How Do You Shop Style?

A few months ago I recently became part of a new blogging network, PopSugar Select and it's been a wonderful experience so far!

PopSugar has so many other subsets within it's own and one of those subsets is ShopStyle which focuses all on shopping and fashion.

ShopStyle has created a brand new game called 'How Do You Shop Style' and it's honestly pretty great. I'm not one for internet games, I just never have enjoyed them but when PopSugar Select contacted me about the game, I was intrigued.

The game is a series of questions about your shopping and spending habits to find out if you're a big spender or a money watcher when it comes to the latest fashion trends.

When I took the quiz, I of course got rated as a "Dose of Indulgence" and the description is as follows:

I'm the real-life Carrie Bradshaw - I like my money where I can see it: in my closet. Whether I'm celebrating big news with a fancy party dress or passing the workday with a little online indulgence, I can always find a reason for a spending splurge. Life's a reason. My wardrobe is an investment in myself - and I'm worth it!

Take the quiz and find out what kind of shopper/spender you are!

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