all my lip balms, especially during the day. Sure, I'm wearing a mask but I usually have this lip gloss/balm hybrid underneath. It gives you a little shine while keeping your lips super hydrated; to me, this is the balm you carry with you everywhere you go because it's an easy application, adds a little color & shine but isn't full-on lipgloss.  I also love that it comes in so many scents! 

Glossier Balm Dot Com

Glossier Balm Dot Com is my tried and true classic. It is my security blanket, the lip balm I wear when my lips need a little comfort. It never steers me wrong. The thick, vaseline type texture is a little less than the Summer Fridays balm, but it gets the job done just as well. When my lips are tender, or really out of sorts, this is what I put on because it's utterly plain, at least the one I use is.  Currently, I only have the original, nonscented, and clear version but they just released a fig scent that I'm dying to try. 

Too Faced Hangover Pillow Balm Ultra-Hydrating Lip Treatment 

I can't remember when I purchased the Hangover Pillow Balm Treatment but it has to be almost a year ago. This is the balm I forget about sometimes but whenever I use it again, I can't remember how I ever lived without it. It almost feels like you're putting medicine on your lips but then maybe it's the RX name that gives me that placebo effect. I love that this is a doe-foot applicator because it makes application so easy. The formula is thin and has a minty, tingly feeling but it leaves my lips still feeling good. I don't necessarily use this as I do the other balms because I do feel like this is more treatment like. I don't use it when my lips are super chapped and itchy, but when I feel like they just need something light. This is such a hard lip product to explain -- it's somewhere between a balm, treatment, and gloss... it's such a cool idea.

One honorable mention to the new Bite Beauty Agave Lip Balm. I tried it years ago and it gave me a horrible allergic reaction but they recently reformulated and I've been loving it! It has kind of been overtaken by the others but wanted to mention because it's a great price point and really nourishing. 

What are your current favorite lip balms? I'm always looking to add to my collection ;)

My obsession with Stoney Clover Lane has gotten completely out of control. I seriously cannot stop spending money with the brand and have joked (too many times) that I should send my paycheck directly to the company. 

I think what has fueled my obsession is the little community of Stoney Clover Lane lovers I've found on Instagram; other bloggers & influencers who adore SCL, interact with the brand and post inspiration on their accounts. It's like we're all enabling each other's addictions. 

If you are reading this and have no idea what I'm talking about, Stoney Clover Lane is an accessories brand run by two sisters, Kendall and Libby. They sell *mostly* nylon pouches that are completely customizable with letters, numbers, and different patches. There is truly something for everyone in this brand, whether you want a tote bag, a pouch for travel, or something for home organization. They also sell face masks and I have about 8 of them right now -- the best masks I own, truly. 

And you definitely don't have to customize the bags, I have a few things that are not customized and I love them! Stoney Clover is quite expensive but I think it's worth it; I was always buying makeup bags and pouches but now I just exclusively buy Stoney Clover.  

I have started using my pouches as bags when I run errands and it's really nice to have something small and compact. I just can't say enough good things about the brand. 

While I have been buying a lot of products from them, I also love to play around in the customizer and save designs for future purchases.  I figured that I could share some of the designs I created and maybe you can use it as inspiration for your next purchase! 

These are a few of my 'fall' themed pouches!

I was going to post this yesterday but the new Fall Nylon collection launched yesterday morning so I wanted to include some inspo with those colors as well! I love a situational, themed pouch so with the fall and holidays coming up, I've been designing a lot of themed pouches. Also, the new fall collections from SCL are so ideal for the season it's crazy.

Fall Collection

Sparkling Cider Large Pouch Sparkling Cider Heart
Pistachio Heart Pumpkin Spice Heart
Buttercream Heart
Pumpkin Spice Mini Pouch
Rolled Embroidery Heart

Cinnamon Sugar Cordoury Open Top
Rolled Embroidery Letters
Pistachio Mini Pouch
Rolled Embroidery Letters
Rolled Embroidery Heart
Sparkling Cider Small Pouch
Buttercream Heart
Pumpkin Spice Heart
Pistachio Heart

Sand Notebook
Buttercream Heart
Pistachio Heart
Rolled Embroidery Letters
Sand Jewelry Roll
Pumpkin Spice Glitter Varsity Letters
Sparkling Cider Glitter Varsity Letters
Buttercream Glitter Varsity Letters

Fall Inspiration

Sand Small Pouch Sand Glitter Varsity Letters

Noir Mini Pouch Boo Icon Patch

Peach Small Pouch Noir Glitter Varsity Letters 
Sand Clear Flat Pouch Noir Glitter Varsity Letters
Sand Clear Travel Pouch
Turkey Patches 
Textured Notebook in Sand
Sand Glitter Varsity Letters

Corduroy Collection Inspiration

Toasted Marshmallow Open Top
Gold Puffy Letters

Cinnamon Sugar Large Pouch
Sand Glitter Varsity Letters
Blanc Glitter Varsity Letters

Blueberry Pie Mini Pouch Sapphire Glitter Heart

Cinnamon Sugar Small Pouch
Noir Glitter Heart

I'm going to try to do these posts every so often and definitely post a lot more on my LikeToKnowIt.