It's 8:15 PM on Thursday night and I'm watching Ronnie and baby mama Jenn fight on television. Ah, how we have grown from the Karma days. It's that time of the month and I feel like the wind has been knocked out of me. I feel like my legs are numb -- do any of you other ladies ever get that way? I just want to go to sleep, even if it's not even 9 PM yet.

Anyways... the long weekend is upon us and I'm so looking forward to it. I have a few things planned, lots of shopping, and fall decorating. Pumpkin Spice Lattes came back this week and I had two iced lattes. I just couldn't help myself! They are SO GOOD and I've waited so long for them to come back into my life.

For me, Fall starts on September 4th this year and even if it is 95 degrees, I will try to enjoy every moment of it.

Labor Day Weekend is one of the biggest shopping weekends of the year and I definitely have some sales I will be shopping. It's also perfect timing as the Sephora VIB Sale is happening this weekend too. I will be rounding up my picks and what I'm buying on Instagram today so make sure you're following me (username: @bribrilukes)

Keep reading for the sales I'll be shopping but for now, the links!

The Links I Loved

What You Missed on Royally Pink

Labor Day Sales I'm Shopping

This was not an easy month for Weight Watchers. I didn't meal prep/go to Trader Joe's as much, I traveled two weeks in a row and kind of went to hell with myself.

A few weeks ago I gained 4 pounds -- the most I've ever gained back since starting Weight Watchers over a year ago. In retrospect that isn't THAT bad because I've managed to keep basically all the weight I've lost in the year off, but seeing that 4-pound weight gain on the scale made me crazy.

I lost 1 of the 4 pounds and I'm hoping to clock in even less this week.

When I see the weight gain on the scale, I get physically ill. It's one of the reasons before going on Weight Watchers I never got on the scale. I didn't want to be defined by a number but going into this lifestyle I knew I had to be, sort of. I want to get down to a goal weight, I want to be able to say I lost x amount of weight. It makes me so incredibly happy and proud of myself because I know I accomplished something I never thought possible.

As we head into the Fall season, my favorite season of life, I know there is going to be a ton of temptation. Pumpkin everything, Thanksgiving, my birthday and Christmas sweets; this is when I went off track last year and I never really gained my momentum back. I am going to make a promise to myself to be strict with myself during the week and then allow myself some pumpkin treats on the weekend.

Another issue I'm experiencing is that I started dating and I'm going out to dinner every weekend. I want to enjoy my dinners and experience the delicious food without going overboard. I'm lucky that I've trained my body to not allow overindulgence of greasy, hearty foods and I usually end up taking most of my dinner home.

What I also figured out this month is that doing my pilates machine every day is the key. When I do pilates and eat pretty decently during the week that is when I lose my most weight. It's incredible that working out daily really makes a huge difference, even if I cheat a bit.

August was very rough but I'm hoping that my September is better!


The time has come! August is FINALLY over and I am so thrilled about this. Summer is done and we are onto fall.

August has always been one of my favorite months because it always meant the same thing: fall is on its way, my favorite time of year is just around the corner and August always meant back to school! To me, August is a fresh start and the beginning of something new. 

This summer was pretty good though -- I didn't do a ton and worked a lot but I had some good times with friends, and actually started dating someone so I spent a lot of time with him which is really nice. I mentioned this last week and who knows, I may dive in deeper but for now, I'm keeping it lowkey!

Last week I bought my first set of Fall candles and I know that Starbucks is releasing Pumpkin Spice Lattes this week. I haven't decided if I'll buy one or if I will wait for after Labor Day (my usual PSL timeline). I know I will be waiting until next week to burn my Fall candles and break out all things pumpkin! 

I had a few favorites this month despite the fact that I did a crapload of shopping ...

1. Tory Burch Fleming Shoulder Bag: I've been talking and thinking about this bag for years but haven't seriously considered it until about 6 months ago. I eyed them up on all different retailers but couldn't justify $500 for a Tory Burch bag. I turned to my favorite preloved websites, eBay and Poshmark and finally found a decent one with minimal wear on eBay and purchased it immediately. It was under $200 and I am just in love. I haven't been using any other bag (aside from my work bags) and I cannot get enough. Full review coming soon but I had to include it because it is such an amazing bag.

2. Bath and Body Works "Focus" Candle: I've been waiting to burn this candle for months, I'm not sure why, but I finally took the plunge this month and oh my goodness, it's an amazing candle. It is meant to make you feel more 'focused' so I moved it to my desk and have been burning it when I have to get a lot of work done and it's probably a placebo effect but I feel like it works. It has a great aromatherapy smell and makes me feel so good. It's a candle I will definitely repurchase and feel comfortable burning all year round.

3. Laura Geller Filter First Luminous Foundation: I'm unsure if I mentioned this but it's been my favorite foundation this month. It was released in early July but I've been really diving into it in August and it's amazing. It feels so incredibly lightweight on the skin, has decent medium-full coverage and has a gorgeously, natural luminous finish. I don't really wear foundation in the summer but I actually have been making excuses to apply this!

4. Lilly Pulitzer Medium Agenda: This is the first time I ever purchased a medium agenda and I don't think I'll ever go back! It's so compact and lighter than the larger Lilly agendas but still, have so much room to write comfortably. I love August for the sole reason that I have a fresh planner to ruin and this month has been no different. I've become obsessed with my Lilly agenda and it's a true lifesaver -- I remember why I have purchased so many in the past. 

What were your favorites this month?
I mentioned a few weeks ago that I have been obsessed with all things pink and that is including my nails.

I am definitely in the midst of transitioning my entire life to the Fall season but I'm not yet ready to stop wearing bright nail colors.

What inspired this post is one of my favorite Essie colors, Haute in the Heat. It's the ideal summer nail color because it's the perfect hot pink with almost a raspberry tint to it. I've been wearing it nonstop and I was just feeling it this week.

The formula is a really good one in the fact that it applies really beautifully and evenly. The formula isn't great in the fact that it's one of the ones that easily chip.

Below are a few other pink colors that I've been loving to rock on my nails this week.

Boy, what a week! I got home from QVC Wednesday morning and was truly so exhausted. I left work early and then it was a jam-packed Thursday, but now I am just beat. I didn't feel so hot while I was working 48 hours straight and felt super sick so I'm excited that I have today off to relax and catch up on rest.

All of that exhaustion and work is the reasoning I only got two blog posts up this week, both which were prewritten. I have a fun, busy weekend head of me so I'm hoping that I will have some more time to plan content and write.

There's also so much stuff going on with the blog and freelancing -- I'm so excited for all of it.

I feel like I don't have too much else to talk about so I'll get right into my links.

What You Missed on Royally Pink:

What I Bought/Loved This Week

  • I want to start off with Jaclyn Johnson's book, "Work Party". She is the CEO and founder of Create + Cultivate, an incredible lifestyle/career website that puts on fab events for women. I've had this date on my calendar since the book was announced and I got it in the mail yesterday. I cannot wait to jump into it so expect a Book Review Wednesaday soon! 

Have a great weekend everyone!
I mentioned it a few weeks ago that I was in the midst of a full blown Lilly Pulitzer obsession. I even wrote a blog post about my favorite new arrivals.

 My love for the colorful brand was reignited by the purchase of my planner and my Swell Bottle. Ever since I have purchased so many preloved Lilly items, bought a new dress, and have been pulling out my older Lilly Pulitzer phone cases.

There is something that makes me so happy about the bright prints and funky patterns. When I look at my collection and inside my handbags and see all the bright pink accessories, it just puts a huge smile on my face.

I wanted to talk about my current Lilly favorites that I simply cannot get enough of recently! Some are old, some are new, some are preloved...

1. Agenda: This was the first year I purchased the medium agenda and it's been such a game changer. There is still a ton of room for me to write and feel comfortable but it's not too heavy and doesn't take up a ton of room in my bag. I chose a bright pink pattern and I've been loving it so much! My full Royally Planned post can be found here.

2. Swell Bottle: When I heard the Swell Bottles were coming back this summer after they sold out crazy fast last year, I was ready to tackle the checkout process. I set an alarm for it and purchase mine within a few seconds on the Lilly app. I was so nervous about them selling out but they are still available!! I've had a Swell bottle before and hated it (I think I got a knockoff from Amazon) but my Lilly one has been amazing. It's not too heavy, keeps my water cold all day, even when it's in a hot car, and it truly a bright spot day in and day out. I've tried a lot of water bottles over the years but I'm confident that this one is my favorite! For reference, I purchased the 17oz bottle in the Seasalt Blue Swell Shell We Dance print.

3. Neck Pillow: For some odd reason I got it in my head that I needed a neck pillow. I wanted one to use while I'm laying in bed, watching TV and reading. The way I usually hold my head was getting uncomfortable and I just felt like a neck pillow would help. Well, when I was on my Lilly Pulitzer pre-love kick, I saw the neck pillow which you can usually find as a GWP during Black Friday or other big holiday weekends, and I jumped at it. I am so thrilled with the purchase and it's been such a big help when I'm relaxing in bed. Plus, the print is ideal Lilly and so beautiful and fun!

4. Tech Cases: I've had Lilly phone cases for a while but haven't gotten a lot of use out of them for a while. This kick brought them back out and I've been loving them, for the same reason I love all these Lilly items -- the colors are fun and make me so happy. I've also been using my Lilly laptop case which I got as a Black Friday GWP a few years ago; I tried getting a new Kate Spade laptop case but it didn't work out so I figured I'd stick with Lilly and it's been working out great. I also purchased a new iPad case in my favorite Tusk in Sun print and that's been a lifesaver. *I've been having a hard time finding iPad cases so this has been awesome*

Below are a few items that are currently on my Lilly wishlist-- hopefully I can buy them and review for you soon!

One of the most commonly asked questions that the public wants to know about bloggers is how do they make money?

I can only speak from experience but I make money through sponsored campaigns and affiliate links/networks. I feel like sponsored campaigns are a little more straightforward than affiliate links, which is why I'm going to talk about the affiliate links and networks.

An affiliate link is when a blogger creates a unique link through their affiliate network (the most commonly used ones are ShopStyle Collective & RewardStyle aka LikeToKnowIt). Whenever someone clicks that link or makes a purchase through that link, the blogger gets a small commission.

I've been part of Shopstyle Collective for as long as I could remember as it was much easier to get accepted than RewardStyle. I never really understood ShopStyle and how affiliate links worked so I never really bothered to use them. Also, you don't make a huge commission -- I make a few cents every click and for a smaller blogger like myself, it takes time to build up the money in your account. However, I do still find it useful and the more I use it, the more money I do make.

For the past few years, I educated myself and now use them daily; Whenever I talk about something I do use affiliate links and that's stated on my 'networks' page. I saw that affiliate links were good ways to make some extra cash but also see what my readers respond best too. I can see on my dashboard what YOU click on and what you purchase from my links, and it's so interesting to see what brands you genuinely like to hear about.

It helps me create content and understand YOUR buying habits & favorite brands

Another way to create affilate links is if you join an affilate network. Some brands have their own affilate network where they accept bloggers/influencers and provide them with exclusive links, banners, and deals to promote to their followers. In turn, you earn a commission on those clicks and purchases as well. I used to be part of a lot of networks but didn't really undestand how it worked, therefore I never used those links.

Within the past month or so, I did more research and discovered a great network, Pepperjam, that is easy to use and had great companies that I really liked. I haven't used any of those links yet but I do want to take a deeper dive into them.

So basically, the rundown of affiliate links & networks is an easy, passive way for bloggers to make a small income and better understand the buying habits of their readers.

Do you have any other questions about affiliate links and networks?
This is a few days late, mostly because I haven't had a moment of downtime since Friday afternoon. I was planning on getting some stuff done on Friday night but then was hit with the worst ovulation pains. Has anyone ever experienced that? About two weeks before your period, you start ovulating and the pain feels worst than any period cramps I've ever had.

This never happened to me when I was younger but the pain started coming like clockwork about 6-8 months ago. I knew what it was because my sister used to have such bad ovulation pains that she went to the hospital when she was younger. It's terrible!

I was debilitated all Friday night, and then yesterday had my cousins' baby shower and a date last night (yes, a date -- maybe I'll share more soon but for now, I'm tight-lipped!) so I just haven't had a moment to myself.

Earlier in the week, if you follow me on social media, you'll know that I was in Miami for a work trip. I was supposed to come home Tuesday afternoon but because it was raining here in NYC, our flight was delayed and rebooked for Wednesday at 7 AM. I've never had a flight delayed so I was beside myself but once we realized we were going to be staying in Miami for one more night, I calmed down.

I went back to my hotel room (they upgraded us to a 1 bedroom suite which was amazing) and worked for hours, watched Bachelor in Paradise and ordered room service. I woke up at 4 AM the next morning and was home by 11 AM. It was nice to have an early flight to get home and be able to work and have the entire day.

It was a whirlwind week and I am finally catching up to realizing what day/time it is.

Tomorrow I had down to QVC for work and I'm there till Wednesday so it'll be a hectic week -- bare with me!

I seem to be in a bit of a writer's rut and my editorial calendar is totally blank for the next few weeks. I need to do some soul searching/topic searching because I'm just at a standstill... even though I feel like I've been doing pretty good at taking Royally Pink more seriously.

We'll see!

Here are the links I loved this week... 

What You Missed on Royally Pink

A new topic I'm introducing this week... everything I bought and I'm loving! 

Have a great Sunday everyone!

I never considered myself odd, strange, or weird. I always felt like I was pretty normal and I was fine with it. However, as I got older and met new people from different walks of life, I realized that maybe I wasn't so normal.

My college friends, specifically, always like to tell me I'm odd and a little strange. My mom has even caught on the bandwagon and I realize that yes, I have weird ticks and rules that make me a little stranger than your average 25-year-old.

Today, I wanted to share a few of my weird habits and facts to give you more insight into who I am. If you've been reading Royally Pink for a while you've seen me go through a lot of changes and get real with you about a lot of things from my stress and anxiety to the death of my father and just daily struggles.

With this new feeling of inspiration for Royally Pink, I want to take you a step further and really show you who I am, and be totally real.

Let's start today... 

1. I'm scared of salad: Please, I know this is RIDICULOUS but I can't help it. Salad freaks me out. I hate when people are around me eating it, I hate looking at it and I won't even clean a plate that has had salad on it. It really sucks because it's all my sister eats and I have to have her put it on the opposite side of the table at dinner. I hate the smell of it, look of it, and the sound of it. UGH.

2. I have never eaten vegetables: I might've mentioned this in the past six years but it is a weird fact about me. Aside from cauliflower (which I love), fried eggplant and zucchini, I don't eat vegetables. I have never even eaten any vegetables because I have the same reaction I have to a salad. They just kind of freak me out. I find ways around it but yeah, it's a weird thing about me.

3. I have an obsessive personality: When I was younger I always went through phases where I would find something I loved and then have to gather every piece of information on it. For example, when I started watching General Hospital in 2006, I went back to Wikipedia and Youtube and watched/read everything starting from the beginning of GH, which was 1963. At the end of my obsession, I knew more about General Hospital than my mom and her friend who has been watching since they were in their teens. When I love something, I go full in and need to know everything about it.

4. The floor calms me: This started in college and has continued until now. Whenever I was really stressed out I would just throw myself on the floor. I'd stare up at the ceiling, or have my face in the carpet and just take a few deep breaths. It really helped calm my nerves and ever since, whenever I'm feeling crazed I sit on the floor. When I'm having a panic attack I have to sit on the floor in a cool room, not on my bed.

I know I have more weird facts about me but lately, these are the ones that have been on my mind!

What are your weird facts?
For the past few months I have been unimpressed with Kate Spade's new collections. If you didn't know, Kate Spade releases a new collection every month and because I pay attention so closely to the brand, I could pinpoint the exact day when the new arrivals will come up on the website. 

I never said I was normal.

Usually during the summer I steer away from Kate Spade because their collections from June-August never really intrigue me. I think I'm just so drawn to the fall & winter seasons that whenever something is summer themed, I want no part of it.

At the beginning of August, Kate Spade released the start of their Fall 2018 collection and I have fallen in love with so many things. Surprisngly, I didn't love any of the handbags but more of the jewelry, accessories, and athleisure.

There is so much athleisure in Kate Spade's new arrivals and I'm obsessed with it all. UGH I love athleisure and will probably do more posts on it for the Fall.

Below are all the Kate Spade new arrivals that are currently on my wishlist! 

If you didn't know, I have a Youtube channel and I've been posting (consistently????) for the past year. Over there, I talk more about handbags than anything else and the peeps who subscribe have been asking for a handbag collection video.

So last weekend, without any makeup on, because I was lazy, I filmed a very long, obnoxious handbag collection and realized I have over 30 handbags. I need so much help.

You've seen a lot of my handbags on the blog but recently I've sold a lot and gotten new ones so this is the most updated collection.

If you aren't subscribed to my channel, do that now ;)

This was an odd week because I only worked 2 days. I called in sick on Monday, was off on Wednesday for a doctor's appointment, and then had a Summer Friday today.

It's going to be an interesting two weeks because I go to Florida on Monday until Tuesday afternoon for work and then it's back in the office. Then, the week after I go to QVC for 3 days for my semi-annual trip. It's going to be a whirlwind and so far, I'm not nervous/anxious.

I don't think too much happened this week otherwise, I can't really think but I guess it wasn't too important anyways LOL

Here are my links I loved this week: 

Have a great weekend!

New York has been experiencing a heat wave the past 2-3 weeks and it's starting to get on my nerves. I was good at first; I felt like the summer and warm weather was refreshing. I wasn't hot too often and didn't feel the need to complain or stress about the heat -- it was a really nice change of pace for me.

However, once Mother Nature felt the tides turning and knew August was on its way, she geared up and changed course. It has been incredibly hot the past few weeks and especially the last 4-5 days. It is pretty unbearable and the city has issues heat advisories almost every day.

It's really bad out there, folks, and doesn't seem to be getting better.

That being said, I've taken my already minimal summer makeup down a notch. I am going almost bare face every day at work because the walk to the subway as well as standing on the subway platform does nothing for my makeup.

I figured with one month left of summer and who knows how much hot weather left, I'd share my current, very short summer makeup routine.

Quick, Easy Summer Makeup

1. Nudestix Tinted Blur Stick: I talked about this in my July favorites but I wear this pretty much every day -- without primer (the HORROR) and it keeps me nice and matte, provides a little coverage and feels light on the skin. It's not as heavy as a regular stick foundation and has a silicone feel, which lends itself to the matte feeling. It's the ultimate summer companion and I'm very grateful for it.

2. Clea De Peau Concealer: I've raved about this concealer before but it's my summer must-have. The last thing I want to do is blend in a liquid concealer that is going to melt off my skin the moment I step foot outside. I opt for my full coverage cream concealer that can easily be blended out with your finger and used almost like a foundation because it's that full coverage. It also stays put (most of the time) all day so that's a definite plus.

3. LashBOSS or Rollerlash Mascara: These have been my favorite mascaras for a long time and they're my summer favorites at the moment. I switch between them on a daily basis and really like them both the same. LashBOSS provides more lengthening and volume while Rollerlash is great at separating but honestly, they both are similar and I'm obsessed. They aren't waterproof but I don't experience any smudging with either one.

4. Lipstick or gloss: Matte lipstick is a no-no for me during a heatwave so I opt for a balm,  gloss or lipstick. Below are a few of the favorites that I've been alternating between.

Honorable Mentions:

If I want to keep everything super simple but want a little more 'oomph' I'll add cream blush and/or highlight. Below are my must-haves and I can't get enough!

What is your current makeup routine?

I am writing this while watching Bachelor in Paradise so excuse me if it seems a little strange. I am really pumped up for this season...

That's a different post for a different day. Today I want to talk about the latest book I just finished reading, "The Subway Girls".

This was a novel I got to read before it was published thanks to NetGalley. It was published on July 10th so almost exactly a month ago and I just finished it... it was really good.

The Summary

In 1949, dutiful and ambitious Charlotte's dream of a career in advertising is shattered when her father demands she help out with the family business. Meanwhile, Charlotte is swept into the glamorous world of the Miss Subways beauty contest, which promises irresistible opportunities with its Park Avenue luster and local fame status. But when her new friend―the intriguing and gorgeous fellow-participant Rose―does something unforgivable, Charlotte must make a heart-wrenching decision that will change the lives of those around her forever.

Nearly 70 years later, outspoken advertising executive Olivia is pitching the NYC subways account in the last ditch effort to save her job at an advertising agency. When the charismatic boss she’s secretly in love with pits her against her misogynistic nemesis, Olivia’s urgent search for the winning strategy leads her to the historic Miss Subways campaign. As the pitch date closes in on her, Olivia finds herself dealing with a broken heart, an unlikely new love interest, and an unexpected personal connection to Miss Subways that could save her job―and her future.

My Review

So, this book goes back and forth between the past and present, and of course, has that interlocking moment. 

At first, I was a little confused and I couldn't really get where the story was going. It started off with Charlotte, set in the 1940s and it was a little confusing. However, after a few chapters, I was able to follow things a little more clearly. 

After that, the book flowed very nicely and it was super easy to understand and get invested in the book.

I loved the contrast between the 1940s and the present day; to see Charlotte struggle to prove herself as a career woman to her father was so interesting because that isn't something Olivia had to deal with. However, Olivia did have to deal with other sexist behavior and in turn, you see that neither is the ideal situation and both have strong similarities. 

As you continue to read the novel, you see how Charlotte and Olivia's stories eventually meet in the middle and that's where it gets very interesting.

About more than halfway through, you kind of pick up on the twist that is coming but it was so well thought out, it kind of took me by surprise.

I wouldn't say this is a thrilling novel -- it's a typical historical fiction/romance/girl power story. I don't even know what genre I would put this in because it was very unique. 

The writing and character development was good but could've been better -- I felt like I had a lot of unanswered questions at the end but sometimes there are questions that don't need an answer. 

The ending of the book was very satisfying and I loved how everything turned out -- except maybe some of Charlotte's story. You'll see what I mean when you read it...

I think this book will satisfy a lot of people and is an easy, quick read. It's a book that I think everyone could find something to like about it and it was interesting, especially because it's sort of based on a true story.

I loved this book and felt good at the end of it.

Will you be picking up The Subway Girls?
If you weren't aware, my favorite color is pink. I mean, I named my blog after it. Ever since I could remember I felt so drawn to the color pink. I don't think it's because it's a classic 'girl color', I think it's because it's so beautiful and there are so many different verisons of it.

Why I love it

Pink makes me feel so powerful and it makes me incredibly happy. Whenever I have something pink in my possession, I feel like I can do anything. I am so connected to the color pink...

I do go in and out of phases with what I like and don't like, but I have been in a very pink mood. I want everything pink, I want to be dripping in pink -- and I figured I'd share that obsession with you today.

My Favorite Pink Products

1. Lilly Pulitzer Planner: I have such a love of this planner it's insane. I've been using it for a little over a week and it's just as perfect as I remembered. I love looking at the pink color everyday, and I love how there are swirls of pink throughout it. It makes me so happy.

2. Minted Sugar Planner Inserts: I've been using these inserts for a while now and I just got new ones -- they're just so nice. I buy them for my Louis Vuitton MM Agenda and they are so pretty. I buy the regular notebook inserts as well as the weekly calendar. Minted Sugar has some of the best planner inserts I've seen and they're so worth it.

3. Barbie Moleskin Notebook: I've had this notebook for a while and didn't know what to use it for. As most little girls did, I loved Barbie when I was younger and as I've gotten older I've been nostaglic  for Barbie. I won't wax poetic about it but I just think Barbie is incredible. To celebrate the anniversary of Barbie, Moleskin released a line of notebooks; the moment I saw these notebooks, I got one. I wasn't in the market for a new notebook but I just had to have it. As I said before, I haven't done anything with it until I was ready to get serious about the blog and I made it my new blog notebook. It's perfect because it's obviously pink, and a nice, big notebook to write down all my aspirations and ideas. There are still other Barbie notebooks available and I think I need to add them to my collection. 

4. Marc Jacobs East West Logo Tote: This is what really inspired this post and honestly, I don't know if I've ever loved a bag more (I think I say that about every new bag). I will do a handbag review on this bag but it's a great work tote and small enough to be used everyday. It's a gorgeous hot pink and makes me feel like such a badass. I've been wanting a pink bag for so long and this was an incredible choice. It is beautiful and a huge favorite of mine!

5. Tory Burch Wallet: I've been in the market of a new full size wallet for a while but I couldn't find one that I liked. I decided I wanted to try a Tory Burch wallet and after so much consideration and searching, I decided on a pre-loved Tory Burch pink wallet and I've been loving it! I almost want to use it as decor instead of actually using it. It's an epic hot pink and just the sight of it makes me so happy.

Shop below for more of my pink favorites! 

I've talked many times how much I love Kylie Lip Kits and I wrote a blog post 2 years ago about my favorite colors in the lip kits. They are my favorite liquid lipsticks and the only ones I wear; I swear by the formula because they are super long lasting but I don't really think they are drying. I have tried many more drying liquid lipsticks.

While the liquid lipstick trend has since died down from the start of Kylie Cosmetics, they are still my favorite products from her.

Everyone has their opinion on Kylie Cosmetics and the Kardashian/Jenner clan and some might not enjoy Kylie Cosmetics for the sole reason that Kylie Jenner owns it. I think she is badass and so cool and the fact that she has built this cosmetics company is insane. I love the Kardashians and will forever keep up with them.

I wanted to do a Brand Buzz because I've tried so many different items from Kylie Cosmetics and I figured it was ready. I was going to wait to do this post once I tried the concealers (which is crazy that I haven't yet since concealers are my favorite beauty product) but I'll just do another post when that time comes.

I also figured it would be appropriate to do this post since Kylie's 21st birthday collection launches at 3 PM PST today! 

For now, here are my current favorites and items I would repurchase from Kylie Cosmetics.

1. Twenty Lip Kit: I'm pretty sure I mentioned this lipstick before but I cannot get enough. It was released for Kylie's 20th birthday last year and I have it in that special packaging. I'm so thankful she made it permanent because it is my all time favorite lip color. Kylie describes it as a mid-tone rose brown and that is the perfect description. It's your lips but better color and a splash deeper. Also, I feel like the formula on this is extra good. It's a little creamier and easier to apply than my other lip kit shades. I highly recommend this shade to everyone -- it's my go-to for fall and I can't wait to rock it again.

2. Kristen Lip Kit: I scored this reddish lipstick within the past few months and it's gorgeous. When you want a red lip but don't want to go overboard, Kristen is the perfect shade. It's classified as a warm, reddy brown and I love that description. It's a color you can wear all year round and I've been wearing it a lot more than any other red lipstick this season.

3. Koko Lip Kit: I don't think I mentioned this in my last Kylie post but Koko is my favorite color next to Twenty. It's the perfect pink that leans a little nude and it compliments any makeup look. If I want to rock a liquid lipstick but not feeling bold, Koko is my go to. I've repurchased it twice so far so you know it's my favorite!

4. Vacation Palette: This palette was released last summer and it was one of Kylie's first bigger palettes. I never picked it up and then it went out of stock forever and I lost my chance. At the beginning of the summer, it came back on Kylie's website and there was a promotion going on so I got this palette discounted (Kylie has been doing a lot of promos and sales recently which is great because she never used to do them at the beginning). I have fallen head over heels for this palette! The formula is great -- better than her other eyeshadow palettes and while the colors are very similar, you could really do a lot with it. When I don't know which eyeshadow palette to use, I use this. It is the perfect summer palette and does have a few deeper shades to take you through the colder seasons. I am obsessed with this palette!

5. Creme Lipstick: I was so excited when Kylie launched her Creme lipsticks and wow, they are incredible. They are probably the creamiest lipsticks I've ever used in my life, which is great because my lips are always dry. I have the shade Dulce de Leche and also the Kris Jenner shade ''Give Me a Kiss" and both are so beautiful. I'm obsessed and need the deeper shades for Fall.

*I keep referencing Fall because I am clearly excited.

A few honorable mention liquid lipsticks are Ginger, Brown Sugar, and One Wish.

I do have a Kylie wishlist so I might do that as another post so you can see what I'm eyeing!

Do you like Kylie Cosmetics? Would you try something from her?
This was a long one, folks! It was stressful, hectic and just insane -- I'm happy it's over. I know this weekend is going to fly by though and I will feel just as crazed on Monday morning. However, I will do my best to be present and not get ahead of myself. It's one of my biggest problems, really.

This week was also inspirational in a sense; I mentioned it last week but I have really been feeling Lilly Pulitzer lately. I always go through these phases when I become obsessed with different retailers, brands etc. I go through it a lot with Kate Spade, I recently went through it with Henri Bendel and now I'm back at where it started, Lilly Pulitzer.

If you've been reading the blog for a while, you know how much I loved Lilly back in the day but after college, it kind of took a backseat. Now, I'm back at square one and obsessed with all things color!

I purchased so many pre-loved Lilly Pulitzer things from Poshmark this week and ordered this dress (which already arrived and I'm obsessed). It has definitely been a highlight of the week and has kept me feeling happy.

It was National Planner Day this week and we all can officially use our Lilly agendas! 

 I will definitely do a follow-up post/video on what I got but I also definitely need to slow down my spending. More on that to come...

For now, let's get into my favorites of the week! 

What You Missed on Royally Pink This Week

Have a great weekend everyone!
About 2 years ago I saw the news that actor, Patton Oswalt's wife, Michelle McNamara, died in her sleep. I only knew Oswalt from a few roles but it was still sad that he had lost his wife. I remember reading that she was working on a true crime novel and it would probably be released postumously.

Fast forward to earlier this year and headlines around the world stated that California authorities had captured the Golden State Killer -- the serial killer/rapist that McNamara had become obsessed with and written her novel about.

The term 'Golden State Killer' was coined by McNamara so everyone knew that her impact was far and wide... and I'm sure had something to do with the capture of this criminal.

After I saw that the killer was captured, I became very intrigiued with the case and immediately purchased 'I'll Be Gone in the Dark' on Audible -- the book that Michelle McNamara wrote and was updated by her husband and another writer after her death.

Just a few chapters in and I was hooked on this case. It could have something to do with the narrator's voice, or the fact that you could feel Michelle's passion for this case... her obsession and it was so interesting. It was also very eerie listening to it, knowing that Michelle had died and knowing that authorities had just caught the Golden State Killer.

She takes you from start to finish of the first murder to the last and gives so much detail you almost feel like she was there. McNamara also throws in her own commentary about how she would stay up late researching the case and was just enthralled in this world. She searched online for auctions where the killer might be selling one of his 'trophies' and was just obsessed with finding out the who and why of these murders and rapes.

It was an incredible book -- like one, long true crime podcast.

If my memory serves me correct, I don't think I've ever read a memoir type of book about an actual true crime case. I've listened to my share fair of true crimbe podcasts and fictional novels but never a book on something real. I'm so glad this was my first one because it was a very interesting and long case with a seperate little story woven into it.

It was a wonderfully written book and it was really cool to almost see it come to life in real time as the Golden State Killer was captured. If you're someone who is obsessed with true crime, this is a no brainer for your next read!

What are you reading this Wednesday?