Come On, Vogue

The title of this blog post says everything you need to know.




It's the bible, the fashion monster, the end all be all of fashion. You don't go higher than Vogue; Vogue is heaven.

I've heard from such a young age that Vogue is where fashion is born. I've forever been fascinated by the glossy pages of Vogue, flipping through, looking at the photos, the advertisements, and everything that Vogue stood for. I was in complete awe of this huge magazine and I've forever been in love.

I've also been intimated by the pages of Vogue. I rarely buy it on the newsstands and sometimes I find a subscription of my mother's, but am always hesitant to open it. Vogue is VOGUE. There is nothing better than Vogue. Vogue is nothing like the other magazines and the other magazines are not like Vogue.

I felt that I was always too immature to read Vogue. I didn't deserve Vogue because I could not understand what this gigantic magazine meant to the world.

This summer that all changed.

I don't know if it was because I was interning in the city or attending all these conferences but I was suddenly filled with the love of Vogue. I became infatuated with Anna Wintour and wanted to know everything about her.

Ms. Wintour is the Editor in Chief of Vogue, incase you didn't know. She is who Miranda Priestly in "The Devil Wears Prada" is based off of and she is the most chilling, influential person in the media and most importantly in fashion, to date.

Whatever Anna wants, Anna gets. Whatever she says, goes.

I became so obsessed with Vogue this summer that I rented "The September Issue" on Amazon. "The September Issue" is a documentary on how Anna and her team of incredibles created the 2007 September issue of Vogue; it shows the ins and outs of the magazines and all the behind the scenes footage of what goes into creating the iconic September issue.

Vogue is so impressive that it sets records for having the largest issues of magazines to date. This year's September issue of Vogue featuring the fabulous Jennifer Lawerence was a whopping 952 pages. Who does that?

Vogue does that.

I couldn't bare to do an entire profile on the September issue of Vogue the way I did the other magazines. Vogue is on a different level and it was just TOO big to pick my favorite parts.

I will say though, that Vogue has the best writers in the world. I read the articles and was in complete shock at the writing. I wish I could write like that, I wish I knew people who wrote like that. 

Hands down my favorite part of the issue was Jennifer Lawerence's profile. It was incredibly written, witty, funny, and captured her personality completely. It was what all writers should aspire to be.

Vogue is what everyone wants, Vogue is the highest form of flattery. Those lucky enough to be featured in Vogue, work at Vogue, and be associated with Vogue in any way are truly blessed.

Vogue is #1, it feeds fashionistas' souls and fuels our engines. Vogue is Vogue.

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