Glamour Magazine September Issue

Glamour is by far my favorite magazine. I can't explain what it is but I think it's the perfect combination of everything that is important to young women: fashion, beauty, celebrity, career, and important feminine issues. 

I love the little sections of Glamour like Glamour's Dos and Don'ts and Hey It's adds something extra special and gives you information in a different form.

Glamour is just really fun to me and it's honestly my dream job.

This month's Glamour was pretty hefty, it took me a few hours to go through the entire thing cover to cover. America's sweet heart, Jennifer Aniston graced the cover and she looked stunning. Aniston is like a fine wine, she gets better with age. (Sidenote: I have always been and will always been Team Jen). 

Glamour is celebrating their 75th anniversary this upcoming Spring and they gave us an insight into their history in this September issue. Did you know that the magazine used to be titled "Glamour of Hollywood". I had no idea!

That was the theme of the issue, old Hollywood glamour and they really showcased that in the beginning of the magazine, giving us some little features centered around the theme.

Here are my favorite features of the September 2013 Glamour Magazine:

1. 10 Things We Learned Making the September Issue

Lists are such a major part of all magazines, especially Glamour. This was sort of a Letter From the Editor feature where Cindi Leive, the EIC of Glamour went through what new things the team learned from making this issue. I won't give them away but they made me smile and it was awesome to get an inside look at what goes on behind the scenes.

2. Hey It's Okay:

This is always one of my favorite features of Glamour, I look forward to it every single month and this month was nothing sort of perfect. 

3. Let's Review the Glamour Dos

Glamour's Dos and Don'ts are great every month; it's a feature where they analyze what is a fashion or beauty do and a don't. It's pretty self explanatory but this month they put a different, fresh twist on it. To keep up with the theme of old Hollywood glamour, reporter Megan Angelo showed off the biggest fashion styles and icons starting from 1939. A few spotlights? Judy Garland, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Alicia Silverstone circa Clueless and our favorite Gossip Girls, Blake and Leighton. It was so exciting to see how fashion has changed since 1939.

4. Dos and Don't of Turning 30:

I am no where near close to turning 30, I'm still struggling with being 20 years old but this essay written by Olivia Wilde was so heartwarming and true. The actress went through what you should and shouldn't do when approaching your 30s. It is definitely an article that got me thinking and one that I will keep until I turn 29.

5. Stop That Woman:

This was an article on women having it all. Since interning at Levo this summer and even before then, I've heard so much talk on how women can or can't have it all. Having it all is not a realistic thought and we need to stop using it. This article really showcases the ins and outs of 'having it all' and how we, as women, need to stop trying to do EVERYTHING. 

6. Cocaine Almost Killed Me:

I think this had to be my favorite article throughout the entire magazine. It told the story of Ariana Huffington's daughter and her battle with drug addiction. It was raw, it was real, and showed us what addiction does to a person and to their family. I've never read something more heart breaking and real.

7. Photos of Chloe Grace Morelz

I'm not a big picture person; I don't have that artistic gene and I'm just not good at taking photos. I wish I was though. But the photo shoot of Chloe Grace Morelz capturing all the different styles of old Hollywood glamour took the wind right out of me. I have never seen more breathtaking photographs. Patrick Demarchelier took the photographs and I am so incredibly impressed with them. 

There were so many things I loved in this 386 page magazine I couldn't possibly showcase them all. Glamour always impresses me and this month, the issue was nothing short of perfect.

10/10 Rating

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