Cosmopolitan September Issue

Even though it's only the end of August and September hasn't even started yet, the October issues of magazines will be released soon enough.

With moving into my new apartment and being at Camp GAEL, I haven't had the chance to flip through the September issue of one of my other favorite magazines, the ever popular and ever controversial, Cosmopolitan. 

When I was younger I was fascinated by Cosmo; I frequently read CosmoGirl and wanted to always pick up the glossy pages of it's mother magazine.

The headlines that screamed "sex" and "passion" and other words that I was taught weren't appropriate always stopped me. Even when I was old enough to buy the magazine, I was still hesitant of what my mom or someone else would say if they saw me with a magazine with a large headline that reads "1000 Ways to Make Your Sex Life Hotter". 

No thank you.

But as a journalism student who wants to get heavily involved in the glossy pages of the magazine world, I sucked it up and religiously started to read Cosmo and I've fallen in love.

This month with Nina Dobrev on the cover was no different; Cosmo's September issue was not as heavy as Glamour's and didn't show a drastic increase in size like Teen Vogue's. It was the normal size and didn't show anything special signifying the iconic September issue.

I still loved it, though.

Here were my favorite parts of this months' Cosmo:

1. Cosmo Quiz: 

The Cosmo Quiz is always a highlight for me. Asking the cover stars the most personal of questions is just so fun! I love getting an inside look into celebrities lives and oddly enough, I love seeing their handwriting. It almost makes them more human to me.

2. Why Are We All Such Haters

This was an article that addressed our culture of bashing. It's so common to express how much you love something but it's more common nowadays to express how much you hate something. The article analyzes why we act this way and address the fact that we bond with people over hating the same things. I am incredibly guilty of this; as such a passionate person, I express my hate for certain things very strongly. Me and my friends also bond crazily over the things we hate. It's weird and probably not very healthy but it's the way we are. I love how this article gets down to the nitty gritty of it.

3. Back and Silver Mix

Cosmo isn't so much a fashion magazine; it's more sex, lifestyle, beauty but there is always some form of fashion throw into the mix. I really loved this profile on one of fall's hot color trends, black and silver. It seems like a no brainer to mix these two together but it's refreshing to see. I live in black and I love the way something silver just brightens up the darkness.

4. Sexy on No Sleep

I love little articles like this that give you tips and tricks to everyday problems. This one gives you the best advice on how to refresh your skin and body after a night of too many drinks. I just think it's so fun and fabulous.

5. My Boyfriend Is Hotter Than Me

I almost skipped this article but I'm glad I didn't. I didn't care for the topic so much but the writing was incredible. It was very clever and hysterically funny that I was laughing out loud!

6. Do You Have a Shopping Weak Spot?

As a self diagnosed shopaholic, this article spoke wonders to my soul. It identified the reasons you shop so obsessively. It gave me a better insight into why I shop so much.

7. Learn to Let Go

This was just a short insert toward the end of Cosmo but it hit me hard. There are so many things that concern me on a daily basis, most of which do not deserve my attention. I have a hard time letting go, especially of the little things and that is exactly what this little insert told me to do, just let go.

The one thing I have to mention is that I love the realness of Cosmo. They aren't afraid to go there and say what everyone else is embarrassed to say. It's probably my #1 reason for loving Cosmo--they're not shy.

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