October Glamour Issue

I've been so incredibly busy during the month of September, I feel like I blinked and it's over! I've had my favorite magazines sitting on my table since the beginning of the month and have just now gotten to look through them.

This month's Glamour was filled with incredible articles and trends, despite having a less than spectacular cover star (in my opinion). Kerry Washington who stars in Scandal graced the cover of Glamour this month and she did look beautiful. She is beautiful. I just don't understand why everyone goes crazy over her. Maybe it's because I don't watch Scandal and can't understand the hype but it didn't excite me.

There were though, multiple things in the magazine that made for an amazing issue. 

1. Letter From the Editor

I don't know why but lately I have been loving every letter from the editor I find in a magazine. I think it's the one time we get to see and hear this person (in this case, Cindi Leive) and get personal with them. The editors hide behind magazines and we never really see them center stage. I loved this month's letter from Cindi Leive for no particular reason. It was just incredibly well written and wonderful.

2. Chair-drobe

This was just a little blurb on one of the beginning pages of the issue. It was the "word of the week" and it's chairdrobe, the pile of clothes that collects on your chairs in your bedroom during the week. I think it has a much more classy, chic tone to it than just calling it a mess. It puts a nice, sweet spin on something messy.

3. Don't Lie

This article came at a very interesting time for me. I've always been taught not to lie, about anything. My mother always told me that there was nothing she hated more than someone who lied. I, however, have told many a fibs in my time, mostly to get out of things that I don't really want to do, like going out to dinner with friends when I would much rather just stay in bed and watch "How I Met Your Mother". This article was kind of an eye opener and made me feel guilty. It talks about everything in life that you shouldn't lie about, mostly career wise and in relationships. It was so well researched, well written, and a great feature article.

4. Reign of Female Make-up Artist

This multi page feature was very interesting. I have become obsessed with make-up lately (if I haven't said it enough) and I thought that this article on the art of female make-up artists was very interesting. It catalogued some amazing looks that are so perfect you would think they were a painting.

5. Beauty Tutor-Emma Stone

I have never had a girl crush more apparent than Emma Stone (well, maybe aside from Jennifer Lawrence). Emma Stone is so perfect and funny and bubbly and the ultimate girl next door. Not to mention, she is incredibly talented. I loved getting an inside look at what her beauty routines are and how she goes about things. I'm naturally nosy so I love when magazine do these features where they ask semi personal questions to someone as wonderful as Emma Stone.

6. Glammy Awards

I vaguely remember reading last year's issue featuring the Glammy Awards but I forgot how much I loved it. The main focus of this issue was beauty and I'm pretty sure they dubbed it the biggest beauty issue ever. The Glammy Awards show the best beauty products on the market this season which is a great shopping guide. The best part about it though? They give you the best drug store brand and the best department store/high end brand for that particular product. You get the best of both worlds.

I did enjoy this issue of Glamour but these were my main highlights. I have a few more magazines waiting to be profiled so stay tuned for those :)

What is your favorite magazine to read?

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