Sweat It Out

I've always done some kind of working out. Whether it was my dance class that I went to two-three times a week till I was 18, the gym at school, or trying out yoga or SoulCycle...I've always done something.

I may not look it but I do work out. I do the minimal, just to keep me sane, but I need to beef it up a little bit.

The gym in my neighborhood is a complete mess and I refuse to sign up for a membership, so for now, I'm isolated to the elliptical in my living room and experimenting with online work outs.

(Sidenote: If anyone knows of good youtube videos/online work outs, PLEASE leave it in the comments!)

Over the weekend, my mom watched me get in my workout clothes and laughed...because if I'm working out at home, why do I need to done my VS Sports Bra or my leggings. The answer is because I need to feel the part in order to perform well.

There are so many cool work out clothes out there and I kind of want them all. I love that the athletic style is taking over because there is nothing I love more than a good pair of leggings. Pair that with a neon top and I'm set.

Here's just a little workout look that I threw together, something similar to what I wear and what I want to wear.

Workout Clothes
Also, I really want to buy a fitness tracker. I've seen awesome things about Jawbone Up but am also considering FitBit. Any recommendations?

What do you love to wear during a work out?

Shop my look and other favorites below:


  1. Have you tried Blogilates or Tone It Up on YouTube? They're great. I try and do a Tone It Up yoga video in the mornings then do a cardio routine from Blogilates in the evening. I'm with you on the whole dressing the part thing too. It makes me feel like a gym pro.

    1. One of my sorority sisters is a TIU girl and it's become more intriguing to me. I definitely need to search them on youtube and see whats up! I will DEFINITELY look into both of these per your recommendation. Yoga is my main goal right now so thank you for the suggestion :)

      Thank you for reading!!