Pretty Little Liars is one of my favorite book series. Yes, book series! I read the books around the time that the series premiered and I became addicted. The books are very different than the series, so if you read both, it won't really spoil the other.

The reason I'm telling you this is because Sara Shepard, the brain behind the PLL obsession, wrote my all time new favorite book.

The Heiresses was Shepard's second departure from Pretty Little Liars (the first being The Lying Game which confused the hell out of me). The Heiresses was released in 2014 and it's been on my 'to read' list ever since.

After getting my iPad Mini and finding my Nook in the back of my desk drawer, I got back into reading and this was one of the books I immediately downloaded. I started reading it a few weeks ago, and then after a very relaxing bubble bath, I finished the entire book in 3 hours.

I could not put it down.

Does that ever happen to you.. where you hit a point in a novel where you know there is no going back. You can't help but finish it because you're so excited about finding out the ending.

This happens to me a lot, and it happened with The Heiresses.

The book is about this group of heiresses; they are to inherit a diamond fortune from their grandpa, and they all (almost all) work at the company that their grandpa left their parents. The girls are cousins, in their mid twenties, and they are simply glamorous.

It takes place in New York City, and you could feel the city and streets jumping off the page. Sara Shepard has a great way of giving detail and character background without giving too much detail. Sometimes authors go overboard with back stories but Shepard gets it just right.

Well, with that being said, the Saybrooks are said to have a curse following them because bad things keep happening to them. They are celebrity socialites and the world is enthralled by them so it's no wonder there is a website dedicated to them and their curse.

The book follows the Saybrooks and showcases their lives after a true family tragedy. It shows the inter minglings of their world, the crazy stuff that happens to them after this tragedy, and everything in between.

I don't want to give too much away (I always say that in my book reviews) but this definitely has that Pretty Little Liars feel. It leaves you on the edge of your seat and points you in all different directions. You think you know what's going to happen and then BAM, it completely changes.

It's probably one of the best books I've ever read: love, glamour, family, scandal, and suspense. The perfect combination of everything!

If you like suspense with a side of fluff, I 100% recommend this book!

What books have you been reading lately?

These products were sent to me in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own

Last week, while traveling to Florida for work, my skin took a beating. The moment I walked off the plane, my skin freaked out and I broke out everywhere. My skin was dry, sensitive, and so red. I had to wear full coverage foundation and concealer on the entire time (you can find them here & here).

I never break out... I mean NEVER. If anything, I have a hormonal zit every now and again but nothing like this. I've always known that flying can do messed up things to your skin, and I've experienced the occasional dryness but nothing like this. I owe to my stress and the fact that I went from 50-60 degree weather in NYC to 80 degrees in less than 3 hours.
While I was in my hotel room, I just felt like my skin was crying and desperate for something to help it. I was so thrilled that I had received these When face masks before I left on my trip. I've tried only one or two When face masks before but never the TravelMate and I always wanted an excuse to.

When was launched in July 2011 and they haven't expanded out of face masks, but why fix something that isn't broken? They're based in Korea and pride themselves of providing great skincare to customers who have multiple roles in life, and need a quick fix for their skin.

The face masks that When carries are sheet makes that are made from bio-cellulose and are much more powerful than regular paper sheet makes.

I can feel the difference; I've used a lot of sheet masks and I think When are my favorite. I love the packaging, I love how they feel on my face, I love how they make my face feel. These aren't filled with so much product that it's uncomfortable while wearing, or slipping and sliding all over the place. It has just the right amount of product to feel like your skin is being nourished, but not overkill.

I used the Travelmate face mask while in Florida and it's supposed to refresh and renew your skin after being exposed to the sun, wind, and dry air. It hydrates the skin, restores moisture, and is made from coconut juice. All of that combined makes for a great face mask.

After applying it, my face did feel a lot better. It didn't clear my breakouts (I'm still dealing with them) but it made my skin feel alive again.

I haven't used the Last Choice face mask but it's supposed to hydrate your very thirsty, dehydrated skin. This will definitely come in handy!

I'll probably do another round up of my favorite sheet masks but these are definitely up there. I love how there are different masks for different uses--it's not just hydrating or for acne prone skin, they're unique and a little kitchty but I love that!

What are your favorite face masks?

PS: I apologize for two "sponsored" posts in a row but my editorial calendar has moved around a lot and I needed to get them in! 

These products were sent to me but all opinions are my own

I've seen the brand MAKE Beauty around but I've never picked anything up. There was no particular reason for it, I just never got around to buying it.

They have everything from makeup, skincare, tools, and gift sets-- the best of all worlds, really. They are paraben free, cruelty free, and a percentage of their sales is donated to the We See Beauty Foundation.

I really can appreciate companies that donate to charities-- I am much more inclined to buy from a retailer/company if I see that.

I also really like the message of MAKE; they create unique products that you may not see everywhere else, and they are dedicated to developing products that give their consumers the tools we need to create our own look. I really love when brands have unique products that not everyone else is producing, something that gives the products a bit of edge is something I'm really attracted too.

And I think MAKE does that perfectly.

I was lucky enough to get two samples of their products and I have to say, the quality is impressive. The size of the samples on the other hand were not impressive. I was expecting something a little larger but these are just basically unusable. I have tried the lipstick in Taffy and Eyeshadow in Alabaster, and they are beautiful and good quality.

To get a better sense of what this brand had to offer, I dove into their website and found so many wonderful things.

As I was looking through their website, I found SO MANY more items I want/need to try. Please, just give me all the makeup!

Sea Salt Exfoilator 
Twilight Lip Oil Remover
MAKE is being super kind to us and has given me a 20% off discount on their website! Just use the code MAKEYOURSELF for 20% off your order, and it's good until May 30th! Happy shopping :)

Nordstrom has been doing some hardcore price matching lately. From beauty to clothes and now handbags, Nordstrom has been reducing their prices anywhere from 10%-20%.

Well, I was looking at the handbag section just now because that's what I do on Sunday afternoons.

That being said, my breath was taken away when I saw that the bag I've been lusting after (when aren't I lusting after a bag?) the Tory Burch Perry Leather Tote is on sale for 20% off. This is a staple in Tory Burch's collection so to see it on sale, in the regular colors, is something that I feel I need to give in to.

I know Tory is also having a sale on her website-- use the code BLOOM for a certain amount off.

But this bag is calling my name. I need it so much.

What's a girl to do?

Links to Love

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Wow, this week went by fast. I flew home from Florida on Wednesday night and headed back to work yesterday and today. It was quite the hectic week, starting it off in Florida and working nonstop at a beauty expo.

I have to say, it was well worth it. I was stressed, anxious, and tired but it's such a refreshing feeling to see something come to life that everyone in the office has been working on for months. I also celebrated my 1 year at my company on Wednesday and it's truly a surreal feeling.

I can't believe I've been working full time for a year. It's been a crazy one and a lot has changed but my doubt about my job has long gone and I'm fully immersed in the world of beauty and social media. I can truly say I love it and feel comfortable and feel like I've mastered it, with so much room to grow.

I would definitely say that is the peak of my week...should I start doing that? I think I will! Peaks of each week... I won't do a pit because I really want to remain has positive as possible.

What was your peak this week? Let's all be positive!

My plans for the weekend are very simple...clean, pack up for the big move, and blog. Being in Florida with all these successful business women (I even got to go to a blogger event for my company so I met some Florida bloggers) really got me thinking. I always say I want to focus more on my blog and my writing and I really, really want too. I need to put my mind to it. I'm hoping when my family & I move, I'll have my own room and be able to decorate in an inspirational way, so maybe some of that inspiration will rub off on me.

Sounds good, doesn't it?

Ok, here are the links I loved:

PS: The Chloe & Isabel Friends & Family sale is going on right now. Take 25% off all orders with code FFSPRING16.

Happy Friday!

There has been a recent trend in skincare and that is the bubble mask. Not many brands have them, I've only seen ELF & Sephora, and judging by the title of this blog post, you know which one I've tried out.

I'm a sucker for a good mask. I just want all the masks because I find them so relaxing and interesting. I recently bought this hand mask from Sephora and this lip mask. How cool does a sheet lip mask look? I just need to try everything and I think that's the problem with my shopping habit. Whenever there is something new, I need it immediately.

That's kind of what happened with this bubble mask. I saw it on Sephora's website and immediately put it in my favorites. The ELF one has been sold out for months and I just couldn't stop wondering about a bubble mask.

I've seen a few reviews on the ELF one and they say that it's very tingling and kind of foams up and disappears on its own. It was very intriguing. 

This mask says that it eliminates impurities and has a detoxifying feature, which leaves your dull and tired skin very renewed and refreshed. It's supposed to suck out all your impurities and the pollutions in your skin.

I love anything that removes impurities so when the VIB sale was around a few weeks ago, I bought this immediately.

I decided to try it out last week before I took my Florida work trip and I was pleasantly surprised by the result of the mask.

I applied it with a brush (just a flat foundation brush) and it feels a little foamy one applied. After about 30-45 seconds, it starts to tingle and fizz and you feel it on your face. I watched in the mirror while this was happening and I actually saw the mask transforming. 

It was SO COOL and unlike anything I've ever seen. I was in awe.

It foamed up really big and I felt like it was going to slide off my face, which it didn't, but all the while, the mask was still fizzing and bubbling up. 

After about 3-5 minutes, the mask started to disappear. It literally disappeared right off my face. I was so confused and so intrigued. After it got to a weird point of half the mask being on, and half of it being off, I just washed it off my face.

I will say that the mask didn't make my face feel incredible. It wasn't the best face mask I've ever used and it did leave my skin slightly tacky but my goodness, the experience alone is incredible. I will continue to use this mask and I'll probably continue to watch in awe as it bubbles up and disappears off my face.

Have you ever tried a bubble mask? What was your experience?

I'm currently writing this from a Florida hotel room as I watch Keeping Up With the Kardashians...not much different than NYC.

The weather is beautiful down here but traveling all day is has me worked up, and it's a bit of overcast. I did however love arriving in 80 degree weather and seeing palm trees. I wish I was in Florida for fun, more specifically headed to Disney or Universal. I saw all the little kids in the airport super excited about Disney and it made me so happy and sad at the same time.

I'm a real adult.

I also haven't been on a vacation in two years so I think it's time I get my butt somewhere to have uber relaxation.

I also realized that I am looking forward to spring and summer. The weather has been horrible in NYC lately and yesterday was gorgeous, and now, being in Florida is making me realize I'm excited about warm, beautiful and sunny weather.

All of that being said, I wanted to give a little Life Lately update. So much has changed in my life over the past month and a half and it's been a whirlwind. There have been good and bad things, and just when I thought I'd get a break, my family & I have to move out of our house, in less than 2 months.

Hopefully after that, things will calm down. I need a break. I need everything to just stop for a while.

I hate change, I always have, but surprisingly I adjust well. I'm able to see the bright side of things but that doesn't mean it doesn't take a toll. Maybe that's where all my anxiety stems from, the fact that the change in my life has always been so apparent.

Does anyone else feel this way? That change is always happening and you just can't keep up. I know that's life but goodness, I'd love if I could catch my breath.

Everything happens for a reason, I know that, but I wish someone could tell me what that reason is.

Ah the mysteries of life.

In between all of this reflection, I've been doing some other things so here's a little summary.

Bridal shower & mimosas
 I bought 2 of the Jouer matte lip cremes and they are TO DIE
Sometimes I swatch lipsticks on a Friday night
Another nighttime skin regime
I had my first Chloe & Isabel party last month and it was a huge success!
Reviewing beauty products 
When you wake up with a hangover, this is what the next morning looks like
A beauty haul from a few months ago!

What have you been up too lately?

Links to Love

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Oh hello there! This post is late, and I should've had a post up on Thursday, but life happens. It's been a stressful week, and it got even more stressful on Friday night.

I'm traveling tomorrow (Sunday) to Florida for work, until Wednesday. I'm going to try to get some posts up before I leave! I'm nervous to travel, to get on a plane alone, and figure everything out but I know once I'm at the airport, I'll be fine. I did it last year when I got on a plane to Chicago for this same conference.

I just feel like my anxiety and stress has been a little worse lately, which is understandable since the passing of my dad. I also just found out that I need to less than 2 months. Hopefully I'll get my own room and own't share with my sister (bright side!) but life is definitely going to get a lot more stressful. Combine that with work, blogging, a social life, finance worrisome, and traveling for work a few more times, ugh I'm getting anxiety just thinking about it!

Positivity is key when it comes to life's curveballs and my goodness, I think I've gotten pretty good at trying to stay positive in recent years.

Alright, enough complaining, I always use this post as a rant but I never mean to be so negative!

Anyways, here's what I LOVED this week :)

What did you love this week?

Next month I have my first wedding since I was around 10 years old. My older cousin is getting married and it's a Black Tie Affair.

This wedding has been the topic of our family conversation for months now and it's time to find a dress. Having it be not only the first wedding I've attended as an adult, but it's also a Black Tie which is enough to send me over the edge.

What does one wear to a Black Tie wedding?

Well, I've been looking obsessively over the past few weeks and found this dress at Nordstrom. I need to order it ASAP before it sells out, but just in case any of you have some weddings coming up, I rounded up some of my favorite wedding guest dresses that I found at Nordstrom.

Nordstrom is my go-to for clothes lately because I have such luck there, and it's always free shipping & returns. I'm having a love affair with Nordstrom. (this is not a sponsored post, I just really love Nordstrom)

Does anyone else have some options/suggestions for weddings? Help a sistah out!

These products were sent to me but all opinions are my own

It's been years since I realized I had psoriasis on my scalp. I can't even remember a time where my scalp didn't itch or burn. It's been something I've struggled with since I was little and nothing ever quite does the trick.

I've tried lots of shampoos, conditioners, creams, and treatments, but some either don't work, or they make my hair so greasy, it's not even worth it. I've tried prescriptions, high end, drugstore but nothing quite ever works.

When I saw that DermaE, one of my latest favorite skincare brands (and also available in the drugstore) had a psoriasis and eczema line, I jumped at the chance to review it for all of you.

I've talked before about my skin issues, but this just hit so close to home. My psoriasis is MAINLY on my scalp, and it's been getting worse and worse as of late, so why not try something new?

Well, I was certainly surprised when I opened this little package from DermaE and they included lots of goodies from this specific line.

I received the Scalp Relief Shampoo & Conditioner, as well as the Psorzema Creme and body wash. I was super excited to see the other items too because like I said, while my psoriasis is mainly on my scalp, my skin acts up from time to time. These items won't go to waste.

DermaE describes these products as the best natural alternative to prescriptions, because as we know, a lot of people may not be able to afford prescriptions for something like this, or may not have access to it--or just don't like the idea of prescriptions (there are tons of different people out there!)

Both the shampoo & conditioner work to detangle, deflake, soothe, and nourish the scalp & hair. They contain Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree, and Menthol and are also sulfate free (perfect for keratin treated hair), tar free and steroid free. I mean, who doesn't want all those things in a haircare line?

I've used both of these products a few times and I can attest to saying they have helped. My scalp feels slightly less irritated, and my hair is definitely easier to maintain. I know that as I continue to use it, the benefits will start to reap bigger rewards.

My skin hasn't been too bad lately, even though it does act up from time to time, so I haven't used the creme and body wash as much as the shampoo & conditioner, but I have used them.

The unique thing about the body wash? It can be used as a face wash which would definitely come in handy if you have severe psoriasis or eczema on your face. The body wash looks like the shampoo, clear and very gel like. It feels soothing on the skin, which is always a plus. Like I said, my skin isn't acting up at the moment so I can't say whether it helps with the psoriasis but I'm guessing it would because of how soothing it is.

The creme is very, very thick. This would be IDEAL in the wintertime, maybe even now that Spring is nonexistent in NYC at the moment. But anyways... this creme is super thick, and hydrating and soothing. I'm very, very impressed. I've tried a lot of eczema cremes and this is by far the best one.

If you suffer from psoriasis and/or eczema, I highly consider trying this line. You will definitely find something that works for you.

DermaE is always available at, your local Health Food store, Whole Foods, and The Vitamin Shoppe.

As I've said in the past, I've been slowly getting into higher end nail polish. Whether it's Smith & Cult or Deborah Lippman, I'm slowly but surely testing the waters.

Well, this takes high end to new heights.

I received this gorgeous Limited Edition Chanel Nail Polish from my Little this Christmas and I've been waiting for Spring to use it.

The gorgeous teal/green color just screams warm weather and I finally tried it out last week. Now, this is my first ever Chanel product and I felt very luxurious when I received it. Don't worry, this hasn't opened up any luxury waves- I haven't maxed out my credit card with Chanel beauty products but this is a nice start.

As happy as I am to have this polish in my collection, and as much as I love the color, I think I was expecting angels to sing when I applied the first coat.

The formula is nothing to write home about, and I think I could've gone with three coats instead of two--it looked slightly patchy.

I do think that there was minimal chipping, which is the best thing you could ask for in a nail polish. I'd like to try a darker Chanel nail polish for the fall because sometimes formulas vary from color to color in a collection.

All in all, I wasn't super impressed with the formula but that has never stopped me from using a polish. It's Chanel & I'll use it till I can't use it anymore ;)

What is your favorite high end nail polish?

This book was sent to me for review but all opinions are my own

I've said it so many times I feel like I'm going crazy, but I've been obsessed with skincare lately. Without good skin, all that expensive makeup is useless. I've been sticking to a crazy skincare regime the past few months and people are always commenting on how good my skin looks (humblebrag) but I truly believe it helps.

Because of all my skincare loving advocacy lately, I was given the opportunity to get a sneak peek of the book "The Age Fix" by Dr. Anthony Youn, who is a plastic surgeon. The book is all bout Youn revealing his secrets to look younger, including treatments under $20, instant fixes, superfoods, and how to get the results without surgery.

I've been flipping through the book for the past few weeks and it's really interesting. It's very scientific and some parts are a little difficult to understand but ultimately, it's really informative and interesting.

One of the most important lessons throughout the book is that you should start the anti aging process at a young age, ideally your mid-to-late twenties. It's much better to prevent than reverse--reversing the aging process isn't very likely.

I won't go into too much detail of the book, I'll let you read that for yourself! But the reason I'm writing this post is to urge you all to take one of the Age Fix challenges. Whether it's taking the 5 day superfood challenge, or trying one of the DIY beauty treatments.

I'm definitely leaning toward the DIY Cayenne Pepper Lip Plumper trick. Using the spice mixed with several other ingredients to plump up your lips and make them appear fuller.

This book is filled with those kinds of tips and tricks, and advice. I'll definitely be throwing in some more of the information found in this book in the upcoming weeks/months because it's a beauty fanatic's handbook.

I've been on a huge bag kick lately. In the past 6 months, I've bought 3 different bags. I've always been a bag lady. I would rather spend a lot of money on bags rather than shoes or clothes. Bags are easier to care for and if you are really gentle, they will last a lifetime.

I just can't get enough, and as I get older, my bag tastes have changed. Also, having my own job where I'm making my own money allows me to look at more higher end bags. Because of all of this, my eye has been wandering greatly.

I don't need another bag, but I really want one. I especially would LOVE a Louis Vuitton Neverfull with Rose Ballerine interior. I've become obsessed with LV the past few weeks, constantly looking at the too expensive bags that I cannot afford, but I can't help it.

That being said, I rounded up some of my most coveted designer bags. I've done too many of these posts to count but I can't help it, new bags come out and I need to share my desire with you all!

What are your favorite items to splurge on?

Some of the products were sent to me, but all opinions are my own

I am constantly trying new products and switching up my routines, but when it comes to skincare, once I find a few products I love, I alternate between them. Skincare is something I've taken more seriously in the past few months because without good skin, any makeup you put on top isn't going to look good.

I have very dry and sensitive skin and I always try to find products that are super hydrating and fragrance free. My dry skin can turn into psoriasis or eczema but that's mostly in the winter so thankfully, that's over! Other than that, I don't have any other skin problems.

Like I said before, I don't change my routine too much. Once I find something I like, I use it pretty much every day. I've also really been trying to get through all my skincare items that I currently have before buying more. A LOT of skincare products I have are deluxe sample sizes, which I think is perfect because who wants to spend $40 on a moisturizer you've never tried before?

These products are holy grail status in my collection. I've talked frequently about how First Aid Beauty is one of my favorite skincare brands, so it shouldn't be a surprise that I use them every night.

Another skincare brand I've been attracted to is Valentina. I talked about their True Glow Eye Serum a few weeks ago, and I just recently received another product for them--something I've been needing to add into my collection: a serum!

Serum is one of those skincare products I never thought I needed and one of those items that I just didn't know where to start.

When Valentina reached out again to try their Royal Rose Hydrating Serum, I jumped at the chance because umm.. serum + hydrating + rose= my type of serum!

So... for nighttime, I do a more intense skincare routine than the morning. Sometimes in the morning I don't even put moisturizer on because I'm so lazy and tired.

I start off by cleansing my face with the First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser (1, 2, 3 are other cleansers I use), and then I will apply the Royal Rose Hydrating Serum.

I love how light weight this-- it immediately melts into the skin and doesn't feel oily or greasy. If you don't want to apply too many products to your face, you really could get away with just using the serum because it's so moisturizing.

The serum contains a bunch of hydrating ingredients like Rosehip Seed Oil, Rose Damascena, Evening Primrose Oil, and Lavender.

After the serum, I go in with my First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Hydra Firming Sleeping Cream (here is another moisturizer I use), and then finish it off with the Valentina True Glow Eye Serum (or this eye cream).

I'm obsessed with all of these products and they just keep my skin really clean and hydrated. I definitely follow up with things like masks and eye treatments but this is just my simple, every night routine to keep my skin in check.

What are your every night skincare products?