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Showing posts from November, 2017

25th Birthday Giveaway

Today is my last day of being 24 years old. I'm leaving my early twenties tomorrow and heading straight through into my mid-twenties.  I almost don't even want to admit how scared I really am because it sounds silly, but I've been in the middle of a quarter-life crisis since I was 20 years old and now that…

Monthly Muse: November Favorites

This month went by in a blur but also very slowly. It was a rough month for some personal reasons but also a happy one because 1) the weather got cold, 2) Thanksgiving, 3) I turn 25 in two days. November is definitely my 2nd favorite month (October being the first) so I was happy to have it pass by a little more slo…

Black Friday Deals I'll Be Shopping

I'm currently sitting on my couch with my aunt, uncle, & mom, watching Football and awaiting for the appriporate time to eat leftovers. I was going to blog Wednesday & yesterday but just didn't have the time. I was cooking and baking and had to run errands, and I was just exhausted by the end of it. …

Royal Recipes: Weight Watchers Biscuits

As I mentioned last week, I love sweets and carbs so trying to distance myself from all my favorite breakfast foods while I'm on Weight Watchers was going to be an issue. I searched Pinterest high & low for breakfast recipes that would satisfy my hearty carb craving and when I stumbled upon these easy to mak…

Holiday Beauty Launches: Fall/Winter 2017

I didn't realize it until I started working in the beauty industry but in retail, the holiday season starts at the end of September and that is usually when you start seeing all the beauty companies putting out their holiday sets. It can be very overwhelming to log onto the New Arrivals section of Sephora and Ul…

Beauty 101: How To Have Healthy Hair in the Fall & Winter

Last week in New York we had a huge cold front. It was super weird because it felt like December weather, not early November. I've mentioned it here before and I'm sure you're not blind to it either: the weather has been wild and it's wrecking havoc on all parts of me: my health, my routine, my skin an…

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 40

We are two weeks away from Thanksgiving and it is the one thing that is keeping me going! I am so excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas I almost feel overwhelmed. There are so many things I want to do,  so many ways I want to decorate and so many things I want to bake -- it just feels like I can't do it all. Th…

Royal Recipes (and story time): Weight Watchers 1 Point Cupcakes

I used to have something on the blog a few years ago called Recipe Wednesday where I shared the latest recipes I was trying out. Also, have you noticed how much I love having a series on Wednesdays? i.e Wishlist Wednesdays, Book Review Wednesday... I guess I just love Wednesdays! Well, now I changed the series bec…

Monthly Muse: October 2017 Favorites

This post is a little past due because of my personal stuff that happened last week. A little update on the robbery... the police are going to be looking further into it because it's something that's been going on in my otherwise safe neighborhood. Unfortunately, my insurance company doesn't cover stolen…

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 39

Happy Friday! This week went by very fast but then Thursday came and it felt like it was moving at a glacial pace.  Does getting robbed make the days move faster? I feel like it does... Yes, if you missed Tuesday's post, my bag was robbed from my car. It had everything but the kitchen sink in it and I was p…