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Showing posts from March, 2017

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 12

April is TOMORROW and it's Friday! What a time to be alive! I'm currently sitting in bed on a rainy Friday morning in New York. No work for me since I have to go to the oral surgeon to see about my wisdom teeth -- that is NOT how I want to spend my Friday but at least I get to lounge around in bed. I'm c…

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 11

I am so happy the week is over! This was a busy, stressful week, one of the worse in a while so I'm happy to be home on a Friday night and awaiting my busy weekend. Tomorrow I'm headed to my college town to see my sorority sisters and Sunday is BrunchCon! I'm so so so excited for BrunchCon; I'll have…

Love Letter to Nordstrom

I was never the fashion girl, says the girl who has been running a lifestyle blog since 2012. I wore simple things from simple stores, but always envied those who knew how to put an outfit together. I've definitely gotten better in the past few years, since discovering the online world of my favorite fashion blo…

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 10

We're halfway through March and that's a very scary thought. There's lots happening for me in the next few months and it's going to be exciting, so I'm just mentally preparing myself for it all. I feel like I'm going to be on a rollercoaster until June, but that means we're just one step cl…

Fashion Files: Must Have Shoes For Spring

I am not a shoe lover and never have been. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that once or twice here before. I'm very rough on my feet I guess, because by the end of the season, my shoes are always ripped apart. I mean, I was walking to work the other day and realized that my black riding boots that are 2 y…

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 9

Hello and happy Friday! I am so excited for this weekend and I'm not too sure why. I was pleased with the week but once Thursday afternoon at 3 PM hit, I was checked out. I was so exhausted, basically falling asleep at my desk. This morning, I was alone at work and it was snowing in New York so it was a rather e…

Kate Spade New Arrivals + New Favorites | March 2017

My love of Kate Spade grows every single day. Sometimes I don't even have the intention of buying anything but I'll log onto their website and just stare at all the pretty items. I look at their Instagram for constant inspiration and to soothe any troubles I have. Kate Spade is the ultimate chic, girly brand…

Beauty in Review: Too Faced Peanut Butter & Honey Palette

I am a sucker for new eyeshadow palettes. I love new makeup in general but my weakness is eyeshadow. They're so pretty and the colors are unique, and the layout & packaging draws you in. UGH I love new eyeshadow palettes! I especially love limited edition, fun eyeshadow palettes from Too Faced, which is what…

Weekly Wrap Up: Week 8

The first semi week of March is in the books! It's awfully cold here in New York and the wind has been truly insane the past few days, but I'm happy to have a few more winter like days. As much as I hate spring and summer, I've been lusting after a few pieces, especially a few pairs of shoes. Other tha…