Wishlist: Winter Jackets

The end of October means winter is coming and the colder weather is going to be here soon enough. Last year's polar vortex left us all freezing and unsure how to deal with the temperatures.

I seriously have never felt anything like that, I was in my house for a week straight because school was closed due to the snow and freezing temperatures. I felt like I would never be warm again.

This year, I'll be more prepared. I have a problem when it comes to shopping and its not accessories or beauty supplies. I love to buy things I don't need and then I'm left with no essentials and a sad bank account.

I'm making a vow to stop doing that and spend money on the things I need..like a really good winter coat.

I was thinking about it and I seriously don't have anything substantial, especially for work. I need a good, stylish winter coat along with one for the lighter weather. I've been going jacket-less to work for the past month, and its fine, expect for days when a coat is essential.

I've been doing a little window shopping and looking at the best fall/winter coats. Here are my picks!

What outerwear are you loving this season?

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