Glamour January Issue

This month, I read Glamour on my iPad because I got a great Black Friday deal (all Conde Nast January issues were free!). When I first got my iPad I read all my magazines on there because it was easier and I felt cool using my pretty tablet.

I began to get sick of tablet editions and switched back to print but sometimes just for the connivence I'll buy the tablet edition.

Claire Danes was on the cover this month which isn't someone I really follow but nonetheless, the issue was one of the best.

The tablet edition this month had a lot of fun bonuses like extra "Glamour Dos and Don'ts" and snippets of some Glamour recommended books.

Here are some of my other highlights of this fabulous issue:

-Letter From the Editor: I love reading what Cindi Leive has to say and her letter about the Glamour "Women of the Year" awards was totally heart touching. 

-Word of the month, Binge Think: Glamour always features a Word of the Month and this time around "binge think" is defined as to dwell obsessively for a short period of time, which is something I do constantly so it's nice to know I'm not alone.

-Dos and Don'ts of 2013: January issues of magazines mean round ups of the year that has passed. Glamour's famous column had a little twist this month when they recapped what was right and what was wrong with the year. This was probably my favorite feature in the entire issue.

-Pornification of Popstars: This was an article that really got it. 2013 was the year of the female pop stars and it was the year of sexing up everything we touched. Rashida Jones put it perfectly and I've never read something so wonderful. 

-TV Needs More Girlfriends: Another great article that talks about how we need more GROUPS of women in the spotlight on TV; yes we have a lot of star females but viewers are craving a Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte type of friendship.

- Weight Loss Resolutions to Make: We all make some sort of weight related resolution once January rolls around but who ever sticks to them? Glamour breaks down the easy to do, reasonable resolutions that we all should be making. 

There were other little highlights here and there throughout the magazine but these are the ones that really caught my eye and held my attention. 

If you read any magazines this month, what were your highlights? Tell me in the comments!

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