Glamour March Issue

Wow, I've had this issue of Glamour sitting on my table for almost two weeks and I just got around to reading it. That is how busy I've been and why I've been blogging so sporadically. 

I sat down at work yesterday and read the issue cover to cover. I have to say, I think this was my favorite issue yet.

Glamour Magazine turns 75 years old on March 3rd so this issue was to celebrate and commemorate 75 years of beautiful, strong women. It was one of the most powerful issues with some of the most intriguing, thoughtful but fun articles. 

It was really hard to pick my favorite parts of the issue because there was so much good. I did notice how there were a lot more articles about life as opposed to beauty and fashion. You could tell that this was a different type of Glamour.

1. Letter From the Editor: This letter set the entire tone for the issue. Cindi Leive describes what it means to be a Glamour girl and starts from the very beginning, explaining how the first EIC of Glamour came upon the idea for this magazine. It was really moving, especially if you're a lover of Journalism like myself. It showed that Glamour isn't just a women's fashion magazine but has changed how women are viewed in the media. 

2. 75 Most Important Women of the Past 75 Years: This was probably my favorite feature in the entire magazine. It had celebrities, media people and some Glamour readers name their favorite women of the past 75 years, in chronological order, and say why they were so important. Everyone from Rosa Parks to Lena Dunham to Jackie O appears on the list. It's outstanding.

3. The Big Selfie Debate: An article all about why selfies are a GOOD thing. I completely agree, everyone needs to stop hating on selfies. What is wrong with them?

4. Could You Go a Week Without Bitching: OMG. Everyone go buy the March issue and flip directly to this article. The journalist did an experiment for a whole week where she vowed that she wouldn't whine, complain or bitch about anything. I am the #1 whiner I know. I complain about everything and everyone. It's completely exhausting and stressful. I wish I could be really chill and laid back but it's not in my DNA. I'm highly considering trying this experiment out and seeing how it goes. Anna Breslaw wrote the article and I'm pretty sure she's my journalistic spirit animal. 

5. Step Into My Office: This is a new feature in Glamour, written by EIC Cindi Leive. It's a career corner feature and this month it focused on Sheryl Sandberg, the author of the widely popular and strangely controversial book, "Lean In". It was an eye opening article/interview and made me respect Sandberg even more. I'm looking forward to more Career articles coming from Glamour.

6. Taylor Swift Interview: I have such a love hate relationship with Taylor Swift but right now, we're on good terms. She just kills it wherever she goes and I love it. The article/interview gave me chills and it's amazing how Swift has her head on straight. She never falters and when she does, she uses it to her advantage or lets it slide off her shoulders. Taylor is truly incredible and this article shows how mature she has become over the past few years. 

Notable mentions: A profile on Jimmy Fallon since he's the new host of The Tonight Show, 12 Little Anniversaries(a little list of the things that deserve some celebration), 10 Beauty Products That Work for Everyone, The Glam(an adorable summary of the entire issue, the things you should take away from your reading). 

This issue had new layouts, new designs, and new feature columns. It was so refreshing to see my favorite magazine vamp up and take it up a notch. 

Happy birthday Glamour!!

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