April is TOMORROW and it's Friday! What a time to be alive! I'm currently sitting in bed on a rainy Friday morning in New York. No work for me since I have to go to the oral surgeon to see about my wisdom teeth -- that is NOT how I want to spend my Friday but at least I get to lounge around in bed.

I'm christening my Godson this weekend and I'm so excited, other than that, it's a lowkey weekend for your girl and she couldn't be more excited. I want to do a lot of writing, planning, and other nonsense. We'll see how that goes!

I've been on a huge handbag kick lately -- lusting and buying so look out for lots of handbag reviews within the next few weeks. I feel like I've never truly reviewed a bag, just always include them in roundup posts so I'm going to start dedicating posts to all my bags!

I hope you all had a lovely week and an even better weekend, let's get into what I loved this week!

Happy Friday!
I went on a book buying binge before putting my Audible subscription on hold a few months ago. I wasn't in the mood for books and I had been listening to my podcasts on the commute to and from work, so I thought putting the subscription on hold was for the best.

One of the books I purchased before putting the freeze on my account was The Girl Before by JP Delaney. It's in that suspense/thriller genre (my favorite obviously!) and boy was this a doozy.

The book is the classic "goes back and forth to past and present" and is narrated by two women, Emma and Jane. The premises is surrounded around the idea of living a minimalist life in a house created by a famous architect.

The house is One Folgate Street and is a special kind of house with a lot of rules. If you don't follow the rules, there are problems, as one will find out.

book review-book review wednesday-royally pink

That is a very vague description and I can't describe the book properly without giving a lot of detail away, so read the description on Amazon (*you can head to the "Favorite Book" category page in my navigation bar to shop my favorite books!)

I'll get right to my review...

I loved this book! It was so different from everything else I've read and reviewed on the blog. It had a deeper meaning than just being a mystery novel. It was about examining your life when something bad happens to you and dealing with it in a way that suits you. What lengths are you willingly to go to feel safe?

It's also the kind of book that will throw you for twists and turns; you think one thing but then something different happens. I will say though, I knew who committed whatever crime/mystery a little less than half way through the book. I think I've just gotten good at figuring out what the writers are thinking.

This was an easy, quick yet interesting read and I think it's a book that would be a great listen instead of read! A perfect one for your first, free Audible book *if you haven't checked it out yet*

What is on your reading list?
I've been talking about BrunchCon since I purchased tickets at the beginning of February. When I heard the words Brunch & Con together I knew I wanted to go but I didn't think I actually go. It felt like the type of event I thought about going to but never would; it was not the case this time!

My big and I (big sister in my sorority) purchased our tickets on a whim after G-Chatting her at work saying we should get them before they sold out. This was a Tuesday... they were sold out by Thursday.

I'd been counting down the days, getting all my brunch stuff ready, and just couldn't wait to be in my element with all the other basic bitches in Manhattan.

I don't know what I was expecting from BrunchCon but I just knew it would be a day of eating and drinking and lots of brunch fun.

BrunchCon NYC took place in downtown Brooklyn at the Grand Prospect Hall. It's a catering hall that was decorated so incredibly gaudy (extravagantly bright or showy, typically so as to be tasteless) to the point where it almost seemed ironic.

YOOOO These donuts were so GOOOOOOOOOD

I arrived at Grand Prospect Hall around 10:40 and my big was already on line. We were in the doors by 11, which is exactly what we were told. 

We waited on a few lines and were then checked in, handed 1 plate, 1 fork, 1 knife, and 1 champagne flute to last us the entire day. I thought this was really weird -- how am I expected to carry these things around while trying to enjoy myself and take photos? It just put me off a bit.

We checked our coats and went upstairs to the main room where all the vendors were. The way this was laid out was that there were different sections with different vendors. Once you went into a section you tasted all the vendors; once you were out, you couldn't go back in. BrunchCon officials were checking off your sections as you entered so you couldn't go back in once you were done.

We were able to go to every vendor and I wouldn't say I was disappointed, but almost confused. All the vendors were just giving out tastings of their food, no where near full size food. Maybe it was just me being naive but I was expecting bigger portions. 

There was everything from donuts to nachos to pastries to mac & cheese. I will say there was some food I didn't taste and vendors we skipped because they just weren't up to our liking. 

My favorite foods were: cheddar stuffed sausage from The Vanderbilt, biscuits from Butter & Scotch, cold brew coffee from Cafe Grumpy , and empanadas from a place I CANNOT REMEMBER! 

I had 2 delicious mimosas from the Mimosa Bar, a Margarita, a DELICIOUS cocktail from St. Germain Liquor, and a classic Moscato Spritzer from Barefoot. I had a nice buzz going on and honestly was full by the time I left but it could've been that I had just mixed too much liquor LOL

There was supposed to be a speed dating event and a hangover lounge but I did not see either of these things; also, it was incredibly messy. There was garbage EVERYWHERE; on the floor, on tables, on food vendors' tables. It was kind of gross. 

I personally had a good time; the lines were long but I didn't feel like I was really waiting in line because you basically just ate your way through the lines. It was crowded but I've been to GenBeauty and other conventions and they're just as crowded -- that's what happens at these things.

The reviews online about BrunchCon are HORRIBLE. Literally, if you're part of the Facebook group event, you'll see people ripping them apart. I do agree with almost everything they're saying; it wasn't organized enough, the trash pile up was gross, there wasn't enough alcohol, and I thought the portions were a joke. I still enjoyed myself though and stayed until the end. I had fun with my big and talked to a few people about what food and drinks they were enjoying. 

I personally don't think it was a disaster like others are saying online but it had it moments; I wouldn't  buy a ticket for next year and I don't know if I can honestly recommend the event. I had a good time but knowing what I know now, I'm not sure if it was worth a $55 ticket.

*I don't like doing bad reviews but I was planning on doing this post despite whether I had a grand ole time or not so here we are!

*I did find my new favorite coffee -- the Cafe Grumpy Cold Brew was so delicious I need to take stock in bottles!

Have you been to a BrunchCon? Were any of you there on Sunday? Let me know in the comments!

This weekend I took a trip back to my college town and just like all the other trips before, since I graduated in 2014, it felt like no time has passed.

My sorority hosted an alumnae brunch so I got to see my friends as well as meet some of the younger, new girls in the sorority. It was so great being in our local bar, surrounded by different generations of Phi Sigma Sigma ladies. Seeing the sorority grow yet remain the same is so cool and so weird.

I pledged my sorority back in 2011, as a college sophomore. I didn't have the greatest freshmen year and was rejected from the sororities in the spring semester. I was counting on a bid from one of the organizations on campus because I had such a tough time making friends. When that wasn't the case, I considered transferring.

I didn't want to be at college without a sorority, I felt like that made the college experience; I'm not saying you CAN'T be at college without Greek life because you 100% can. I have a lot of friends who enjoyed their college experience to the highest degree and weren't part of Greek life. However, looking back now, I am so glad I stayed at Iona and went out for recruitment again in the Fall.

I got a bid to all the sororities I was rejected from; oh what a difference a few months can make. At Iona and at a lot of other small schools, it's easier to get a bid in the Fall semester because the freshmen aren't allowed to rush, so it's a smaller group of girls. Standing out amongst 40 is a lot easier than 100.

What happened next changed my life. I was part of this huge organization who held such a standard on campus. Within my sorority I started to take leadership roles and I said that I could see myself being on the executive board some day.

Socially, I had 50 girls on campus that I was able to have lunch with, go out with, and hang out with whenever I wanted. I had a pledge class of 4 girls who I loved with all my heart, and a big sister who I looked up to so much. My social life had changed drastically and it felt good to have a place of belonging.

Throughout my life I always had big groups of friends. In elementary school, I was super close with my entire class and then in high school, I had a group of 10-15 girls who I called my best friends. I went to an all girls' high school and being surrounded by all those girls all the time really made me feel confident and right at home.

That's why I had such a hard time in college. It was weird not having a set group of friends immediately, but that's what Phi Sigma Sigma gave me.

It may sound weird but I really cared and loved all the girls in my sorority. Did we have drama? Sure we did but not as much as you'd think. If anything, the drama was over our sorority budget or where to have formal. It was never anything that ended friendships or threatened the sisterhood.

Eventually, I became Vice President of the sorority and that changed everything. People respected me and I had power. That sounds horrible, but I mean it in the best way possible. I made changes in the sorority and people, till this day, look up to me for it.

I gained leadership skills, I was able to speak and hold my own in front of a room of 70+ young women who had very different opinions on everything and made it known. I was able to be helpful and problem solve. I planned events and dealt with our advisors. My leadership in my sorority, and in school because I was on our Greek Council Board as well, helped me in ways I still don't think I realize.

I always thought I could be a leader but didn't know until it was happening how much I was fit for a position like this. I loved it so much I'm an advisor for my sorority at a different chapter at a different school.

When I graduated, I was really depressed. My anxiety came back and I missed my friends. It was really hard on me and even now, I still get sad thinking about how I'll never have what I once did. Senior year of college was truly the best year of my life and I look back at it so fondly.

Weekends like this weekend, when I go back and don't know everyone in the room but somehow they know me and I feel a connection with them, that's what my sorority always meant to me. It was forming a bond with all these girls who joined for the same reasons I did and even though I just met them, we have this connection and it's something really special.

Walking down the street with my best friends, and seeing my college campus across the street, nothing has ever really changed. I'm the same girl all those years ago, I just have a full time job and different responsibilities.

Do I wish I could go to a fraternity party every weekend, sit in class and wake up at noon? Of course I do. I'd give anything to go back to my college days because weekends like this remind me of all I've left behind.

The good thing is, it'll always be my home and no matter how much time passes, it's still so incredibly special to me.


Weekly Wrap Up: Week 11

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I am so happy the week is over! This was a busy, stressful week, one of the worse in a while so I'm happy to be home on a Friday night and awaiting my busy weekend. Tomorrow I'm headed to my college town to see my sorority sisters and Sunday is BrunchCon!

I'm so so so excited for BrunchCon; I'll have a full blog post sometime next week.

I also apologize for lack of posts this week -- like I said, work was busy and I was just too tired to open a computer.

I don't think much else happened this week expect for me going to work and sleeping so here's what I loved:

Here's what you missed on Royally Pink: 
Happy weekend everyone!
I am a huge candle person. I don't know when it started; I've always liked candles but was never as passionate as I am about them right now. I probably had a few in college but it wasn't until post college that I truly fell in love.

I loved how they make my feel; calming, ethereal, and soothing. They make the entire house smell good and I'm immediately happy whenever I light one.

They are definitely more of a fall/winter thing for me. Is there anything better than Bath & Body Works from September-December?

I usually strictly buy Bath and Body Works candles because I personally feel that they smell the best, last pretty long, and I love the kitchy names and scents. Also, you never have to buy them full price. There is always a sale and always a coupon.

I was die hard BBW fan... until I somehow discovered Evil Queen. I'm pretty sure I've talked about it here before but I feel the need to dedicate an entire Brand Buzz post to ShopEvilQueen & their candles.

I discovered the company this past Fall and loved their fall/winter collection, and lusted after a few staples in their collection.

All the candles are very sassy, sweet, and cute. I love anything with funny meanings and sayings and that is exactly what Evil Queen is. I mean, with a name like Evil Queen what else do you expect?

What sparked this post was that I recently ordered two more candles from the company last week and the packaged arrived yesterday. I always get confused during the pre-spring/spring season as to what kind of candles I want. I don't really like spring or summer scents so it's very difficult to find scents I do like; I usually go with something musky but not too wintery.

Now, that problem is something I no longer have to deal with because Evil Queen has candles that don't really fall within a seasonal category so it's nice to have options.

The candles that I recently ordered are Bitches Who Brunch, which have scenes of mandarin, champagne, and hangover (LOL) & Magic Meditation, which is filled with frankincense, rain, and crystals.

Another one I purchased a few weeks ago but have not burned yet is one of their most famous and well known candles called Boss Babe, that has bergamot, cardamom, and goals!

She's started selling cute little bundles that come with a candle and a soap, scented to match. I think that's so adorable!

Evil Queen uses soy wax and is totally vegan so the candles are better for you than something else on the market!

I love small businesses and this is the type of company that speaks to me on a really good level. It's not just the product but the lady behind the product. All the packages come with sweet little messages like "This is the sign you've been waiting for" and "Kick ass today!" The candles also come with a little care sheet, but if you need more information you can head to the Candle Care Section of the website.

After this most recent round of candle shopping, I think they've officially made my list for favorite companies (and candles!)

Have you ever purchased from ShopEvilQueen?

I was never the fashion girl, says the girl who has been running a lifestyle blog since 2012. I wore simple things from simple stores, but always envied those who knew how to put an outfit together.

I've definitely gotten better in the past few years, since discovering the online world of my favorite fashion bloggers and taking inspiration from them. I still struggle, mostly because I think I'm too big to pull off a lot of outfits that I see but I'm more confident than I used to be. Well, so I think.

While I owe a lot of that to my fav bloggers, I owe so much of that to Nordstrom.

When I was younger, Bloomingdales was my favorite store ever. I mean, there was Juicy Couture for miles and my mom took a liking to legendary Bloomies more than Nordstrom. I also thought Bloomingdales was just more glamorous. I hated going into Nordstrom and didn't give it a second glance.

That is, until I discovered online shopping and the fact that Nordstrom had free shipping and free returns, and that there return policy was a thing from the heavens. When I started Royally Pink and started following other bloggers, I saw that the Nordstrom Anniversary sale was a huge deal, that's the moment I fell for the big time department store.

When I got my Nordstrom credit card in 2015, just in time for the big sale, I fell deeper in love and it's been the most intense relationship of my life.... that's a total lie but hey, it's up there!

Now, the Nordstrom app is a permanent fixture on my phone (I even have Touch Id to login) and I am constantly searching the New Arrivals Section.

The beauty and shoe department is some of the best in the business, and now Nordstrom even does price matching, so if something is for sale on Rebecca Minkoff, it's on sale at Nordstrom where you can use your credit card, Nordstrom Notes, and the return policy stands.

I love that Nordstrom has clothes for any price and any size. If you want a $30 LUSH shirt or a $600 Burberry Jacket, they have both and you can get both at the same time.

Nordstrom has THE BEST customer service I've ever experienced and the website is a true dream -- and I work in E-Commerce.

If you think Nordstrom is the kind of retailer that doesn't ever go on sale, you'd be surprised at how often items are on sale there.

I've already mentioned free shipping & returns, on any price point, right?

Nordstrom is my dream retailer; it's my one stop shop for everything and anything. I will shop there forever and ever and this post has been a longtime coming.

Besides American Eagle (for jeans) and JCrew, Nordstrom is the only place I shop for clothes.... or shop for pretty much anything.

I love you, Nordstrom. Thank you for feeding this addiction I have for nice, pretty things!

Below are some of my favorites & must-haves that Nordstrom is currently caring:

We're halfway through March and that's a very scary thought. There's lots happening for me in the next few months and it's going to be exciting, so I'm just mentally preparing myself for it all. I feel like I'm going to be on a rollercoaster until June, but that means we're just one step closer to Fall 2017... ok I'll stop with the weather talk.

My sister is sick with strep throat AND the flu this weekend so the family is hunkered down and trying not to get sick, but I'm writing this on Saturday night and I'm not feeling so hot. We'll see what happens.

I read 2 books today (reviews soon) and now I'm watching Feud: Bette & Joan. Ah, being 24 is so exciting!

Actually, next weekend will be better; an alumnae event with my sorority and then Brunchcon! I CANNOT WAIT for BrunchCon -- full update on that afterwards.

For now, here's what I loved this week:

Here's what you missed on Royally Pink this week:
Have a great rest of the weekend!
I am not a shoe lover and never have been. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that once or twice here before. I'm very rough on my feet I guess, because by the end of the season, my shoes are always ripped apart.

I mean, I was walking to work the other day and realized that my black riding boots that are 2 years old were falling apart on the heel. The entire sole of the shoe was ripping off. It's just never good luck with shoes and me.

That being said, I don't spend money on shoes that much and don't like expensive shoes. That has not changed, but in recent months I've caught myself lusting after a few pairs of shoes and it's very unlike me. There are so many cute trends for spring and I want them all.

I'll be traveling to warmer weather before it heats up in New York; a work trip in the beginning of May and hopefully a trip this summer (fingers crossed!) so spring/summer shoes have been on my mind.

Here's what I've been looking at:

What are your must-have shoes for spring?
Ever since I was little hunger came at me quick. As soon as I woke up in the morning, I needed to eat and if I let myself go too long, I got nauseous, dizzy, and light headed. My hanger is unlike anything I've ever seen, so I constantly need to eat.

Whether it's some roasted almonds, pretzels, or a granola bar, I need something in my stomach to remain cool, calm, and collected. Because of this, I ALWAYS have food on me. If I'm going to work, I have afternoon snacks, and at least 3 granola bars in my bag. If I'm going to visit my family or friends, theres something in my bag, and I've stooped so low to even put a granola bar in my bag when I go to the bar on a night out.

I'm so terrified of feeling sick and without something to soothe me so yes, the point is that I always have food on me.

Sounds weird but it's true.

I have my go-tos but I've been expanding my favorites recently so I figured that it would make a good post.

1. Nature Valley Oatmeal Bars: These are my FAVORITES and have been for quite some time. I really only eat these in the morning before work while I'm on the train, and they give me substance I need to curb my hunger. Sometimes between this and coffee, I'm not even hungry for breakfast once I get into the office.

2. Nature Valley Chewy Dark Chocolate & Nut: I'm a huge Nature Valley person but depending on what granola bar it is, they can irritate my throat *I have a slight nut allergy if the nuts are raw but these are perfect. They're a great combination of chocolate, chewy, and nuts so they fill me up.

3. Justin's Almond Butter: This is something new I've been trying. For years I thought I was allergic to almonds but when I was trying to become healthier, I did a little experiment and realized I could eat roasted almonds. Raw nuts and fruits make my throat and ears itch so anything roasted is good. I love peanut butter so almond butter was the next thing to try and since it's made with roasted almonds I'm ok. UGH I'm obsessed with the little packets of Justin's Almond Butter in different flavors: Classic, Honey, and Maple. I eat them with pretzels and it's the perfect mid-afternoon snack.

4. Belvita Breakfast Biscuits: These are the macdaddy of breakfast snacks; 4 biscuits keep me full all day long. I love the Golden Oat flavor and sometimes I feel like I'm eating one of those baby biscuits but Belvita is so addictive, I don't even care!

Honorable Mention: I've only tried these once but they are so tasty! I haven't been able to find them in stores anywhere but I think I'll have to take a trip to Target to get some.

What are your favorite snacks?

Good morning! If you're on the East Coast, I bet you're laying in bed with coffee instead of being at work because we are getting SLAMMED by the Stella Blizzard. Lucky me, the subway near my house is shut down and I'm pretty sure my office is closed, therefore I'm working from home.

I love nothing more than a good snow day but if you've ever kept up with this blog, you knew that already. I'm in my prime right now and ugh, it's utter perfection!

I'm not bothered by this blizzard as much as I would be if it was in April because even though I love snow and the cold, I hate climate change so March is still acceptable for me to be excited for a wicked blizzard.

I'll be lounging, working, and blogging today with coffee and junk food so I hope you enjoy your snow day as well!

I didn't post yesterday because I originally had a Manicure Monday planned but then realized I hadn't taken photos of my new nail polish before I removed it, and the weekend was busy and I didn't have a chance. I also was exhausted from Daylight Savings Time (anyone else?!) so I just needed a break.

My mom is in Florida on vacation so I drove her to the airport on Saturday and then headed out to the cemetery to visit my dad and grandfather's graves. It was quite adventurous, even though that seems very inappropriate to say but the cemetery was covered with snow *I guess Long Island had a bit more snow on Friday than NYC* and I was freezing; my legs went numb from looking for the headstones and then my jacket broke... so it was interesting.

Afterwards, I headed to the Walt Whitman shops in Huntington, LI and HOLY CRAP, it's the best mall ever and I will be going there constantly. There are so many high end stores but also regular mall stores like Victoria Secrets and Sephora. My favorite part was by far the Henri Bendel & Kate Spade stores... heaven on earth!

I went there to drop off my Louis Vuitton luggage tag to get monogrammed and then to return something to Henri Bendel. I bought this tote bag but realized that it was a bit unnecessary for me. I exchanged it for this gorgeous bag that I have been lusting after for a solid year. They had in stock, and it was on sale so I thought I mind as well pick it up.

*Sunday was a classic Italian dinner at my grandparent's house at 3 PM so my Sunday was truly packed along with headed back to Walt Whitman.

You've seen my post about the Louis Vuitton + Tradesy obsession and my blog planner post, but the collection has gotten bigger. I'll do a post on that soon, but I purchased a pre-loved Keepall 45 and that's where I got the luggage tag.

Hot stamping at Louis Vuitton is free and they do such a fantastic job. I didn't have a dustbag, box, or bag and when I picked it up, they packaged it so nicely. Louis Vuitton is the epitome of class for me and I'd be content with never buying another luxury brand.

Anywho... I just wanted to give you a bit of an update on the weekend; I had a different post scheduled for today but with the snowday, I just felt like posting something else.

This is the luggage tag I was talking about -- so cute!
There's nothing better than a coffee & croissant 
I love my city

I've been loving ShopBetches lately and I got this sweatshirt which I've been obsessed with

The cutest little sample from Sephora

That's all for now... see you tomorrow!

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 9

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Hello and happy Friday! I am so excited for this weekend and I'm not too sure why. I was pleased with the week but once Thursday afternoon at 3 PM hit, I was checked out. I was so exhausted, basically falling asleep at my desk.

This morning, I was alone at work and it was snowing in New York so it was a rather easy day and tonight I'm just spending some time with my mom. I'm excited to just rest and relax, and take the night to catch up on some stuff.

This weekend I'm going to see my grandparents and head out to Long Island to return something to Henri Bendel *and maybe exchange it for something else* (I gave up shopping for Lent, pretty sure I mentioned this, but exchanges are ok, right? And maybe stop by Louis Vuitton to get something hot stamped - a reveal will come after that happens!

Things are calm and cool, and I hope they stay that way for a bit. Last week was super difficult because of my dad's anniversary but I feel ok.

PS: Did you notice I didn't post on Wednesday? AKA International Women's Day? I LOVED how fired up everyone was on this day and how the women's strike went down. I went to work but it was super empowering because I'm at all female company with a female founder and CEO so it was FAB!

Here's what I loved this week:

Happy weekend everyone!
My love of Kate Spade grows every single day. Sometimes I don't even have the intention of buying anything but I'll log onto their website and just stare at all the pretty items. I look at their Instagram for constant inspiration and to soothe any troubles I have.

Kate Spade is the ultimate chic, girly brand. They're quirky, fun, fancy, carefree, but somehow still serious. They provide outlandish designs like putting camels & elephants on bags and phone cases, but somehow still remain down to earth and give alternative fun items to ladies who maybe don't like to step outside the box as much.

I own a ridiculous amount of Kate Spade items, from necklaces to wallets to sunglasses and jewelry trays. I will buy anything Kate Spade sells me because it makes me so incredibly happy and makes me feel so inspired whenever I wear something by her.

I recently listened to the "How I Built This" NPR podcast with Kate and Andy Spade and realized that Ms. Spade doesn't own any part of the company right now, and if you're up on business talk you'll know that Kate Spade & Co is looking to sell their company to make some more money -- I'm hoping that designs and quality stay the same after this huge move.

Kate Spade is my dream company in so many ways, and I recently went on a bit of a binge at Nordstrom with them. I am addicted to their New Arrivals and Nordstrom always has some different items from the Kate Spade website so it's nice to see what's exclusive to my favorite department store ever.

A few weeks ago, before their March collection was released, I came across a few new Kate Spade items on Nordstrom and truly fell in love. I didn't need any of these items but I couldn't let them go. I also did not impulse purchase these; I let them sit in my cart for a few days and couldn't stop thinking about them so I finally pulled the plug.

These are just little accessories that I fell in love with because I actually cannot get enough of Kate Spade accessories -- I think I like them more than the bags!

kate spade-royally pink-nordstrom

kate spade-royally pink-nordstrom

kate spade-royally pink-nordstrom

Kate Spade released a new literary collection on Nordstrom.com & their website; there are mugs, jewelry trays, and what was called an 'ID Holder'. The minute I saw these items I had to have them; the ID holder is so pretty, decorated in pinks and purples and has one of Shakespeare's plays on the front and back.

The jewelry tray (I could always use more of these) sits on my dresser near my lipstick tower while my other jewelry trays (ones that aren't as nice) sit in my shelving unit. 

I mentioned this phone case in my February Favorites so I won't go into detail but it's been an awesome purchase. 

I've also made a few new bigger purchases; a new pair of sunglasses & a new watch. I returned a Kate Spade watch I purchased a few months ago and exchanged it for this one because it was a little sleeker and I think I'll get a bit more out of it.

kate spade-royally pink-nordstrom
The bracelet was a Christmas gift from my Big
I've also been loving my sunglasses; I purchased them in black but they're currently out of stock but available in a few other prints. They're smaller than what I'm used too but have an awesome cat eye shape and is exactly what I've wanted for a few years. 

kate spade-royally pink-nordstrom

Below are some new Kate Spade purchases that I'm awaiting and wanting!

I had this post originally planned for tomorrow, but when I sat down on Sunday to write it, it felt unnatural. It wasn't originally a Tuesday Inspiration post, it was an update on how I've been dealing with my dad's death.

Last Friday was the 1 year anniversary which is why my weekly wrap up post was posted on Saturday. I wasn't too sure of how I would feel on the anniversary and didn't know what to expect but it was like any other day, I just felt a little more somber.

I was more upset on Thursday, anticipating it, and a little more mellow on Saturday afterwards. I went to work on Friday and then got dinner with a few friends afterwards; it was a normal day but in the back of my mind, it was still there.

When I sat down to write this post, I didn't know what I wanted to say because it just still feels weird. It's been one year without my dad and I still don't know how I'm handling it. I'm just at a loss for words when it comes to this; I miss him so much and I have to remind myself daily that he isn't here. It's very weird to wake up and remember that your life is different and someone you loved unconditionally is no longer with you.

I've been open with my grief but right now, I don't really know what to say.

I guess this is just a nonsense, rambling blog post & I apologize for that but sometimes I need Royally Pink to be a place where I dump my thoughts incoherently.

All I will say is that if you lose someone you love, no matter who it is, the sun still shines and the world still turns. You can get through it because I have and I know people who have as well. It is not the end of the world even though it may feel like it is. Take your time to grieve, but you will spend the rest of your life grieving; the pain will get better but you will still have times where you slip up and want to call that person and you know they will not be there.

You will get choked up and cry on the train looking at photos, and when you hear someone mention their dad it will sting like no tomorrow. But you can do it, because you have to.

I am a sucker for new eyeshadow palettes. I love new makeup in general but my weakness is eyeshadow. They're so pretty and the colors are unique, and the layout & packaging draws you in. UGH I love new eyeshadow palettes!

I especially love limited edition, fun eyeshadow palettes from Too Faced, which is what this post is all about. Last year, Too Faced released their Peanut Butter & Jelly palette. I am a huge peanut butter fan so I jumped at this palette; it's quickly become one of my favorites in my collection.

When I heard that Too Faced was going to release a Peanut Butter & Honey palette, I was even more excited. More peanut butter, more neutral shades! When I saw a photo of this palette, I was less than impressed. The yellow shade Honey Buns made me question if I wanted this palette because I didn't think I'd use it. I didn't even pay mind to the other shades and didn't really pay attention to when this was going to be released.

too faced-peanut butter and honey-eyeshadow palette

too faced-peanut butter and honey-eyeshadow palette

However, I woke up one morning a few weeks ago and trendmood1 posted on Instagram that the palette was available for Platinum members only on Ulta's website. I made my decision and bought the palette, because I just couldn't miss out on something limited edition.

When I received it, I was super impressed with how much better it looked in person than online. That's why I recommend going in store to see it because it's so beautiful and photos/videos don't do it justice.

too faced-peanut butter and honey-eyeshadow palette

too faced-peanut butter and honey-eyeshadow palette

Honestly, people have been saying the pigmentation on these shadows are bad but I don't see it. The one shade I had an issue with 'Going Nuts' -- it doesn't swatch that great but it's perfect on the eyes. Honey Buns also isn't fabulous but I wasn't expecting much from the bright yellow. Everything else I think is up to Too Faced standards!

I've been testing it out and using it since I got it and I really love it. It's probably my top 5 favorite palettes because the colors are super warm, neutral, and perfect for everyday.

*Below is my FIRST VIDEO EVER. I recorded it at DubDub Studios in Manhattan *if you're an influencer, look em up! It's free to go to their studios and record with them!

I talked a bit about the palette, to accompany this review & I hope you like it!

The palette repeats the shade Peanut Butter from the Semi Sweet Chocolate Bar palette & the original Peanut Butter and Jelly palette. The other shades are inspired by peanut butter and honey, so they range from pink to brown to yellow -- it's a palette that could be used to create multiple different looks. Whether it's day or night there are shades for everyone.

I think the most unique shades are Queen Bee which is a grey, taupe shade; Honey Brittle which is a brownie peach shade; and Going Nuts which is a plum, deep brown shade.

too faced-peanut butter and honey-eyeshadow palette

too faced-peanut butter and honey-eyeshadow palette

As I said in the video, the review for this palette are less than wonderful and some don't swatch that well, but once you apply the shades on the eyes they work like a dream! You can't always trust swatches, you really have to work with shadows on the eyelid.

If you're interested in this palette and the reviews have been putting you off, I recommend going in store to Ulta when it's available (call your local Ulta for a date -- they may even have it already) and seeing for yourself. If you want too, I recommend even purchasing it from the TooFaced website or Ulta.com and trying it out. Both websites have return policies up to 60 days so you can always return it if it doesn't work!

Have you tried this palette yet? Did you want to pick it up?

The first semi week of March is in the books! It's awfully cold here in New York and the wind has been truly insane the past few days, but I'm happy to have a few more winter like days.

As much as I hate spring and summer, I've been lusting after a few pieces, especially a few pairs of shoes.

Other than that, I did a few exciting things this week, one which you will see on Monday! I can't wait to reveal it in my upcoming blog post because it's something I've never done before.

I don't have much else to say so here's what I loved this week:

Have a great weekend!

Ever since I started this blog in 2012, I've been searching high and low for the perfect blog planner. I've tried making my own, a regular notebook, a regular weekly planner, tried Google calendar, and nothing was ever good enough for me.

When I started my Louis Vuitton obsession this month, I realized that the PM agenda would be perfect to create my own little blog planner. I started viciously searching Etsy for the perfect layout and came across a few that fit the planner size (the PM is ultra small and is equivalent to a pocket agenda).

louis vuitton agenda-blog planner-how to organize blog planner

louis vuitton agenda-blog planner-how to organize blog planner

The one that I mostly use are these from Whatever Bright Things. She was the sweetest shop owner ever because I asked her if there was a way to make these for the pocket agenda and she gave me instructions on how to do it. When you print these, just print 4 on a page and they'll be the perfect size for the PM agenda.

louis vuitton agenda-blog planner-how to organize blog planner

louis vuitton agenda-blog planner-how to organize blog planner

louis vuitton agenda-blog planner-how to organize blog planner

louis vuitton agenda-blog planner-how to organize blog planner

This pack comes with so many different pages; everything from dashboards to analytics to blog goals and editorial calendars.

louis vuitton agenda-blog planner-how to organize blog planner

louis vuitton agenda-blog planner-how to organize blog planner

louis vuitton agenda-blog planner-how to organize blog planner

louis vuitton agenda-blog planner-how to organize blog planner

I also purchased the GirlBoss Planner Dividers from My Paper Love Studio to better organize the planner; they're super cute and make the planner even more special. I organized into four different sections: Goals, Editorial, Social Media, and Random Notes.

louis vuitton agenda-blog planner-how to organize blog planner

louis vuitton agenda-blog planner-how to organize blog planner

louis vuitton agenda-blog planner-how to organize blog planner

louis vuitton agenda-blog planner-how to organize blog planner

Before I purchased the Whatever Bright Things blog planner, I bought the personal size blog planner from Mockeri. I had to scale these down to fit inside the PM agenda but it worked. I just felt like I needed something more than just blog post planning; I wanted the whole kit and caboodle.

I felt like I needed a regular notepad part of this planner so I bought the 'Brilliant Ideas' notepad from Alinas Creative Corner; she has some other great planners as well!

I've been using this for about 3-4 weeks and it's been working out great. The planner comes with me everywhere and is so handy. It's adorable, compact, but I'm still able to feel like I'm really planning things out.

I highly recommend the Louis Vuitton agendas (pre-loved on Tradesy or eBay) or just making your own planner in general. I don't think I'd ever use this as a regular agenda as I love buying one from Henri Bendel, Kate Spade, or Lilly Pulitzer, but it's a nice alternative for the blog!

What kind of blog planner do you use?