You Are a Cinema

No, I don't enjoy the rap song that sings that lyric but I am completely obsessed with Kate Spade's new line showcasing their love of the talkies.

It's no secret that I love Kate Spade, they are classy, fashionable, and iconic. There is just something so special about the Kate Spade community. Maybe it's their gorgeous Instagram photos or the lovely smell of a new leather Kate Spade bag, but I cannot get enough.

This new line that encompasses the American love for films is gorgeous, in all ways. The Kate Spade homepage has been completely re-designed to fit with the new line, playing on words with all things movies! I could stare at it for hours, it's so perfect and girly!

They also have added city guides for some of the most famous cities in the world: NYC, London, Toronto, Aspen, you name it! It gives you the best places to visit while in those cities which I think is something Kate Spade truly stands for: wanderlust.

Once you actually look at the clothes and accessories from the cinema, you'll fall in love like you're watching your favorite movie for the first time.

There is so much more to love from this collection and I know I'm going to have to snag one of these goodies up eventually!

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