Gladiators in Suits

Do you guys follow me on Twitter? If you do you would've seen that last week I discovered my brand new obsession, Scandal. It was all I tweeted about from News Year Day until I finished all the episodes. 

I've seen people freak out over this show in the past year and I never saw the appeal. I didn't understand why everyone was obsessed with Kerry Washington. It borderline annoyed me at how in love everyone was with Ms. Washington and her alter ego Olivia Pope.

I didn't get it but everyone kept telling me I needed to watch Scandal. After my love affair with Orange is the New Black a few weeks ago, I knew I had to tackle another series on Netflix. I knew it had to be Scandal and combine that with my hungover News Year Day along with the impending snow storm, I sat down and started Scandal.


I was hooked by the second episode. I finished the first season in one day. I didn't leave my house until I was finished with the entire series. (There are 10 episodes in Season 3 and it returns to TV in February on ABC)

I've never watched a show like this and I cannot get enough. I feel like part of me is missing since I finished it a few days ago.

Olivia Pope is a fancy Washington DC "fixer" which basically means she is a badass lawyer, detective and PR person all mixed in one beautiful package. (Seriously though, Kerry Washington is stunning) She has her army of Gladiators in Suits and with their insane brains and wits, they rule Washington and fix any problem thrown at them.

It's definitely hard to explain what exactly Pope and Associates does so you'll just have to watch it and see for yourself.

The twist? Ms. Pope has extreme ties to the White House and has been involved in an affair with the President of the United States, Fitzgerald Grant. My goodness, it makes for great television.

I didn't think I would like all the politics that goes along with this series but I was so wrong. It pulls you in and strikes you dead. This show is seriously addicting and it doesn't help that Olivia Pope is such a badass who wears the most fabulous clothes and drinks wine like it's her job.

This series made me lust for a life in Washington DC, it just looks so cool. Also, the series was created and written by Shonda Rhimes who is the mastermind of Grey's Anatomy. That show was perfection in the first few seasons and there are some similarities between Grey's and Scandal.

I can't wait for it to return to ABC in February but until then, here are some of my favorite Olivia Pope outfits. She's fabulous and beautiful.

Do you watch Scandal? What's your current Netflix addiction? Tell me in the comments!

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