Cosmopolitan February Issue

I have developed a slight obsession with Cosmo over the past few months. I've always been a Glamour gal but lately, Cosmo has been hitting the nail on the head. The February issue of Cosmopolitan is no different. 

Even though February is my least favorite month of all (hello Valentines Day), I was extremely happy to have my girl crush Ariana Grande on the cover this month. I'm pretty obsessed with her ever since I saw her on Victorious on Nickelodeon. I thought her vibrant red hair was so different but so pretty and I loved her high pitched voice.

It wasn't until I heard her single, "The Way", on the radio that I realized how awesome her voice is. Since then I've been paying more attention to her and I saw her perform live on the AMA's a few months ago and was blown away by her performance. The girl is the next Mariah Carey--what a set of pipes!

Her interview was one of my highlights in the issue; Grande is all sugar with a dash of spice. She has edge but not that "Disney, I do no wrong" ideal. She's real, she's sweet but mostly she's fiercely talented. You get a real taste for who she is through this interview.

Here are some of my other highlights from this issue:

// Alex Pettyfer Cosmo Guy: Pettyfer has become Hollywood's bad boy because of some incidents a few years ago. He's gotten a bad rep but this little feature on how he handles love and Valentines Day was refreshing. He seemed sweet and down to earth; it was nice to see another side of the rugged movie star. 

// $10 Beauty Buys: One of my favorite things in all magazines are features on drugstore beauty products. You always see magazines dishing out what high end beauty products are best but it's always nice to read about affordable beauty hits.

// 10 Hair Products You've Never Heard Of: This was a short little blurb within a huge feature on hair but it caught my eye. I truly have never heard of any of these products and it was interesting to see how many hair treatments are actually out there. Hair primer, BB Cream? Sign me up.

// Why Every Woman Should Get a Prenup: This was an article I skipped over the first time I went through the issue but the second time around, I decided to give it a read. It's really eye opening and focuses on a topic that if you're not Kim Kardashian, you probably have never thought of. I mean, I'm 21 and no where near getting married (HAHAHA) but it made me think. We will all be successful in our own way, especially Gen Y and Z so it's important to protect our assets. 

// When Love Turns Obessive: I've never loved an article more than I love this one. I was screeching while reading it because it's all so true and so revealing. I hate nothing more than being called "crazy". I pride myself on controlling my emotions when it comes to guys--at least to their face. I'm not going into full detail because I will be doing a post on this within the next two weeks.

// Nude and Improved: This was an article all about going make-up free and how much make-up is too much. I've recently become obsessed with make-up as you can tell from some of my posts. I never really leave my house without make-up and it was interesting to see an article on going make-up free.

Did you read this month's Cosmo? What were your highlights?

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