Manicure Monday

Fall is back in full swing and I'm ready to get back into my dark, rich nail colors. I've been eyeing the new Essie fall collection colors but haven't found them in my local drug store up at school. Amazon is calling my name..I need new colors.

In the meantime, I bought a new fall color at the beginning of August and have been saving it for the cool weather.

I don't know what collection this is from but I have fallen in love with this dusty rose polish. 

Angora Cardi is on my nails this week and I can't be more obsessed. The formula is beautiful, one of the best Essie formulas I've ever used. One coat of Angora Cardi would've been good enough; it's shiny and rich, it's perfect.

I wore a sweater yesterday and I felt so perfectly fall. It is the perfect sweater color. 

I love looking at my nails in this color, it is just so beautiful.

What color are you wearing this Monday?

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