Cosmopolitan January Issue

I have not been on my magazine A-game the past few months; I blame it on having too much fun and not enough time to myself.

It's really been bothering me that I haven't had some down time to read my favorite magazines but I've been catching up and it's wonderful.

I started out with the latest issue of Cosmopolitan which had one of my all time favorite girls on the cover, Lauren Conrad.

I have been an avid LC lover ever since her Laguna Beach days. I routed for her and Stephen, hated Kristen with her and followed her through the whole Spencer and Heidi situation. I did a paper on her website, last semester and I just think she has done a fabulous job at rebranding and creating a new name for herself.

She was the perfect pick for a cover star. Her interview was the highlight of this rather short issue of Cosmo. It was formatted great, separated into parts rather than one long interview. It's "What does Lauren think about her body, beauty, etc." It was different and something I hadn't seen done before.

My other highlights included a beauty article entitled "How to Look Hot with a Hangover" which was semi funny but mostly helpful. It's a great article to include for the upcoming holidays. 

There was a multiple page spread on how to get organized in the new year; it went room by room, everything from under your bathroom sink to your make-up and jewelry area. 

As you can assume, the January issue had a very New Years feel to it. There were a lot of fitness articles (too many for my liking) which didn't feel very Cosmo-like. There was an article that I did enjoy which was spread over a few pages and gave solutions to the excuses you use to get out of going to the gym.

Like I said, the issue was very New Year like; it was a rather light issue, not a lot of pages which was fine.

It was overall pretty enjoyable to read but could've been better.

Overall rating: 7/10

Did you read Cosmo this month? What were your thoughts?

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