Ink Me Up

It's the 21st century and tattoos are a taboo subject in most places. A lot of people cannot get over the fact that young people, and older people for that matter enjoy tattooing their bodies.

I am aware that back in the "old days", tattoos were unheard of. They made you a rebel, they made you unprofessional, and whoever inked themselves with this sinful stuff were off limits. They were bad people.

I'm almost positive that some people still think like that but tattoos in general are becoming more accepted. I never look at a person with an extreme amount of tattoos and ask what is wrong with them. I never shield away from them because I'm scared or afraid of what they will do to me.

That's just silly, in my opinion.

I know a lot of people with tattoos; my parents have tattoos for crying out loud! Aside from the fact that they are permanent (which is treading lightly nowadays with the creation of laser technology), what is so bad about having one tattoo? Why is it so taboo?

I read this article in the Daily Mail which explains why some employers in certain industries still see tattoos taboo. It has to mostly do with how customers and clients will perceive someone who has visible tattoos. In turn, that could affect the company's reputation and business, if customers aren't comfortable with someone who has many visible tattoos.

Nonetheless, I want a tattoo, I always have. I like tattoos; I like them on boys especially (SWOON).

I don't want a big tattoo, I want a tiny one. My motto behind tattoos? If I could see it on my wedding day, I don't want it. I want it hidden underneath clothing and I don't want anything too extravagant or out there. I want a simple, delicate tattoo.

Here are some of my favorite inks!

What are your thoughts on tattoos?

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