Reader Survey

I did this a few months ago (or maybe last year?) and didn't get as many responses as I would like.

I really want to try to take this blog to the next level since now I'm a working post grad and have insane amount of time on my hands (seriously, I wrote this post at 10:30pm Saturday night because I have no life).

I have a few ideas on how to improve Royally Pink but honestly, I'm biased at some points so that's where you can help.

PLEASE fill out my super short, easy, multiple choice survey to give me an idea of what you, as a reader, like, don't like, and what you think I could improve on.

It will be really helpful to me to get some reader insight :)

If you want to elaborate on your answers or are too lazy to click through a survey, shoot me an email at and we can chat!

Thank you in advance :) Happy Sunday!

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