Blushing Beauty

I was never big on blush. I could never find the right shade or the right brush for application. I always felt like I looked like a clown. Maybe it was because when I was a dancer, blush was always essential for recital days so it felt weird to wear it on a daily basis; it just never made it into my beauty routine.

That all changed a few months ago when I received a small sample of Hot Mama's blush from theBalm in my Birchbox. I started using it every day and it completely changed my make up look. I fell in love with this blush; it was the perfect shade of pink that went on smooth. It blended in really well with the rest of my make up and it didn't look too noticeable.

The little sample went a long way but eventually I ran out of it. I should've bought the regular sized as soon as the sample was gone but I like to try new things so I attempted to find a different blush.

I used an Estee Lauder blush I had in my make up cause but it was a little too chunky for my liking; then I started using the Nyx blush I received in my Ipsy June bag which is pretty great.

But then, I realized that the only blush I really wanted was a blush that I have been lusting after for months; probably even a year. It is a blush that the entire girl universe has loved (maybe not the entire girl universe but a lot of women).

Am I right? Am I right? 

I've never heard anything bad about NARS Orgasm blush; it is one of the most beloved beauty staples out there. Everyone who has used it, I've heard has loved it.

With my paycheck and a $10 Sephora gift-card, this was the purchase I needed to make. I loved ordering from Sephora because you get SO much extra for your buck. Aside from your main purchase, you get your three free samples, then if you spend over $25 you usually could get a deluxe sample of another product, and then if you're a beauty insider, you could use your points to get another little something.

This order was one of those times; I got my NARS Orgasm, BITE lipstick, an Origins cleanser, and three random samples. 

I was so excited when the order came, I used the blush immediately. It really is a perfect shade for any skin tone. I've worn it every day since and I'm pretty in love with it. 

It does take a good amount of blush for it to show up on my cheeks but I think that's because I need a new blush brush.

Orgasm is a perfect pink shade and goes on very smoothly; it blends in nice with my make-up but still stands out so you have that flushed look.

I think that Orgasm will definitely become a staple in my make-up routine and if I don't find a better, cheaper blush, I will definitely splurge on this product again.

What is your favorite blush?

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