Beautiful Beauty Brushes

Over the past few months, I have been drawn to beauty products. I don't know if it's because of the blog, my many subscription boxes, or the make-up tutorials I've been watching but I have developed such a passion for beauty and make-up.

With all the new products I've been buying, I needed to invest in some new, good quality make-up brushes. I've learned that you could have the best kind of make-up out there but if you don't have good brushes, you won't look your best.

The worst thing about buying brushes is that they are so expensive! I cannot justify spending $18 on an eyeshadow brush, I just can't.

I've been on the hunt for good brushes and found a solution when I stumbled upon the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. 

There was an awesome BP Brush Set on sale for $8. EIGHT DOLLARS! It comes with a blush brush,  an eyeliner brush, an eyeshadow brush, a blending brush, and a concealer brush. All the brushes come compacted in an adorable magenta case.

The brushes are incredibly soft! I have never felt something so amazing, they feel like little pillows of heaven.

I've only used the blush brush so far because I haven't been wearing eyeshadow and my Erase Paste concealer is too thick and sticky for a brush. 

The blush brush has been working great though; it packs on the color and really applies the blush evenly and smoothly. 

I'm excited for fall to come so I could wear more eyeshadow and try out the eyeshadow and blending brush. I'm super excited for the blending blush because from all the tutorials I've seen, a blending brush is an essential part of the make-up brush tool set.

I am really happy with my purchase and I'll be looking for more brushes to add to my collection. I'll probably be looking into EcoTools brushes because they're drugstore brand and relatively cheap; ELF also has some great brushes and we all know how wonderfully cheap they are.

If you want a more expensive brand but not over your budget, I would check out Sigma Beauty. Most of their individual brushes are $20 and under. 

The essentials that you need in your make-up kit, that I have come to find are as follows:

1. Eyeshadow Brush
2. Blending Brush
3. Concealer Brush
4. Eyeliner Brush
5. Foundation Brush
6. Powder Brush
7. Tapered Highlighting Brush
8. Flat Angled Kabuki Brush

There are SO many other different kinds of brushes that you can add to your collection such as shading brushes, crease brushes, waterline brushes, and shading brushes. The list goes on and on but those eight main brushes are the ones I have seen people mention the most in tutorials. 

I think I'll have to start making a Christmas/Birthday list and add some fabulous make-up brushes too it. 

What do you think are essential make-up brushes?

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