Introducing Plum Perfect

I received product in exchange for this post but all opinions are my own

In a world where technology takes hold, we have everything we could ever need at the tip of our fingers. There is pretty much nothing you can't get online, whether it's why your nose is running, ordering your groceries, or registering to vote.

Everything is super easy nowadays, with technology in our hands, but something that still is a little difficult? Buying makeup.

Now, I know... that sounds super weird coming from me because I buy SO MUCH MAKEUP online. I buy almost ALL of my makeup online, but that's because I'm a psycho and beauty is my life. I do a lot of research, read countless reviews before buying something, and know what I'm looking for. I know my skin tone, type, and what kind of products are going to intrigue me. 

I also work in the beauty industry so I have some insight into what will work for me. However, not everyone is as insane as I am.

A lot of people, more than you would imagine, have trouble buying beauty products online. They're worried if something won't work for them, if it may break them out, or if they just won't like it. Not being able to try something before you buy it is something that is disconcerting to a lot of people.

Well, like I said before, technology has changed the way we do a lot of things so buying makeup shouldn't be that different.

I was just introduced to a new app that I think is worth mentioning; Plum Perfect. It's an app that literally tells you, all from a photo of yourself, what kind of makeup you should be wearing. It tells you the colors that look best with your skin, the best type of makeup that would work for you. You can even search makeup and the app will tell you if it's a match for you.

Think of it like Tinder for makeup...

They just launched a new program called "Girl Seeks Sample" where you can purchase a sample for $2; no shipping, no tax. You can choose the sample fit for your skin tone and type, so it's different than a regular subscription service. You get exactly what you want.

I was lucky enough to receive some samples from the app, both from Elizabeth Mott, a brand that I do have some familiarity with. I've used their So Big Mascara before but it's even better than I remembered; also, the blush I received is perfect for my skin tone, and a great pink color that goes with any look & any season.

Plum Perfect has brands such as CoverFx, Estee Lauder, and countless others. It makes it the answer to all your beauty questions. 

Have you ever tried a beauty app? What do you think of Plum Perfect, is it something you'd be interested in?

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