Oh Gatsby

This weekend, the long awaited film "The Great Gatsby" was released in theaters. I unfortunately have not seen it yet but I am salivating at the mouth to do so.

When I first read the book in my junior year of high school, I've been completely obsessed with it. It is a book filled with such glamour and prestige but so much heart break and sorrow--what more could you possibly want in a book?

I think what I also loved about it was the way my teacher taught it to us; I love English and I ate up every single book we read. I loved the symbolism of everything in the book: the green light, Dr. Eckleberg, and the rain. It was all so strong and incredible.

I remember watching the Robert Redford movie in class after we read the book and being so disappointed. It did not do the book justice, at all. It was such a let down!

I've been in love with the book ever since and always try to read it so often; when the news was announced that there was a new reboot coming out, I was overjoyed. When I found out the cast, especially Leo, I couldn't have been happier.

The trailer, the soundtrack--everything seems completely perfect. How this movie could be bad after seeing the trailer? 

I haven't heard anything really about the film from the people who have seen it but I'm going home in a few days so I'll be sure to see it then.

I've been trying to hold myself over till I see the film with browsing the internet for some Gatsby inspired love. 

This Kate Spade Gatsby book clutch is perfection and I wish it was still on the website so I could attempt to get my hands on it. 

You should also take a listen to the soundtrack. If it's not nominated for a Grammy award or Oscar, I'll throw a fit. Everyone from Lana Del Ray to Jay Z and Beyonce appear on it and they KILL it. It's incredible.

Have you seen "The Great Gatsby" yet? What were your thoughts?

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