Sunday Spotlight: College Prepster

Last week I spoke about one of my favorite blogs, Chicago Prepster. This week, the Sunday Spotlight is similar to that.

I don't know how but in May, I discovered a blog that completely changed my life, College Prepster. It might sound corny to say that Carly's blog changed my life but it did because it opened my eyes to an entirely different world.

I was always an avid writer but unless I was writing for my school newspaper, I didn't write much else. After seeing the way Carly took a hobby and created it into a career, it inspired me to do the same. I realized that to be a journalist, I needed more experience and what better way than to start my own blog?

I spent all summer obsessing over College Prepster, religiously reading every single post Carly wrote, and figuring out ways to get my own blog up and ready.

Carly's writing and the content that she puts out there isn't like a lot of other blogs; she writes inspiring posts about life and work and everything in between.

Reading College Prepster opened me up to this online world that I now can't get enough of. Everything from Birchbox to Levo League to other websites and outlets have changed my life and inspired me to get out there...there is more to creating a career than doing things by the book. I needed to step outside the box and separate myself from everyone else.

Carly helped me do that.

The way that Carly has put herself out there and created this brand is incredible and I owe a lot to her.

If you're reading this blog, I'm sure you have read College Prepster--she is the mother of all blogs. If you haven't, I advise you to go to that right now.