When I first started this book I wasn't too sure what to think; because of that, it took me forever to finish it. However, once I got into the book, understood the story and the characters, I simply could not get enough.

"The Book Charmer" by Karen Hawkins was released yesterday, July 30th but I have been attempting to read it for the past few months, thanks to NetGalley. I finished it a few weeks ago and truthfully haven't been able to stop thinking about it.

What drew me to the book initially was that it was about books. I love when I read or watch something related to writing or to books; it makes me feel more connected to the plot and it brings me such an overwhelming sense of joy. Books make me happy, they always have. Books about books make me even happier.

"The Book Charmer" is so incredibly unique that you might have a hard time truly understanding what the book is about and what is happening in the town of Dove Pond but don't worry because once you throw yourself into the book, you'll understand immediately.

the book charmer book review

 Publishers Summary:

Sarah Dove is no ordinary bookworm. To her, books have always been more than just objects: they live, they breathe, and sometimes they even speak. When Sarah grows up to become the librarian in her quaint Southern town of Dove Pond, her gift helps place every book in the hands of the perfect reader. Recently, however, the books have been whispering about something out of the ordinary: the arrival of a displaced city girl named Grace Wheeler.

If the books are right, Grace could be the savior that Dove Pond desperately needs. The problem is, Grace wants little to do with the town or its quirky residents—Sarah chief among them. It takes a bit of urging, and the help of an especially wise book, but Grace ultimately embraces the challenge to rescue her charmed new community. In her quest, she discovers the tantalizing promise of new love, the deep strength that comes from having a true friend, and the power of finding just the right book.

My Thoughts

Throughout the novel, you really get inside the mind of these characters. You're constantly switching back and forth between Sarah, Grace, and one of their neighbors, Trav, who becomes a main focal point of the book. While reading, you start to care for these characters, for Dove Pond, and for everyone to come together to save Dove Pond.

As stated above, the book starts out a little slow but you just have to power through and know that you are going to fall head over heels for it eventually if these types of book are your jam. If not, then you might be bored but you'll figure it out.

I have to say that this was one of the most magical books I have ever had the pleasure of reading. I love the quirkiness, the voice of all the characters and the way the plot just seamlessly came together. Dove Pond reminds me a lot of Stars Hollow and the Gilmore Girls universe, with the unique band of characters the town has, and how everyone is always willing to lend a helping hand.

The Book Charmer is just pure happiness and it really is unlike anything I've ever read. It wasn't just fiction, it wasn't sci-fi, it wasn't about witches but in retrospect, it had a little bit of everything. How else could you explain that Sarah Dove could talk to books? Or that her sister was a wizard when it came to teas? There is something in Dove Pond but Karen Hawkins does a really great job at not really telling you outright, leaving the story open and your imagination wanting to run wild.

When I was finished with The Book Charmer, I felt whole but empty at the same time. After falling in love with Dove Pond and the entire plot I felt like I needed more. A quick Google search eased my mind because this is the first in the Dove Pond series from Karen Hawkins so safe to say, I cannot wait for book #2!

Will you pick up The Book Charmer? If you have read it, what did you think?

This was the longest month ever... I think July always has a tendency to be insanely long. We're just getting into the swing of summer, 4th of July kicks off the month and the heat really picks up. This month felt like it was eight weeks long instead of four and I'm happy to say goodbye to it!

It was a difficult month for me, a lot of waiting and uncertainty. I blame it on Mercury Retrograde and I am perfectly fine with that explanation. It just made me feel weird and out of whack all month long. That all ends tomorrow night so once July is over, I hope some of my worries go away.

Also once July is over, we're one step closer to Fall and you already know how I feel about that. I'll spare you another rant.

I loved a lot of different things during the month of July, a lot of new beauty products (which are coming up in a post next week) but these were by far my favorites.

valentino rock studs, charlotte tilbury, tory burch logo necklace

Tory Burch Logo Necklace

I purchased this necklace in mid-June and it's pretty much the only thing I wear. I've been having a love affair with Tory Burch items lately and when I saw this necklace on Tory Burch's website, I had to have it. I found it on eBay and immediately ordered it for a great price. It lays on my neck like a choker with a little more room, goes with everything, and is just a beautiful piece. I love the logo detailing because it's not overbearing, it's just the right amount of logo. I have also developed a weird habit of constantly playing with this necklace while it's on my neck because it is the perfect length. I hate necklaces that are too long or too short and I think I finally found my perfect fit.

Charlotte Tilbury PeachGasm Beauty Wand

In addition to loving Tory Burch, my love of Charlotte Tilbury has reached new heights this month. I've purchased a few more of her products and I have a list a mile long. I've been dying to try out her Beauty Light Wands and after a review or two of the new PeachGasm one, I decided to pick it up. This Light Wand is more of a blush than a highlighter and that's exactly how I've been using it. Just two dots on each cheek, blend it out and you have the most beautiful peachy glow. You don't even need a highlighter because this has enough dew to get you through. The formula is so creamy, so easy to blend -- I need every shade of the Light Beauty Wand, including a traditional contour and highlighter. If you love cream blush, you will surely love this Charlotte Tilbury item.

fiona davis book and smooth sexy hair

Real Books

For some reason this month I've been into physical books... like a lot. I received a few books in my InfluenceHer Collective Essentials Kit and have been flying through them. Last week I went into Barnes and Noble for the first time in forever and had an overwhelming sense of calm and ease come over me. I picked up another physical book and now that's all I can think of. All I want is to spend my days in the library and/or a book store, and buy all the physical books! It's so relaxing and so therapeutic for me. It's an amazing feeling. 

Sexy Hair Smooth and Seal

I have no idea where I got this from but I found it under my sink and started using it this month. Now, I don't know how I will ever live without it! My hair is very frizzy, especially in this summer heat and I need help taming it. Whether I'm wearing my hair curly or straight, a few sprays of this over my strands help keep any frizz at bay while also helping keep it smooth. Before this, I've used oils and dry conditioner and while those products are great, this is specifically made for 'anti-frizz and shine'. If you've been having trouble with your frizzy hair, this is going to be your new best friend.

valentino rock studs

Valentino Rock Stud Flats

We all know that I love a good designer good but one thing I never really spend money on is shoes. I ruin shoes way too easy to buy a pair that is over $150 (I say that because I love my Jack Rogers sandals and they're quite pricey). The only pair I have spent significant money on is my SJP Newspaper shoes. I would never spend money on a pair of rubber sandals with some studs, no matter how pretty they are. However, my mom had a pair of new Valentino Rock Stud Sandals; she couldn't really wear them anymore because they were so flat and it was uncomfortable for her. I tried them on, they just fit and now I've been wearing them for weeks. These are my new favorite shoes that I have to stop myself from wearing them. They're comfortable, beautiful, and make any outfit look better. They dress a look up or down, depending on what you're going for and I fully believe you need a pair, or at least an Amazon dupe. *I've purchased the Amazon dupe in the past but got the wrong size so I gave them to my aunt. They look and feel just like the real thing! 

What did you love this month?
It's that time of the year when I start to get a little sick of bright, neon nail polishes. I'm ready for my deep, dark and vampy nails and when I saw the new Essie collection hit social media, I fell in love.

The "Rocky Rose" collection is inspired by beautiful earth tones of a canyon adventure and everything in the collection is very rich, very earthy and you can really see where the inspiration came from. There are a bunch of terracotta shades that range from dark to light, and a few pink shades that are just perfect.

This collection is filled with the perfect transitional colors for summer to fall. They're also ideal for those of you who are ready for something a little darker on your nails or just want something not so summery.

I was ready to purchase a ton of colors from the collection on Ulta's website but then I walked into my local CVS and they had a fresh display of the collection. I had to hold myself from buying too many colors but I did pick up my two favorites: "Into the ABliss" and "Rocky Rose".

essie into the abliss manicure monday

I knew that my first test of this collection would be the lighter pink of "Into the ABliss" because it felt more summery to me. I'd save the pink/nude terracotta "Rocky Rose" for later in August/early September when I was really over the heat.

For the first time in over a year, I went for a real manicure and brought this bottle with me. I really needed a good, solid manicure with all the bells and whistles and I was itching to use this dirty mauve shade.

essie into the abliss rocky rose collection

I can't speak to the application of the polish since I didn't apply it to my nails but from what I've seen, it's just as good as any other Essie polish. Two coats and you're done, and it didn't seem to bleed or spread outside of the nail.

The polish has held up incredibly! I don't know if that has to do with the fact that I had a professional apply it or to the formula but usually, a professional manicure only lasts 2-3 days on me and I'm on day 5 and the chipping has JUST started. I think that means that this formula is really good and stands up to the hardest nails.

I really love this color as well -- it's described as a dirty mauve and that's really the perfect way to identify that. It's pink yet has something extra to it and that makes it a great year-round color. I don't have too many of those types of colors in my collection so I'm happy to have one as good as this!

Now, I can't wait to apply "Rocky Rose", buy the rest of the collection and review them for all of you!

What is on your nails this week?
We're only a few days away from August and I honestly can't wait. I'm over the summer, ready for Fall and a fresh start. Last weekend's heatwave and random thunderstorms were enough to send me over the edge and I'm just done. I didn't leave my house from Thursday-Sunday and when I did eventually venture outside, it felt like one big, gross sauna.

I'm happy that Labor Day is very early this year (September 2nd to be exact) so my unofficial start of Fall is only a few short weeks away. I want my pumpkin spice, fall candle scents, leaves, and apple picking. I want my Fall wardrobe. I am just so ready and I know some of you diehard Fall fans feel the same!

I also am itching for a new season and a fresh start. This Spring and Summer have been really difficult with freelancing and maintaining a schedule. I need cool weather to bring me hope and calm me down a bit. I've been pretty vague with what's happening but back in April, I left my job at Laura Geller for a new job and after a few weeks, that didn't work out so since then I've been freelancing and making my way back into fulltime work. All of that being said, I have really enjoyed a more flexible schedule, especially during the summer.

That being said, I had a bad week which is why there was virtually nothing on the blog. Next week will be better and that's a promise to myself that I need to keep.

I'm done whining, I suppose LOL but seriously, Fall, where art thou?

On another note, I stopped into Barnes and Noble this week for the first time in what felt like years and my goodness, it refreshed me! It was so nice to be around books, to touch the covers and flip through the pages. I picked up my next Fiona Davis novel, "The Masterpiece" so lookout for a review soon! If you haven't been inside a book store recently, go. It'll change your outlook on life and brighten your entire day.

Here's everything I loved this week!

Links I Loved 

What You Missed on Royally Pink

What I Bought This Week

The only thing(s) I picked up this week were a pair of Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks. She's having a 30% off sale on her website that includes certain items, like this Nude Lips duo that includes Super Cindy and Hepburn Honey, two shades I've been dying to try! 

Have a great weekend everyone!
I have been killing the book game lately; just constantly reading and finishing books makes me feel like a superhero. Also, all the books I've been reading have been incredible! This book, "The Stranger Inside", I finished a month or so ago but haven't gotten around to reviewing it.

The Plot

Kimber Hannon comes home from a trip to find a stranger living in her house. She didn't rent her house to him, didn't sell it, and has no idea how this happened. What she does know is that she has a bad feeling from this man and he has her signature on paperwork for renting... paperwork she didn't sign.

From there, Kimber's life unravels. Secrets from her past start to come undone, her ex-boyfriend is her lawyer, she's lying to her best friend, and feels uneasy about the stranger living in her house. She knows he knows something about her and she knows that she wasn't the one who signed that paperwork but who was it?

Kimber eventually figures out the mystery of the man inside on her own and he knows about one of her secrets, a secret she has never revealed to anyone but that is only half the battle for her. There is so much that happens in this book, related and unrelated to the mystery man living in Kimber's house and it's more than she bargained for.

My Thoughts

The Stranger Inside definitely started out a little slow for my liking. It might've been my fault for not putting my all into it but it felt confusing and I couldn't figure out what was going on. The protagonist, Kimber, was slightly annoying so that made it more difficult to get into the plot.

However, that quickly changes once you are fully immersed in what's going on and clearly paying attention. You become invested in what this man might know about Kimber, what exactly happened all those years ago with her and her sister, and everything else going on.

Just like all my other favorite novels, this one had a few intense twists and a few that made me audibly yelp.

You definitely find out who the man is, what he knows and what his agenda is but that isn't half of the mystery. The ending is twisted, insane and incredibly satisfying.

There isn't anything that truly sets this novel apart from other domestic thrillers but if you like the idea of mistaken identities, failed love, friendships, sisterhood, and truly messed up characters you will definitely be attracted to this novel. And like I said, it has one of the wildest endings I've ever read and that is what changed the game for me. Without that final twist of fate, I might've not even reviewed this book!

What book are you reading this week?
There's something about makeup in the summer that I have a love/hate relationship with. It's too hot to always wear a full face but you still want to look put together... there is a fine balance that we all must find.

Every summer I go back to old faithfuls like a cream eyeshadow, cream blush, and tinted moisturizer but like clockwork, I do find new favorites that become staples in my routine.

This year I've been focused more on fresh, warm weather items that protect me but also make me look like a beach goddess!

Supergoop Shimmershade Eyeshadow SPF

After a few trips to the dermatologist, I learned that I am susceptible to abnormal moles. I knew in my heart for a few years that it was true because I am covered in moles and beauty marks. Now I have to go to the dermatologist every six months for a checkup so it was sort of a wakeup call. It forced me to take my SPF health seriously and I've been stocking up on so many different SPF products.

When I saw Supergoop release this at the beginning of the summer, I jumped on it. The Shimmershade is a cream eyeshadow that has SPF in it, making it the first SPF for the eyelid. I've definitely gotten some sort of sunburn on my eyes before and since the eyes are the most sensitive part of your body, this is a no brainer. You can wear it alone or use it as a base for an entire eyeshadow look. It's super shimmery in the best way possible and is very creamy, but doesn't move around a lot. It's such a cool, innovative product and I've been loving it!

Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops

This is probably the hardest to find beauty item ever. They are constantly sold out on every retailer and once it does come back in stock, it lasts for a few minutes and then it's gone again. I don't remember the last time I've seen the hype around a product the way I've seen the hype around the Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops.

These drops are meant to be mixed with your moisturizer and will give you a natural self-tan. Most self-tanners cannot be used on the face so this is the perfect solution to that. While you may not think these are good for the summer because everyone has a #natural tan, they can be used to amp up your look or if you're more of a faux tan kind of gal, use these to match your face and body.

I've used them a lot, haven't had any streakiness, patchiness, or breakouts. I do wish I would've gotten the 'light' instead of the 'medium' shade because sometimes the medium is just a little too dark but otherwise I have no complaints.

Ouai Wave Spray

This wave spray has been a staple in my summer hair for at least two years and this summer it is no different. Whenever I want to leave my hair naturally curly/wavy, this is my go-to. It creates the most beautiful beachy waves without being overly done or crunchy. It doesn't make my hair oily or greasy, and simply gets the job done.

Maison Replica "Under the Lemon Trees" Perfume

At the start of the season, I was searching for the perfect summer scent. I wanted something fruity or floral so that's why when I saw this new fragrance from Maison Replica I jumped on it. "Under the Lemon Trees" is exactly what it sounds like... a lemon fragrance. I've been obsessed with lemon scents recently and this one is just utter perfection. It's citrus and lemony without being overpowering or 'too much'. It's not the most long-lasting fragrance but it makes a statement and gives that summer feeling to any look. I have rarely used anything else this summer and it shows because I'm halfway through the bottle.

What have been your summer beauty favorites this year?
TGIF and happy heatwave weekend! If you're in one of the hotter states this weekend, please stay inside. No one needs to be outside during this insane heat we're going to have.

All of this heat is making me go a little crazy and wishing for Fall. I saw on Instagram that stores like Homegoods and Target are starting to put out Fall items and honestly, I'm ready. I think this might be the earliest I've wanted Fall to come in a few years.

That being said, I had a hard week. I'm waiting on some news that will pretty much change my life (nothing health-wise) and it's been really difficult. I am not very patient which is why the start of the week on the blog was nonexistent. I just was not in a good headspace.

Last weekend I did mention that I was going to a bridal shower and oh my, I had the best time! If you follow me on Instagram you saw some stories and a post about it but it was a really beautiful shower. The food, drinks, and company were amazing and we played the best games -- nothing corny or over the top, just really fun! Every bridal shower should be that way.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale opened to the public today and I placed another order or three which I'll talk about later. My initial order of the B.P Leopard Print Cardigan got canceled as they oversold that item and it hasn't come back into stock yet. I'm so upset! I guess I will have to just get it after the sale.

I'm hoping to see The Lion King tomorrow with my boyfriend and if I do, I'll be sure to update you all on my thoughts. I haven't been that excited for the live-action Disney movies but I think The Lion King is going to be incredible.

That's enough talking, let's dive into the week!

Links I Loved

What You Missed on Royally Pink

What I Bought This Week

After having a good look through the sale, I'm not overly impressed by EVERYTHING. I definitely shopped but focused on the things I needed. I didn't buy any sweaters (I have so many from last year) but stocked up on my Zella leggings, bought a new pair of Spanx and finally splurged on the Spanx Faux Leather Leggings. I, of course, got my Diptyque candles and decided on a beautiful sheer top from Chelsea28. Everything is linked below, along with a few other purchases not from the Nordstrom Sale. 

Have a great weekend and stay cool!

I have been on a huge Tory Burch kick lately. I have a new found love for her and her pieces I think because of the elegance and sophistication but also the trendiness yet classical way she designs things.

I've always loved the brand but her past few collections have really caught my eye. I have previously talked about my love of the Fleming Shoulder Bag so when I saw a few months ago that she released a Fleming Tote, I knew I had to have it.

$500 is a bit to spend on a tote for me right now so I found it pre-loved on eBay and paid nearly half of that, if not more. Since then, it has been a staple in my routine and I have to remind myself to use other bags in my collection.

The Fleming Tote is a small everyday tote, not big enough for work or school (depending on how much you carry) but just large enough to throw all your necessities into and have them at easy grasp.

The bag is not heavy, even when you load it up with items which is super important to me because I hate heavy bags. I use it run errands, go to the gym, and if you're going overnight somewhere, you could definitely fit a change of clothes or pajamas in it!

Tory Burch has this bag in a variety of colors but the pink hue of my bag makes my heart so happy. It goes with pretty much everything if you wear neutrals a lot (which I do) and the chain detailing makes the bag a little more fancy and adds a special touch.

I did a full in depth review of the bag on my Youtube channel and showed you what I keep in it on a daily basis and showed off more of the inside!

Tory Burch Fleming Tote

Make sure you're subscribed to my channel for more handbag reviews! 

What is your current favorite bag?

I've had this book sitting on my shelf for a while and finally decided to pick it up a few weeks ago. I was craving a thriller and felt that this was the one I should go with. Once I started reading, I realized that I had previously started the book but never made it past the first chapter. That quickly changed and I flew through "The Perfect Mother" by Aimee Molloy within a week or so.

The novel starts out with a group of new mothers meeting in the park and discussing their babies various habits. We're introduced to their personalities and learn more about each of them but you can tell from the first few lines that Winnie and Midas are the main characters.

The "May Mothers" as they have dubbed themselves decide to go out at night for once, leaving the babies behind to treat themselves to a well deserved night out. Winnie, a single mother, was hesitant to leave her son, Midas, at home but after some convincing from the May Mothers, she agrees.

Of course drama follows and Midas is snatched from his crib while the babysitter is in the other room. Winnie and the May Mothers run to her house after receiving the horrible news and as you would expect, all hell breaks loose.

The police are looking at everyone, including Winnie and the Mothers, as suspects and everything starts to unravel.

Throughout the novel, we switch back and forth between the Mothers' points of view so we can get a better inside look at their individual lives and how they play into this mystery.

By the end, you kind of have a feeling of what is going to happen but like all good domestic thrillers, the rug is pulled out from under you and you're left stunned. Toward the end of the book, there are a few twists you don't see coming and when the mystery is solved, it's not what you were expecting at all.

Now for my thoughts...

I wasn't overly impressed with this book and that is mostly due to the fact that I really disliked the characters. Not one of them was likable expect for Collette (one of the May Mothers) because she seemed to be the most rational. 

Some of the mothers are breaking the law and hiding secrets just to solve this case, which gets them into more trouble and it was just really frustrating to read.

I also cannot stand the 'modern mother mentality" where everyone is trying so hard to be the PERFECT mother with the organic diapers and sleep training and everything else that is wrong with raising a child in 2019. None of us had that and we're all simply fine! *This is my personal belief and I don't have children so I'm sure if/when I do, I will feel differently but it's part of the book.*

However, I also think that is the message of the book so I struggle with it. Everyone is trying their hardest to be the perfect mother but there is no such thing as one. 

It was really interesting to see the different lives of all the May Mothers and how they were all so different. A group of women like that would never end up in the same place if it weren't for their kids.

Aside from the characters (which I guess is a huge point of any book), I liked the story. I like any story that is hard to figure out yet easy to follow. I wasn't confused or over stimulated while reading it -- it was straightforward, good writing and Aimee Molloy is someone I would definitely read again. 

If you like domestic thrillers with a truly modern twist and aren't too bothered by modern motherhood, you will like "The Perfect Mother"

Have you read this book? What were your thoughts?


Royal Round Up, Vol 2: Week 29

, by RoyallyPink, 5:29 PM
Happy Friday! This was another long week, especially after the holiday last week. I was quite busy this week with odds and ends; this weekend I'll be going to my friend's bridal shower. I've known her for 10 years, since high school and I remember when her and her fiancee started dating. It's wild that they're getting married!

Aside from that, there shouldn't be too much happening this weekend. I did shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this morning. To start out I just picked up two things I really wanted and had a feeling they would sell out.

I picked up the BP Leopard Cardigan that I missed out on last year and a B.P Silk Camisole, both of which I'm really excited about. I did a HUGE post all about the sale. Honestly, I felt like a real blogger, researching the items and picking out my favorites, linking everything and creating collages. It was a lot of work but I'm really proud of the post. Use it throughout the sale to reference must-have items that I think are big scores!

To be honest, I didn't read any articles this week -- I was just saving them instead of doing anything so I don't have any links for you! I'll get straight into the blog content...

What You Missed on Royally Pink

I didn't buy anything aside from the Nordstrom sale but I'm hoping to make some Lilly Pulitzer purchases soon! 

Have a great weekend!


Well, it's July and you know what that means... your favorite bloggers are flooding your feeds with Nordstrom Anniversary Sale posts. I usually don't focus a lot on the sale, just one post on the blog and a few on Instagram stories but for once I'm being a good blogger and looked up the sale beforehand.

I know a lot of people get really frustrated when bloggers constantly talk about this sale but it is one of the biggest sales of the year and Nordstrom is my all-time favorite retailer so I never mind that much. I pretty much exclusively shop at Nordstrom all year round so it's nice to get some awesome discounts during the sale.

The sale starts on Friday, July 12th online and in store for Nordstrom Card Holders and on July 19th for the public. The sale ends on August 4th and prices go up on August 5th.

If you have read this far and have no idea what I'm talking about let me explain. Once a year around this time Nordstrom holds a massive sale on NEW items (mostly for the Fall season) and have exclusive products that are only available during this time. The sale covers all categories so it's a great time to splurge on a staple or pick up something trendy and new.

One thing to mention, after looking through all the items I noticed that there is a TON of home, mens and children wear. I feel like it's more than ever before so something to definitely be aware of.

There is a lot more of Nordstrom brands on sale this year. I feel like the Nordstrom in house brands really take over this year and you don't get as much other non Nordstrom brands. I don't mind that because I love the Nordstrom in house brands but something to definitely be aware of.

This year I got a preview of everything that is going to be on sale and I have picked out some of my favorites to show you all!


During the sale, I like to pick up at least one or two sweaters/shirts. I love the Nordstrom in house brands like Halogen, Leith, and Calson so when I can get them for a few dollars cheaper it's a score in my book!

Leith Rib Wrap Sweater  Halogen Faux Wrap Blouse Leith Longline Cardigan
Halogen Open Back Woven Top Calson Colorblock Sweater Gibson Twist Fleece
Madewell Ryder Cardigan


My favorite leggings (and the only ones I wear) are the Zella Live In High Waisted Leggings and they are always on sale during the NSale. I try to buy at least one pair if not two! This year, I am also looking to pick up a new sports bra because I am seriously LACKING in this fashion department. Good thing there are tons of sports bras and other activewear items in the sale this year.

Spanx Leggings Zella Gen Tee
Zella Live In Bra Zella Viper Bra


Barefoot Dreams In The Wild Throw
Diptyque Fragrance Set
Diptyque Travel Set


  • This is the best blanket in the world and you need it. I have the brown/beige one and I honestly might buy a second
  • I always stock up on Diptyque candles during the sale. They're great to save for special occasions or to use as a last minute gift. 
  • I picked up the candle & fragrance set last year and I've loved it! It's a great way to try the Diptyque perfumes and you still get the candles! 
    • If you pick up candles online be careful because I have gotten melted candles in the mail (not diptyque but other brands!)


Baublebar Allese Ring Nordstrom Precious Metal Stud Earrings Kendra Scott Lou Lou Earrings
Kurt Geiger Soho Shoulder Bag Tory Burch Everly Leather Tote
Tory Burch Mini Everly Crossbody *I purchased the Marsden Crossbody last year from the sale and this look CRAZY similar*


Charlotte Tilbury Eyeshadow Palette Beautyblender All That Glitters
Too Faced Dive Into Hydration Set Supergoop Setting Powder
Anastasia Brow Duo

A Few Notes:

  • Usually, all the products in the beauty section are limited edition/exclusive to the sale. Most brands release new, exclusive products or shades of beloved favorites at a good value. 
    • For example, the Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow palette is exclusive to the sale. No word on if she will release it on her site/other retailers afterwards!  
  • The new Hangover Good in Bed Serum is $39 and this set is only $42 for all three full-size products so you do the math! 


BP Perry Bootie
Calson Evelyn Genuine Calf Hair Mule


Hanky Panky Seamless Thong Halogen Seamless Day Bra BP Cozy Joggers

Keep your eye on the blog and my Instagram account for more picks and updates as the sale goes on! 

I've always been a graphic tee kind of gal; I pretty much wear them daily with leggings when I'm running errands or just hanging out. I will occasionally wear them with jeans if I'm looking to be slightly more put together.

While I love a graphic tee, I have never been a plain tee girl. You know when people talk about the classic white tee and jeans look? I never understood that. I didn't understand why anyone would want a regular t-shirt when you could have one that says something fun and witty.

For the past few years, I've been trying to find a good plain t-shirt to wear under cardigans or open sweaters instead of a camisole. I just felt that it was a little more appropriate and comfortable at times. I've purchased a few different J. Crew ones because J.Crew is my go-to for basics and pretty much everything else (thanks to my J.Crew credit card) but nothing felt quite right.

That is, until this year.

The J.Crew Broken In T-Shirt

On a whim, I bought a plain black t-shirt called the Broken In T-Shirt and my entire world changed. It is the perfect t-shirt for everyday wear or if you wanted to dress it up (if you could).

The Broken In T-Shirt is soft but not so soft that you feel like you're wearing pajamas. It's not see through so no need to wear a cami underneath to hide your bra. It also perfectly hits at the top of your hips so it's not too long or too short and won't ride up too much when you stretch up.

I like to think of this tee as the sisterhood of the traveling shirt. I'm confident that it would fit everyone and anyone, no matter your size or shape. I loved this shirt so much I went on to buy a pink, yellow, and white one. I love wearing them daily because they make me feel slightly more grown up/mature than wearing one of my graphic tees.

A lot of the sizes and colors are selling out fast so I would buy one sooner rather than later but I'm pretty sure J.Crew will restock!

What is your favorite basic tee?

For the past few summers, I've gotten a keratin treatment to help my unruly hair. The Keratin Treatment straightened and relaxed my hair so that styling was easier and it didn't frizz in the humid, hot weather. It was a blessing and completely changed my life.

The reason I continued to get the treatment is that I loved my straight hair and it was easier to achieve the look I wanted if I had it. However, this past winter I really fell in love with my curly hair and felt a little more like myself with it.

I started using my Kiss Instawave Curling Iron more and embraced my natural locks, probably because my natural hair has changed significantly over the past two years. Gone are the unruly, wild Carrie Bradshaw curls and hello to soft, beachy waves. My hair dries the way I wished for it to dry for years and I'm not sure how it happened.

I didn't want to give up my new found hair so I decided against the Keratin treatment and it was a great decision. I haven't had any problems with my hair and it pretty much comes out exactly how I want it each time.

Some days I curl my hair with the iron, some days I use a product to keep the natural curl alive for a few days and others I just go all natural to give my hair a break. The products I use are curl defying creams, detanglers, and no frizz to keep everything under control.

No curling iron, just Bumble and Bumble 'Don't Blow It'

Curling Iron 

I wanted to give you the rundown on how I keep my hair summer ready and below are the products I've been using all summer long!

Hair Products I'm Using This Summer

This post is a day late but the 4th of July truly kicked my butt! I went to my boyfriend's family's house out on Long Island and spent two gorgeous days there. It was so incredible, so peaceful and so fun. They had a gorgeous house on the water so I spent the entire day outside surrounded by good people. I loved it!

However, yesterday on my way home I started sneezing, my eyes were really red and puffy, and I couldn't really breathe. As the ride went on, it started getting worse and worse. By the time I got home my eyes were swollen shut and I couldn't stop sneezing. I passed out for about an hour and spent the rest of the night with nasal spray and Vicks Vapo Rub.

This morning was horrible; my body aches from sneezing so violently and I still can't breathe. It is definitely my allergies catching up to me from being outside so much. I forgot to bring all my medicine with me on the little trip so I am paying for it now.

Therefore, I'll be cooped up in my house all weekend and why this post is late.

Anyways... I hope you all had a fabulous 4th of July and enjoy the rest of the summer because I already saw some Fall stuff popping up on Instagram (for once I want to enjoy every moment this summer has to offer so this makes me sad).

Let's jump right into everything from the week!

*PS: Who else is watching Stranger Things? I'm on the last episode and I think this might've been the best season ever! 

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Links I Loved

What You Missed on Royally Pink

What I Bought This Week

I purchased a bunch of stuff from Colourpop's 25% off sale so be sure to follow me on Instagram to see when I get it! Also, the Lilly Pulitzer top I purchased was this one in the "Whisper Blue Yeah Buoy" print.
It's the 4th of July yet again and I feel like summer hasn't even really begun. Usually by this time every year I feel like summer is over but for some reason that is not the case in 2019.

Today I'll be headed out East aka far out on Long Island with my boyfriend for a day of sun and rosé. I figured I would post a short post on what I'll be wearing, what makeup I will *probably* be wearing since I'm writing this before I get ready, and what I'm bringing in my pool/beach bag.

side note: The Lilly Pulitzer shirt I'm wearing is in the print "Sea to Shining Sea" obviously! I specifically bought it to wear on all summer holidays!

What I'm Wearing Today

Makeup I'm *Probably* Wearing

What's In My Beach Bag

Have an amazing, safe 4th of July! 
Fiona Davis has quickly become one of my favorite authors, even if this is only the 2nd book I read by her. I read "The Dollhouse" almost THREE years ago (I had no idea it was that long) and loved it!

"The Address" is very similar to Davis' first book and I can see that her two newest books, "The Masterpiece" and "The Chelsea Girls" are following a similar format. Fiona Davis writes what I consider historical fiction, but more fiction than history, that take place in old timey New York with a modern twist.

"The Address" starts out in England in the late 1800s with Sarah meeting a big time New York architects, Theodore Camden. After she saves his child's life, he repays her by bringing her to the city to be the manager of a new hotel, The Dakota. However, this 'hotel' is not even that... it's one of Manhattan's first apartment buildings that have a full staff. It's in a rundown part of the city but Sarah agrees and sets her sights on New York.

While we are learning about Sarah's life in the late 1800s, we also switch back to semi modern New York in 1985 with Bailey as the center of it. Returning from rehab and trying to get back to her life, we find out that Theodore Camden was murdered right in his Dakota apartment, where Bailey's 'cousin' Melinda currently lives and is renovating.

You see, Bailey is the granddaughter of Christopher Camden, the ward of Theodore Camden. She isn't a real Camden but after finding a few old things of Theodore's and Sarah's in the basement of The Dakota, Bailey begins to wonder if she is a real Camden or not.

As the book progresess we see Sarah's life in New York come to life; she is tempted by the riches and handsome men and eventually, finds herself in deep trouble. The same goes for Bailey... as she is tempted by alcohol and drugs, she is trying to find herself in the city and come to terms with her true identity.

The book is slightly predictable on Bailey's part, however the final twist is pretty satisfying. However, when it comes to Sarah, things don't go as planned. You are follow the story, and are rooting for Sarah but her bumps along the way only strengthen her as a person. It's all very interesting how the two sides of the story come together.

"The Address" was a really great book. It was a little slow for my liking but it just reinforced how much I enjoy Fiona Davis' writing. It's poetic in a way, shows the struggles of modern and old timely woman and how similar life actually is as years pass. I love the way she incorporates history and how it tells it's own story, whether it's true or not.

I was never someone who liked historical fiction but the more I read it, the more I become intrigued. I already can't wait to read the next Fiona Davis book!

Have you read anything by Fiona Davis? What are your thoughts?
How is it July 2019 already? I feel like New Years was yesterday. It's such a weird feeling when time goes by really fast. Once July hits I feel like summer is over but this year, I feel like it's just getting started. There's still a lot of fun stuff to come -- baby birthdays, bridal showers, and engagement parties! There is so much to celebrate and I'm really excited.

I usually ramble on so hard during these monthly muse posts but I feel like I don't have too much to say so let's get straight into everything I was truly in love with this month. *I also don't have too many favorites, just a select few that I was obsessed with!

Slip Silk Eye Mask

I've been toying with the idea of buying one of the original silk eye masks from Slip. I love their hair scrunchies but $50 for an eye mask? It seemed like a lot but then I figured if I'm constantly buying cheap $15-20 eye masks then I mind as well invest in a good one. Plus, I was looking to purchase from Anthropologie and they have after Afterpay. I decided to go with the Hollywood Hills Palm Tree print because I'm super into palms because of summer and The Morning Toast. When I first touched the mask I don't think I ever experienced something so luxurious. The Slip Silk Eye Mask is so comfortable, so soft, and puts me right to sleep. I haven't used any other eye mask all month long because nothing feels quite right anymore. It covers my eyes perfectly, doesn't feel scratchy and really helps me fall asleep like nothing else ever has. If you love a sleeping eye mask and haven't tried Silk, you need to. It's the only eye mask I will use/purchase from now on.

Melys Illustrations Planner

When I got a new job back in April (that didn't work out if you haven't gotten the hint by all my weird, cryptic messaging) I wanted a new planner to keep at the office. I had been curious about the Melys Illustrations planners and this happened to be on massive sale since we were almost halfway through the year. I liked it for work and when I wasn't there anymore, I didn't know how to use it. That is until I stopped using my Erin Condren and figured I'd make do with this as an 'at home' planner. All I have to say is WOW. Having a huge planner like this with tons of space to write is life changing. I've never had a planner this big and now I don't think I can ever really go back. The paper is thick and perfect for writing, there is so much room to write without being overbearing, and I love the simplicity of it. There's nothing crazy going on aside from some cute illustrations at the beginning of every month and then some strewn across the pages. If you can't get your hands on this one whether it's now or at the start of 2020, I highly recommend a big planner if you love to write! 

Lancome x Chiara Ferragini Independent Woman

I have never followed Chiara Ferragini but have always been intrigued by her brand but mostly her eyelash logo. I knew she was coming out with a Lancome collection and when I saw it pop up on my Nordstrom app I took a look through all the items. When I saw the lipstick, I immediately purchased the shade "Independent Woman." I had heard great reviews about the L'Absolu Mademoiselle Shine Balm Lipstick so it was a no brainer purchase. The shade I chose is a classic mauve nude, a 'your lips but better' and I was so hyped to try it out. Well, I had no clue that I was going to fall in love and be obsessed. The formula melts into your lips, adds the most beautiful mixture of shine and color without being too glossy; it isn't sticky or hard to apply even though the formula is super soft. It is a cross between sheer and regular lipstick and can be applied without a mirror. It goes with EVERYTHING and has become my go-to purse lipstick. I cannot say enough good things about this color and formula!! The color is sold out on Nordstrom's website but the shade Flirty looks similar. If you can't get the Ferragini version, I recommend the formula in and of itself.

What did you love this month?

It seems that Essie is back for more astrology polishes and I couldn't be more excited about it! I did a review on their first Mercury in Retrograde collection last year and the polishes were good, but had to be built up to full intensity.

When I saw them post about the second edition, I was skeptical but the moment I saw this hot pink, glittery number I knew that I didn't care about if I had to apply 100 coats, I needed it.

This "Universe in Reverse" collection is available at Ulta and has two shades: Happy Medium which is the hot pink shade and Get a Psy-Kick Out of It which is a bright, vivid magenta but to me looks more purple. I felt that it looked too close to the first collection so I opted out of getting that one.

From the first moment I opened the bottle I knew that this formula was vastly different from the first. The brush was big and flat, just like all the other new Essie polishes but also the formula was a little thicker and I could tell it was going to be more opaque which is 100% is.

This polish acts like a normal polish, just with a lot more glitter which is really beautiful. It's not sheer, goopy, or weird, it's the ideal polish formula; I was good with two coats.

Happy Medium is a true hot pink with silver, blue, and lavendar flecks of glitter within it. It reflects really beautifully in the sun and is such a fabulous summer color. Even though there is glitter within the polish, I don't think it's going to be difficult to get off like other glitter polishes. I think it just has that look because it doesn't feel gritty to the touch.

It isn't a messy formula, didn't smear easily or chip within 24 hours... and it's just so pretty to look at!

I know I say it a lot but I think this is going to be worn heavily throughout the rest of the summer and honestly probably all year round; to me, the glitter makes it more wearable than just a regular hot pink polish.

If this collection has you intrigued, I highly recommend picking it up before it sells out. I'm very tempted to order the other shade to complete the foursome!

Will you be picking up this polish?