Be My Beau

I've been meaning to blog about this Kate Spade bag a few weeks ago but I kept forgetting. Now, the bag has been released and it's everywhere I look. I'm obsessed.

Everywhere you click, there is another feature on the Beau Bag by Kate Spade. It is the perfect bag and I have never been in such love and lust over a materialistic object.

I am the ultimate bag lady, I have my first Louie Vuitton but I have never wanted or needed something as much as I need this Beau Bag, even with the $500 price tag.

After seeing a few features on it from my favorite bloggers (cough College Prepster cough), I saw how big and roomy the bag was. It's big enough to fit everything you need for a day's work and then some. It doesn't even look that big which was surprising to me.

It also is super fashionable and adorable. I love my LongChamp Le Pilage but it's so bland, especially when everyone on campus has one but it's the one bag that fits everything I need on a daily basis.

Kate Spade has the best bags. I know because I have my gorgeous black Cobble Hill cross body that I wear every single weekend and get so many compliments on it. Kate Spade puts love into their bags; the leather is my favorite part, it's so silky and buttery.

The bag comes in a bunch of different colors: red, animal print, purple, black and my favorite, a mixture of macchiato/black. This is the perfect neutral bag, it has black and beige which will match anything and everything. I'm getting excited just thinking about this beauty!

Kate Spade has also done a great job at advertising this bag. It was in Vogue September Issue and they have the best video on Youtube promoting it.

Can I be the girl in this video? PLEASE?! She is ultra perfect!

I am just so excited about this bag and I hope it's in my near future, maybe for my 21st birthday in November or Christmas or possibly graduation?

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