#WCW, Grace Atwood of Stripes and Sequins

Through Instagram, #WCW has become a huge phenomenon that everyone participates in; boys post pictures of their girlfriends, friends or celebrities while girls are posting pictures of their friends, sisters, and moms.  

I've never participated in a Women Crush Wednesday but thought it might be a fun little feature for Royally Pink, in a different way.

There are so many amazing women out there who have made successful careers for themselves, all while being girl bosses and never giving up. It's truly inspiring and insane how many women are out there who kick butt everyday and don't take no for an answer.

Everyone from bloggers to actresses can be inspiring and for different reasons. Whether it's their career story or the way they carry themselves through certain issues.

There are a lot of women I admire and will continue to feature every so often in my #WCW feature but for right now, for my first #WCW, there is a certain blogger that I've taken a liking to and a true girl crush on over the past few months.

Grace Atwood is everything I'd like to be. She is the Social Media Director for my favorite company BaubleBar but also a true style/fashion blogger at her little corner of the Internet, Stripes & Sequins.

There is something so chill and down to earth about this social media maven and I'm kind of fascinated by her. 

Her story is kind of fascinating; Grace started blogging back before blogging was even a thing, about four years ago, and she stumbled upon BaubleBar by blogging about them, eventually getting hired. 

Stripes and Sequins is a collective of everything; from style posts to brand and product reviews to beauty and lifestyle. It sounds like a lot of other blogs but to me, it's really unique. Grace Atwood's writing is relaxed, laid back and her personality shines through. She's just so real and her authenticity is astounding. An authentic feel and voice to a blog is something hard to come by but Atwood does it perfectly. It's something I really admire and aspire to be like.

She has wonderful style, takes amazing Instagram photos and is so effortlessly cool. Like I said, she's my blogger crush. 

My love and admiration was taken to another level this week when it was all over social media that Grace Atwood launched her own collection with BaubleBar. My obsession with BaubleBar is just as intense as my admiration for Grace so this was quite the collaboration.

And my goodness the jewelry is BEAUTIFUL! These are my two favorite pieces.

I'm someone who wants to get into social media and has a true passion for that as well as blogging. 

Crystal Mason Ring

Mayflower Rope Links

For that reason, Grace is a true inspiration and why she's my first Royally Pink #WCW.

What #WCW inspires you? Tell me in the comments!!

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