Conde Nast's Big Mistake

If you are an aspiring journalist like myself you have most likely day dreamed about walking into the Conde Nast building in Times Square and walking past the offices of Vogue and Glamour. I have been trying to intern there for the past two years but I never got my foot in the door.

I thought I'd get more experience, make some more connections, and then it would be my turn to intern at my favorite magazines. I've had three internships so far and a bunch of freelance work. I was gearing up to start applying for my internships for the Spring and then the worst tweet I've ever seen snuck into my timeline.

I have never been so upset about something in my life. I was ironically sitting in my fashion marketing class when this news broke and in the blink of an eye, I saw my dreams die.

I've been told for the past three years that I need to intern in order to get a job; if you intern somewhere and do a good job, you are more likely to get offered a job there. You get your foot in the door, make a good impression, and hope for the best.

Glamour has been my dream for years, I've seen my friends intern there and it's always been out of my reach. Now, it's almost as if my dreams slipped further from my fingertips.

Conde Nast, one of the biggest magazine corporations in the world is no longer accepting interns at their magazines. The reason for this? The fact that they got slapped with a lawsuit from unpaid interns last year. They were getting criticized for not paying their interns and overworking them so they decided to stop accepting interns altogether.

In my journalistic opinion, this is silly. Conde Nast is limiting themselves, they are taking away opportunities from so many young people who can do so many incredible things. Think about the journalists, the stylists, the photographers, the editors in chief that Conde Nast is preventing from brewing.

I just didn't think this would ever happen, how does Glamour or Vogue or Teen Vogue just not have any interns? They would rather not have interns than pay them...that says a lot.

So many people have gotten their start in Conde Nast internship programs, one particularly is Eva Chen, the current EIC of Lucky Magazine, which is part of Conde Nast. This huge corporation is the gateway into the magazine world and now that just doesn't exist anymore.

I'm so shocked and hurt, it feels as if it has personally been done to me because in all honesty, it has. 

The critics and the public are not happy and I think this feature on Refinery29 does a great job at summing up how everyone in the industry feels.

Conde Nast is making a huge mistake and it'll be interesting to see how this affects their sales and their internal operations. 

What are your thoughts on Conde Nast canceling their internship program? Tell me in the comments!

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